6 Board Puzzle Games Everyone Must Have

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Board puzzle games

We can never forget the board games we played in our childhood to pass the time. Most of them were played with friends and family together which gave us loads of fun.

Puzzle Games

Some were just plain fun while others were word puzzle games which should have really boggled your mind. Now though, many kids don’t know which board games to play when the world is moving to video games. So here is a list of some of the best puzzle board games everyone must try.


Monopoly board game

One of the oldest and most popular board games ever, monopoly is a game that has been played with friends and family for a long time now. Known for how long each game can go on, it involves moving around a city with the moves decided by the rolling of a dice. You need to keep moving forward buying hotels, houses and lands. The one who owns most of the city in the end is the winner. The game is a lot of fun and kills boredom easily.


scrabble puzzle game

The most popular word puzzle game, scrabble is a fun game that involves forming words with several Scrabble letter pieces. It definitely needs a little analytical thinking which makes it both fun and challenging at the same time. It is known to build children’s curiosity and social skills which makes it a very useful form of pass time.


pictionary puzzle game

Pictionary is one of the most creative board games you will find and is also tons of fun. A team game, it involves picking up cards with objects or animals written on them. You then need to draw it and make your team mate guess what it is to score a point and move forward on the board. The one to the finish line first WINS.


chess puzzle game

Chess is an all-time classic board puzzle game and has been around for over a century! It is also a sport and played by everyone around the world. It is based on a black and white check board with two sets of soldiers, kings and queens going to war. Every piece is strategically placed and can move in only certain ways, which makes it an excellent game for analytical and strategic planning. Just so you know, it’s a bit challenging too and takes some immense concentration. But if you like such games, then look nowhere else.


battleship puzzle game

Battleship is one of the few existing action puzzle board games from before. Two players sit face to face with a vertically standing board between them. The players place their ships on their side of the board which is marked on a common grid for both the players. The other player has to guess the ship’s position and fire a shot on that grid position. The thrill and excitement of missing or rightly targeting the opponent’s ship makes this game action packed.

Scotland Yard

scotland yard puzzle game

Another thrilling and exciting game, Scotland Yard is a detective and crime based board game. One player is Mr. X and the others are detectives. The game is played on a map on which Mr. X has to evade the detectives. There are a limited number of vehicles for each detective and Mr. X itself. If Mr. X remains uncaught when the rides are over, he wins.

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