A Blingy Bijoux Affair: Types of Fashion Jewelry In and Out

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Every woman finds solace in some quality jewelry. You can literally see fireworks in her eyes the moment she opens those boxes filled with her sparkly friends and precious gems! The way to man’s heart must be through food but the way to a woman’s heart lies in those invariably enticing jewels. But how do you decide what suits you when you gotta grab ‘em all?

Fashion Jewelry

So ladies, let’s find out what’s in and out in fashion jewelry trends. Get ready to roll and bling your thing.


earring fashion jewelry

While trends roll in and out faster than weather changes, some classics leave a mark. Statement earrings epitomize class and sass. Throw in a simple dress with statement earrings in bold contrast colors and voila! You’ve got your winning team. Give your studs and chandelier earrings a break. They not only bring out your face contours perfectly but also jazz up your attire by several notches. Another in-trend are asymmetrical and off-balance earrings. Oozing with urban chic vibe, you can experiment with these exploring different styles and designs. They never go wrong!

Neck Pieces

neckpieces fashion jewelry

One thing that’s got us swooning are those gorgeous gravitating necklaces. From pendants, chunky chains, layers, peter pan and bib collars….the thirst for these delicate intricacies can never be quenched. But some of them need to bid goodbye. The retro is past. Chuck the 70s and 80s inspired jewelry such as neck pieces in fabrics and chokers. Stock up on basic pendants and work it up to a delightful layering combination.

Travel Jewelry

trinklets fashion jewelry

Every destination comes with loads of memories and souvenirs. Especially for the style predators, spotting the local trend and owning it is an obligation they just can’t ignore. Trinkets, spiritual symbolism jewels, slogan jewelry are all rage now. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to sporting these. The more the merrier when clubbed with the right outfit. The vintage ones are irresistible and exudes the wanderlust aura in just the right manner. Its timeless appeal never fades.

All that Glitters is Gold?

gold fashion jewelry

Gone are the days of conventional gold jewelry. Today, incorporating contemporary and traditional aesthetics is all modish. The demure damsel in distress days are history. The women today are more outspoken and prefer eclectic designs with pop of colorful gem stones and other precious metals. It’s a subtle form of opulence, which they know how to carry with élan!

Gold or Silver. Diamonds or Rubies. Trinkets or Charms. Studs or Jhumkis. There’s this sempiternal charm to jewelry that men will never understand and women will never forget. Treat your scintillating soul to motley collection of fashion jewelry that you can now purchase online availing tempting discounts and coupons with these exclusive Bluestone coupons and you can also try Fashion and You coupons.

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