6 Quick Tips on How to Manage Time

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Living in a fast-paced world, none of us can deny that we all need to brush-up the skills on how to manage time. Everyone is so busy with school, office and socializing that we forget to manage time. In fact, there are times when we don’t realize but we are procrastinating work with unnecessary research or less important work or indulging in daily gossip time or staring in the void making us less productive.

Time Management Tips

I have just listed a few items from a very long list of dawdling. And that is where our problems start and because of our poor time management skills, we cannot find the end of this. Time management tips are essentially required now because we are living in a slaving lifestyle, hence it is very vital that we know how to manage time adequately. Here are some really quick time management tips:

Line-up your Chores

time management tips

It is eminent that we prioritize our work. Be it making an hourly or daily study schedule or organizing your work calendar or arranging your house chores list. Mapping out how your day/month will be and doing things in that order will let you have enough free time to do things you love.

De-clutter the Surrounding


Clean out your closet, desk, house, inbox, and mind. Having unimportant and useless things around stresses you more. Eliminate everything that is not required in your room, house, deck or life.

Foolery is Essential


Having fun and going crazy once a while (I mean once a week) is very refreshing. You will feel so light and calm after having some real insanely silly time with friends and family. This should be your detox – spa, movies, long drives.

Art of Juggling

time_management_tips2If you cannot multitask then you can never be on the top. Balancing different tasks efficiently is skill that everyone should learn and inculcate. It also one of the most pivotal time management tips.

Snack-up Constantly


Take a break, eat your favorite snack, energize yourself. Constant work can suck-up all your energy, so take time off, eat and relax. And with so many online food and groceries stores like Bigbasket you don’t even need to go out. See you can save more time.

Be a “Know-It-All”


Now when you have saved time then don’t waste it on Facebooking or gossiping, instead read something new unknown or learn a new skill. There is so much to learn online these days, the internet is your oyster.

This is not where this all ends. Reading tips on how to manage time is not enough, you need to practice these every day to master them.

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