All About GrabOn Ka Bachat Wali Diwali

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
About GrabOn Ka Bachat Wali Diwali

Why pay and buy, when you can play and win?
You can thank us later- GrabOn

GrabOn – Bachat Wali Diwali

Diwali is right around the corner and we’re sure you’ve saved up some funds by cutting down on the weekend fun, or by giving up on a few things from the Mega online sales that happened this month.

We have good news for you! This Diwali you can win some big prizes and go all gala this festive season! You read it right! You aren’t dreaming! This can be possible with GrabOn and its #BachatWaliDiwali.

Here’s your chance to win up to Rs 15 Lakhs worth of prizes by participating in #BachatWaliDiwali 2023! Why should you participate in this activity? To begin with, it’s free. You won’t be spending a penny and you stand a chance to win exclusive vouchers and coupons that will help you save a lot on the savings you’ve done for Diwali. It’s savings within savings, let’s call it Grabonception.

GrabOn has onboarded Auric, qurez, Sytara, Silberry, My Flower Tree, The Whole truth Foods, Gift Kya De, and Nobycart as the gifting partner for the seventh season of the hugely successful festive season campaign.

Get updated and stay notified about GrabOn’s Bachat Wali Diwali season 9!


Dar ke aage jeet hai; Jeet ke aage discount coupon hai:

#BachatWaliDiwali is a 5-day event that will be held from 8th November to 12th November 2023. You have a chance to win on all the five days. Even if you loose on the Day 1 of the event, you stand a chance to win on the other 4 days. So, don’t lose hope if you don’t win with flying colors, there’s always another chance. Unless, it’s the 10th day of the event which doesn’t exist in reality .

Refer/Share & Win Big

Sharing is caring (and in this case, winning!). This Diwali, save more and get exclusive access to different kinds of vouchers offers! Refer at least 10 of your friends/ family each day and gain more points. Please note that your referrals need to login to be considered as a legit referral!


Other ways to earn additional points is downloading the Crome extension (100 points), and subscribing to the newsletter (100 points).

Diwali, the festival of lights, holds a special place in the hearts of millions across India. As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of this joyous occasion, there’s an exciting opportunity that’s set to make this Diwali even more unforgettable – the #BachatWaliDiwali campaign. So, are you ready to add a sprinkle of luck to your celebrations and win big this year? If yes, then join us in making this Diwali a memorable and money-saving experience!

For more information about Bachat Wali Diwali click here.

* You won’t have to pay to play. This is conducted in public interest from GrabOn’s save while you shop campaign- #BachatWaliDiwali

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