5 Simple Hacks To Win Big in GrabOn Ka Bachat Wali Diwali

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Simple Hacks To Win Big In GrabOn Bachat Wali Diwali

Get ready to add some extra sparkle to your Diwali celebrations with GrabOn’s #BachatWaliDiwali! The festivities have already begun, and here’s your chance to scoop up amazing vouchers and exciting prizes through the Bachat Wali Diwali game. As we step into Day 3, the excitement is off the charts. You can win fantastic prizes from our generous gifting partners and discover a treasure trove of discount coupons to make your Diwali shopping even more delightful.

But that’s not all – the grand prize awaits you in the mega lucky draw. To enter this coveted draw, you’ll need a certain number of points (be sure to check the Bachat Wali Diwali page for details). Don’t worry, though; we’ve got your back. In this blog, we’ll share five invaluable hacks to help you boost your points and increase your chances of winning big this Bachat Wali Diwali.

Picture yourself unwrapping outstanding prizes and vouchers from some of your favorite brands this Diwali – it’s an exhilarating thought, isn’t it? We’re equally thrilled, and we’re here to help you turn that excitement into reality. So, gear up to seize the moment and make this Diwali a truly memorable one with GrabOn! Let’s dive into the hacks that will make this Bachat Wali Diwali your best one yet.

Bachat Wali Diwali with GrabOn

Participants have won big and claimed amazing vouchers, you can too! Here are a few simple hacks that can help you win big in the Bachat Wali Diwali sequence game.
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Here are the tips you could follow to win big:

1. Following our social media platform

During the 5 days of GrabOn ka #BachatWaliDiwali our social media channels viz. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter will continue churning out important details and information related to the event. The Facebook posts and tweets will continue during the 5 days starting on October 08, 2023. So, hurry up!! Like and follow us on all our social media channels to know more about the event.

Facebook, Instagram , Twitter

2. Keep a track of our social media activity

Bachat Wali Diwali Social Activity

By keeping track of all the social media activity, you can get to know some very important information related to GrabOn Ka #BachatWaliDiwali. Don’t miss any update as each one of them might get you close to winning the contests. You also get to know about the timings of Spot the Patakha here which helps you bag crazy discounts every day.

3. Identify the Spot The Patakha Hour

“Spot The Patakha” lasts only for one hour. So, keep an eye on your Social Media notifications and login to your account as soon as you get one. You can stand a chance to earn more than the normal amount in vouchers! Following our social media activities will help you keep a track of the Spot The Patakha Hour. They happen twice daily!

4. Use the bonus opportunities

More points mean more prizes. And there are 3 exciting ways to get those extra points that you need. Simply click on the Bonus section on the game zone and collect the extra points.

5. Do not loose hope

Well, you may not win big right on the first day, but keep on playing for all 5 days to increase your chances of bagging some of the best gifts for grabs. Simply login daily, or let someone do it for you. The games are so simple log in that anyone can play them. And win big too

Before you go on to play and win big in GrabOn Ka #BachatWaliDiwali, take a look at the terms and conditions.

GrabOn’s Bachat Wali Diwali celebrations and giveaway terms and conditions:

  • GrabOn is offering giveaway based on BWD (Bachat Wali Diwali) algorithm to participants joining the celebrations. The giveaways will be available for a stipulated time as mentioned, only during the Diwali celebrations.
  • GrabOn is the sole proprietor of the BWD algorithm and under no conditions will the details of the algorithm be divulged or shared with anyone outside the organization.
  • The selection of winners by GrabOn is final and binding. By participating in the Diwali celebrations, each winner agrees to that.
  • The winners will be contacted and intimated about the vouchers through email.
  • Every participant is allotted 5 chances a day.
  • After finishing up all 5 chances he/she will not be able to participate for the day. The participant can, however,participate to win more vouchers and hampers.
  • No tricks should be used to win vouchers. In the case of any such tricks or transgressions, the participant will be disqualified.
  • While joining the Bachat Wali Diwali celebrations, each winner agrees to the term that their name will be used on GrabOn social media platforms for promotional purposes without any additional compensation, except where prohibited by law.
  • GrabOn reserves the right to stop the Bachat Wali Diwali celebrations and giveaways at any time without prior notice.
    *For any grievances and feedback, please reach us at: contact@grabon.in

GrabOn’s Diwali celebrations are definitely one-of-a-kind. It lets people have a phenomenal time with its grand 5-day campaign. So, get all geared up to participate in the contest and win astounding prizes and vouchers!

Best of luck and get busy playing GrabOn Ka #BachatWaliDiwali!

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