12 Most Accurate Astrology Apps & Sites in India

by Ramya B
Most Accurate Astrology Apps & Sites

If you are someone who is a strong believer that the movements of planets and stars have a great influence on our lives, then you have come to the right place, as we present to you the best astrology sites you can refer, to know about the future happenings of your life.

12 Top Astrology Sites To Refer

These are the top astrology sites one can easily rely on to find out horoscopes and life predictions.

1. Daily Horoscope By Comictic

Daily Horoscope By ComicticDaily Horoscope is one of the most popular free astrology apps. This app offers comprehensive daily horoscopes based on sun signs, Chinese year signs, druid horoscopes, cosmic compatibility, etc.

You can check your daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes for free. Moreover, you could also lookup up horoscopes for the last week.

Features of Daily Horoscope

  • Compatibility between signs: Check detailed compatibility between two zodiac signs.
  • Daily reminders: You can set daily reminders to check your daily horoscopes using the app’s settings
  • Custom font and color: You can adjust colors and fonts according to your preference.
  • Chinese yearly horoscope: Check your Chinese yearly horoscope for the latest year.

Language: English

2. AstroSage Kundli

AstroSage KundliAstroSage Kundali is one of the most popular astrology sites and apps one can prefer to use. Pundit Punit Pandey was the creator behind the AstroSage website who embarked on a journey to help people who are facing problems in their lives. AstroSage is one of the most trusted sites because trained and reliable astrologers offer their assistance to people.

You can generate your birth charts(Kundli), get horoscope matchings, rashifal, Hindu calendar, etc for free on their app and website. The platform also offers predictions and remedies based on Lal Kitab, jaimini astrology, south, and north Indian chart style, panchang, moon sign horoscopes, and shodasvarga(all 16 divisional charts), Shadbala, Ashtakvarga & Prastarashtakvarga, Western aspects, Bhava Chalit chart, and lot more.

Features of AstroSage Kundli

  • Horoscopes: Get personalized horoscopes, life predictions, monthly and annual predictions, etc
  • Kundli Matching: Get Kundli matching service for couples
  • Talk to Astrologers: Talk directly to an expert Astrologer regarding all your life concerns.
  • Support for AstroSage cloud: You can save and open your chart on your phone as well on the Astrosage site

Languages: Hindi, English, Telugu, Marathi, Bangla, Assamese, Punjabi, Odia, Nepali, Urdu, Kannada, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Tamil.

3. Astrotalk

AstrotalkAstrotalk is one of the best Indian Astro apps and websites you can use to know your future happenings. It offers various services like daily horoscopes, free Kundli generation, Kundli matching, and live astrologers to talk to.

Moreover, get the best future predictions related to marriage, career, education, etc over a call, chat, or via a detailed report.

Features of Astrotalk

  • Daily Horoscope: Get a free daily horoscope from experienced astrologers.
  • Free Kundli: Generate a free birth chart from the app itself and get life predictions.
  • Compatibility: Check compatibility with your partner for free.
  • Kundli matching: Check love compatibility and marriage predictions online with the help of Kundli matching.
  • Chinese Horoscope: Get to know your Chinese horoscope on the Astrotalk app and website.

Language: English, Hindi, and Kannada.

4. AstroYogi

AstroYogiAstroYogi is yet another reliable astrology site and app that offers life predictions, tarot reading, numerology predictions, remedies, Kundli matching, yearly horoscope, and whatnot. Founded in 2001, AstroYogi’s vision is to guide young people across the world.

The company provides various kinds of services to help people find solutions to their problems. Therefore they assist people with the help of Fengshui experts and renowned astrologers in the fields like career, finances, money, love, and marriage. Other than these, the AstroYogi platform offers consultation services regarding puja, preferable gemstones to wear, mantras to chant, panchang, etc.

Features of AstroYogi

  • YogiLive: Chat and have live video sessions with renowned astrologers, numerologists, and Vaastu experts.
  • Astrology Galaxy: Read the daily, monthly, and horoscope predictions of your zodiac sign for free
  • Tarot reading: Get one card or three-card tarot readings on Astroyogi.
  • Vastu: Get Vastu suggestions for home, office, factory, etc.
  • Remedies: Get remedies from astrologers like gemstone, rudraksha, and puja suggestions.

Languages: English and Hindi

5. Guruji

GurujiGuruji is another popular Indian astrology app and webs that one can easily rely on. It offers a myriad of services like face reading, personal consultation, tarot card readings, weekly and monthly horoscopes, etc.

Moreover, you can directly consult the astrologers via chat or call and ask questions regarding your career, married life, health, or anything you want. The app has more than 300 experienced astrologers to help you out. They also offer an app that has versatile features.

Features of Guruji

  • Easy 2-step consultation process: Get solutions for your life problems anytime by recharging your wallet and talking directly to a skilled astrologer.
  • All in one solution: Get Vedic, tarot, palmistry, face-reading, and Vastu services based on your requirements.
  • Daily life astrology: Receive online horoscope, love horoscope, horoscope based on zodiacs, birth chart, etc on the app.
  • 24×7 customer support: If you encounter any problem, you can always reach out to their customer support service available 24×7.

Languages: Hindi, English, and Tamil.

6. Kundli By Vedic Rishi

Kundli By Vedic RishiKundli is a free Astro app started by Vedic Rishi. This popular Indian app is based on Vedic astrology designed using accurate ancient Vedic techniques and methods. Kundli app offers a birth chart generator, gemstone suggestions based on the birth chart, a daily personalized horoscope, and much more for free.

Moreover, astrologers here can predict your horoscope based on birth charts and offer remedies which makes this app precise and more helpful.

Features of Kundli

  • Personalized daily readings: Get your daily horoscope prediction based on your personal details.
  • Vedic Kundli: Generate your Vedic Kundli including panchang, planetary positions, special Lagna, etc.
  • Kundli analysis and reading: Find out the effects of planets on your birth chart
  • Numerology reports: Explore the numerology section to know what numbers say about you.
  • Deep Astro insight: Get deeply personalized reports based on your chakras, elements, etc.
  • Ask Astrologer: Send your queries directly to principal astrologer Pandit Rishiraj Tiwari through the app.
  • Remedial Measures: Get remedial suggestions from expert astrologers.

Language: English, Hindi, and Telugu

7. ClickAstro Astrology

ClickAstro AstrologyClickAstro Astrology was started as a small firm in Kochi and went on to become popular among Indians. The company offers basic services for free like matching for couples, predictions about investment and careers, education, and other revered topics.

You also get panchang and bhava predictions, favorable periods, remedies, and recommendations from this platform. If you are into astrology and are curious to know about your future, you can use ClickAstro coupons to save on your appointments or bookings.

Features of ClickAstro Astrology

  • Free Kundli Maker: Generate your birth chart in various languages and get your life predictions.
  • Kundli Matching: Get free Kundli matching calculated according to the south and north Indian matching system.
  • Favorable periods: Know your favorable periods of life mentioned in the report.
  • Numerology predictions: Get numerology predictions as well including lucky color, number, and more
  • Couple report: A complete analysis of husband and wife’s horoscope and guidelines for happier married life.
  • Online consultation: Consult renowned and learned astrologers including Pandit Ajai Bhambi, Dr. CVB Subrahmanyam, and Sri Kanippayyur.

Languages:  English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Malayalam, and Oriya.

8. mPanchang

mPancmPanchanghang is a blend of astrology and technology developed to help common people solve their life problems. The mPanchang website offers a wide range of astrological, numerological, and tarot-based services.

Moreover, it provides a free daily horoscope, based on zodiac signs as well. The company claims itself as a one-stop solution for all your queries and questions regarding your life.

Features of mPanchang

  • Free Panchang: Get to know important Hindu dates(tithi) with free daily and monthly panchang.
  • Shubh Muhurat: Know auspicious and inauspicious days and timings with the help of daily chogadiya and Rahu Kaal.
  • Birth Chart report: Get a comprehensive birth chart report based on your date and time of birth.
  • Ask an astrologer: You can directly ask astrologers to get accurate insights into your future and remedies to your problems.
  • Kaal Sarp and mangal dosha calculator: Find out if you have Kaal Sarp or mangal dosha in your birth chart.
  • Kundli matching: Check out the guna score and mangal dosh of a couple and their detailed report.

Languages: English and Hindi

9. AstroVed

AstroVedAstroVed is another highly preferred website for consultation and guidance. Founded by educationalist and philanthropist Dr. Baskaran Pillai, its mission is to enrich people’s lives with the help of Vedic Astrology and remedial rituals. They also have an app that is loaded with innumerable features fulfilling people’s quest to know their future.

This platform offers live astrology consultation, instant insight, Nadi astrology, angel reading, astrology written reports, Agastya Live channel reading, transit reports, and whatnot. The company also performs coconut smashing ceremonies, cow feeding, donations, Saturn, planetary, dosha remedies, etc. Also, get AstroVed discount codes to enjoy their astrological services on a budget.

Features of AstroVed

  • Name calculator: Find out if your name favors you according to your birthdate.
  • Numerology: Take the help of numbers to improve your life with the help of numerology consultation.
  • Gemstones: You can know your favorable gemstones based on your moon sign
  • Dosha predictions and remedies: Find solutions for all your doshas in your birth chart
  • Horoscope matching: Use the horoscope matching feature to know the compatibility of a couple
  • Talk to an astrologer: Book an appointment to consult top astrologers for all your concerns.

Languages: English, Hindi, and Tamil

10. GaneshaSpeaks

GaneshaSpeaksGaneshaSpeaks is one of the most renowned astrology sites in India. Founded in 2003, the company has a team of astrologers trained especially by Bejan Daruwalla. Moreover, he has been the brand ambassador for Ganeshaspeaks. You can either visit the website or an app for consultations.

Basically, the company offers remedies, career reports, personalized predictions based on the birth chart, consultations, horoscopes, tarot readings, Chinese horoscopes, detailed life reports, birthday reports, etc. In addition, the expert astrologers also suggest some pujas, mantras to chant as remedies. Moreover, the company can also perform special pujas for you as a remedial solution, for which you can easily pay online. Besides, enjoy promo codes of Ganeshaspeaks and get solutions to your problems.

Features of GaneshaSpeaks

  • Free Astrology consultation: Get your first free astrology consultation from an expert astrologer
  • Personalized daily horoscope: Receive a daily horoscope based on your Kundli
  • Get remedies and recommendations:  Get remedy recommendations from expert astrologers.
  • Buy rudraksha and gemstone: You can buy rudraksha and gemstones suggested by astrologers on the app itself.
  • AstroFeed: Astro feed feature in the app to know the happenings in the astrology world

Languages: English and Hindi

11. Starstell

StarstellStarstell is a premium platform that offers astrology consultation services. Founded in 2005, by Mr. Vivek Dhir, the company is on a mission to guide people with proper astrological advice and counseling.

The company mainly provides services namely daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly horoscopes, reports, health mantras, matrimonial astrology services, tarot readings, etc. Additionally, you can also talk to expert astrologers directly via call or chat. Furthermore, you can also use coupon codes of Startstell and save on your bookings and appointments.

Features of Starstell

  • Ask Question: You can ask questions to expert astrologers by filling out a simple form.
  • Lal Kitab remedies: Get Lal Kitab remedies for all your life concerns.
  • Online Puja: Book your remedial puja online and get done with your remedies just by sitting in the comfort of your home.
  • Videos: Watch videos of our expert astrologers, and tarot card readers and know about stars and how they affect your life.
  • Vastu suggestions: Get Vaastu consultations from the Vastu expert themselves.

Language: English

12. Monkvyasa

MonkvyasaMonkvyasa is another great platform that offers astrology consultation services. You can get the best solutions from renowned astrologers from India on this platform and can also receive customized astrology reports.

Monkvyasa aims to deliver high-quality consultation services in the astrospace by using new-age technology. The platform basically offers tarot readings, numerology, reiki, and spiritual healing.

Features of Monkvyasa

  • Horoscope matching: Avail of horoscope matching service from renowned astrologers.
  • Talk to Astrologers: Talk to astrologers directly via call or chat.
  • Reports: Get a wide range of reports from your preferred astrologers about career, family, business, wealth, health, education, relationship, marriage, one-year report, and lifetime report.
  • Refund: You can also get your money back if you are not satisfied.
  • Wallet facility: Recharge your wallet and use that wallet recharge to talk to verified and experienced astrologers anytime.

Languages: English

Types of Astrology

We have put together various types of astrology commonly used in today’s times so that you can easily interpret and understand birth charts.

Natal: Natal astrology is one of the most commonly used in today’s times. It is based on a natal chart i.e birth chart which shows the exact placements of the planets at the exact time and place of your birth.

Vedic: Vedic astrology is also known as the Jyotish study, rooted in the Vedas. According to Vedic astrology, the planets are considered the karmas of the soul and based on that, predictions, and remedies are suggested by the astrologers.

Horary: Horary is another type of astrology that dates back to 10,000 to 30,000 B.C. This type of astrology is mostly used when you want to seek an answer to your question. In this type of astrology, the astrologer creates a chart for the exact moment and location. In the end, he/she reads the chart and predicts the answer.

Relationship: Relationship astrology is a type of natal astrology that specifically looks at the compatibility between people. This type of astrology analyzes the day-to-day life together, challenges, how the couple supports each other, and the relationship. For detailed analysis, a composite chart is made to view the destiny of the couple.

Electional: Electional astrology is a type of astrology that is used to pick the best time for an event. The astrologer basically decides the appropriate time for an event based on whatever is going on in the sky.

Uranian: Uranian astrology is a type of astrology that considers and uses midpoints(middle degrees between two planets) to find out planetary triggers that are necessary to take action. This type of astrology is used for couples because it details how two people are connected and how they feel energy-wise with each other.

Medical:  This is one of the complex types of astrology out there. In medical astrology, the astrologers make a chart using planets, signs, and house placements to get in-depth information about the illness. With the help of a chart, the astrologer can also predict the sensitivities or body parts prone to illness.

Hence this was our list of top astrology sites and apps you can rely on. The above-listed sites are highly popular among Indians and are top-rated on the google play store. So head on to them and get to know about your future.


Are Astrology predictions accurate?
Astrologers cannot predict what exactly could happen to you in the future. They make predictions based on planetary movements. Hence, you should not expect exactly accurate predictions.

Which app is best for astrology?
There is a wide range of apps available online. You can refer to AstroSage, AstroVed, Daily Horoscope, Kundli, mPanchang, and other above-listed platforms.

Why do people believe in astrology?
Stress, uncertainty, and the curiosity to know oneself foster the belief people have for astrology.

Is Vedic astrology more accurate than other astrology types?
Vedic Astrology has been there for years and its knowledge is even used in modern astrology and astronomy. So according to Vedas, Vedic astrology is more accurate.

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