Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps in India 2023

by Ram Charan
Best Online Doctor Consultation Apps

Are you looking for an online doctor consultation app that can help you take your health care to the next level? In this article, we’ll be discussing the best online doctor consultation apps in India. They offer a variety of features like lab-tests, real-time reports, new treatments, video calls, etc. for patients without visiting a diagnostic centre.

Want to know more? Let’s dive into the topic!

List Of Top 10 Doctor Consultation Apps

If you are searching for how to consult a doctor online, we have got you covered. We have compiled the list of best doctor consulting apps so you can get started with.

1) Apollo 24/7 Consultation App

If you are looking for quality healthcare and want to find a way to stay on top of your health, then go for Apollo 24/7 Doctor Consultation App. For quality and reliable appointment scheduling options, we have considered it among the best online doctor consultation apps in India.

You can reach out to the experienced doctors who are available to answer any questions you may have. Moreover, the app interface is easy to use. It also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee so you are getting the best advice.

Lab Tests: Diabetes, Lipid, Heart, Blood Pressure, and more

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore, Kolkata

Pricing Plans: Do you crave for offers and discounts while ordering online? If so, you can make use of Apollo 247 coupons to save your expenses on medicines, lab-tests, and more.

Why Choose Apollo?

  • 700+ test centres across India
  • Digitised accurate health reports
  • Certified healthcare experts
  • Reliable doctor consultation services

2) Practo Doctor Consultation App

Are you looking for an easy way to get a doctor’s opinion on a health issue? If so, Practo may be the perfect App for you. With instant video consultations, it lets you talk to a doctor anytime, anywhere. You can consult with a doctor about any health issue, and get tests and medications prescribed as needed.

Plus, you can find nearby doctors who can help you with your specific health concerns in no time. On the whole, Practo is one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use apps available today. Want to know more? Give it a try with Practo!

Lab Tests: COVID-19, Blood Sugar, HCG, B12, CBC, Liver Function Test, Lipid Profile, Thyroid, Vitamin D

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: Bhopal, Gurugram, Thane, Hyderabad, Navi, Kanpur, Chennai, Bhubaneswar, Indore, Lucknow, Patna, Guwahati, Jammu, Delhi, Mumbai, Noida, Bangalore, Pune, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Raipur, Dehradun

Pricing Plans: The cost of the healthcare consulting services seems to be on the expensive side. However, you can start using the latest Practo coupons to save money online.

Why Choose Practo?

  • Availability of specialist doctors 24/7
  • Scheduled video consultations
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • 7-day free follow up sessions

3) Mfine Doctor Consultation App

Don’t want to make a visit to the doctor due the sickness and on-going COVID-19? If so, the Mfine doctor consultation app is the right choice for you. This innovative app allows you to consult with a specialist doctor virtually. You can get lab tests, self-checks, and Covid-19 tests to help you determine your overall health condition.

The specialist doctors are experienced in a variety of medical fields, so you’re guaranteed to get the help you need. In addition, customer support services are available 24/7 to help you through any challenges that might arise. So what are you waiting for? Download the Mfine Doctor Consultation App on your smartphone today and get started!

Lab Tests: Diabetes, Thyroid, Full Body Checkup, Protein, COVID Tests

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune

Pricing Plans: These days consulting a doctor is a bit expensive. If you think so, do check out the Mfine promo codes to start using them while booking an online appointment to treat your problem.

Why Choose Mfine?

  • Convenient home lab tests
  • Huge deals and discounts
  • 5-day free follow up sessions
  • Safe and secured payment gateway

4) 1MG Doctor Consultation App

Due to the hectic lifestyle, it is difficult to visit a doctor offline. How to get the best advice for your health problem? Is there any affordable solution? Start downloading the 1mg doctor consultation app.

With this app, you octors, get lab tests and health screenings, and receive advice on a variety of health topics. Additionally, the app offers Covid-19 testing and other health-related services. Winding up, if you are looking to improve your overall health, 1MG App is the perfect option for you.

Lab Tests: COVID-RTPCR, CBC, Vitamin D, Thyroid Profile, HbA1c, Liver Function

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: Agra, Indore, Delhi NCR, Jaipur, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Bhopal, and Ahmedabad

Pricing Plans: If you are a diabetic or kidney patient who always needs advice from healthcare professionals, you will be spending huge amounts. Want to cut-down the cost spent on doctor consultations services? Do check out the 1mg promo codes and start using them to save money.

Why Choose 1MG?

  • Health tips from experts
  • Easy to access from home
  • Affordable test plans
  • Flexible timings and payment options

5) Aayu Doctor Consultation App

Want to stay healthy and fit? Do track your heart-rate, calories, and many more by purchasing the best fitness smartwatches in India. If you are a bit concerned and want to seek advice from the experts for PCOD or any other health problem, Aayu doctor consultation app has got you covered.

Aayu has a network of 40000 medical stores and 5000 specialist doctors across India to offer quality healthcare services. By taking the Aayu card subscription plan, you can get the health check-up for the entire family members and save money to a great extent. On the whole, we have listed Aayu as one of the best doctor appointment booking apps for the premium services it offers for kids, men, and women.

Lab Tests:  BP, Blood Sugar, CBC, COVID-19, and more

Online Platforms: Android, Web

Available Locations: All Over India

Pricing Plans: The Aayu premium subscription and lab-tests are a bit affordable. Nevertheless, you can make use of the exclusive coupon and deals to minimise the expenses.

Why Choose Aayu?

  • Aayu card subscription
  • Track your health history
  • 2-hour delivery services
  • No minimum order value purchase

6) PharmEasy Consultation App

Have you ever tried consulting a doctor online? Be it for small health issues like common cold, fever, you may not show that interest to pay a visit to hospital. Not to worry, PharmEasy has got you covered.

The PharmEasy doctor consultation app is perfect for those who want quality healthcare without having to go to the doctor’s office or spend a lot of money. The app is also convenient because you can schedule appointments and lab tests online. Once the tests are performed at your home, you will surely receive updates on your test results via email or push notifications.

Lab Tests: Anaemia, Renal, COVID-19, Full Body, Alcohol Impact, ESR, RBS, Creatinine, Potassium, Vitamin D, Cholesterol, Testosterone, Albumin, and more

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Chennai, Thane, Lucknow, Ghaziabad, Navi Mumbai, Jaipur, Noida, Kolkata, Delhi, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Howrah, Pune, and Vadodara

Pricing Plans: When it comes to pricing, the premium plans seem to be high. However, you can make use of the PharmEasy deals and offers while opting for a lab-test, consultation, medicines, and other wellness products.

Why Choose PharmEasy?

  • Exclusive cashbacks and discounts
  • Free doctor consultation
  • Free delivery on medicines
  • Healthcare products, medicines, lab-tests

7) Lybrate Consultation App

Lybrate is the best app for doctor consultation that lets patients consult with the certified doctors in India. You can ask health queries, book appointments, and get useful health tips from the healthcare professionals. Whether you are looking to cure viral fever, high blood pressure, diabetes, joint pains, kidney problems, and more, Lybrate provides the best solution.

Moreover, the platform is bit secured and easy to use, so you won’t find difficulty while operating. Adding up, you can download the application on your smartphone without any hassle.

Lab Tests: Thyroid, Liver, Kidney, Cholesterol, Iron Deficiency, Diabetes, CBC, Cardiac

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi

Pricing Plans: Are you looking for a way to save your money while consulting a doctor? Do check out the Lybrate coupons where you can use it for lab-tests, healthcare products, and more.

Why Choose Lybrate?

  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to book appointments
  • Get accurate test reports online
  • Flexible video consulting services

8) Doctor 24/7 Consultation App

Do you have a doctor’s appointment but don’t have time to wait? Doctor 24/7 Consultation App is the perfect solution for you! This app connects you with top-rated doctors instantly, so you can get the care you need without having to wait. You can also connect with specialist doctors for your health concern to get the answers you need quickly.

Plus, doctor 24/7 Consultation App is convenient and fast. You will never have to wait long for a response, and the doctors are available 24/7 so you can connect with them anytime. Also, your personal information is safe and secured, so you can rest assured that your information is safe and confidential.

Lab Tests:  Blood Pressure, Diabetes, COVID-19, and more

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: All Over India

Pricing Plans: Want to save some money when you are setting up an appointment with the doctor? They start using the health promo codes provided by GrabOn.

Why Choose Doctor 24/7?

  • Safe and secured platform
  • Easy to use interface
  • Doctors availability round the clock
  • Free follow up sessions within 3 days

9) Tata Health Consultation App

The Tata Health Consultation App is a great resource for those looking for medical advice. Curated by highly-rated doctors, the app offers access to your medical records and general health information. Additionally, it provides easy access to prescriptions, ensuring that you never run out of medication.

What we like the most about Tata Health is that it is certified by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories). So, it ensures that the lab meets the highest quality standards for testing and calibration by providing the accurate results.

For instance, if you are not happy with the online doctor consulting services, you can request for money refund. It can be done by contacting the support team via Your money will be reflected in your account or wallet once the support team verifies and approves the issue.

Lab Tests: CBC, COVID RT-PCR, HbA1C, Thyroid, Lipid, PCOD, Vitamin B12, Kidney, Haemoglobin

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Faridabad, Kochi, Kolkata, Pune, Surat, Visakhapatnam, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Kochi, Mumbai, New Delhi

Pricing Plans: Compared to other top doctor consultation apps, you can find the prices of lab-tests and consulting fees a bit reasonable. What are you waiting for? Get started with the Tata health app today!

Why Choose Tata Health?

  • Free home pickup services
  • Support via chat and call
  • Hassle-free refund policy
  • Affordable health-check up plans

10) DocOnline Consultation App

A study from NCBI (National Centre for Biotechnology Information) also reveals that people are more concerned about their personal health and started using the mobile doctor consultation apps. If you are willing to care for your body, do check out the DocOnline app.

DocOnline lets you consult a doctor through video call. After you book an appointment, the concerned healthcare professional will schedule a video call at your convenient timings. Also, the prescription is given digitally and you can access the medical history when required.

Lab Tests: Haemoglobin, Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and more

Online Platforms: Android, iPhone, Web

Available Locations: Bangalore, Hyderabad

Pricing Plans: We always spend huge amounts on shopping items. What if we say that you can even save money for lab-tests, medicines? Yes, it is possible by using the DocOnline coupons.

Why Choose DocOn?

  • Health tips and experts guidance
  • Connect with doctor anytime, anywhere
  • Interactive phone, video, chat sessions
  • Track and share consultation reports

Final Thoughts

With the on-going COVID-19 situation, it may be a bit difficult to pay a visit to the doctor to treat several health problems. It can be due to asthma, joint pains, thyroid, PCOD, pregnancy, blood pressure, diabetes, kidney, liver, heart problems, and more.

A one stop solution is to schedule an appointment online and get the advice you need. To make things easy, we have listed the top 10 best doctor consultation apps in India by considering several online portals, reviews, ratings, and customer feedback.

Which online doctor consultation app do you prefer the most? Are you using any of the listed doctor apps during an emergency? Or looking for the free doctor consultation apps in India? Please share your doubts and comments with us given below. We are happy to clarify them as early as possible.

<div class='toc'><ul><li><a href=#List-Of-Top-10-Doctor-Consultation-Apps><b>List Of Top 10 Doctor Consultation Apps</b></li><p>  <a href=#1)-Apollo-24/7-Consultation-App>1) Apollo 24/7 Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#2)-Practo-Doctor-Consultation-App>2) Practo Doctor Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#3)-Mfine-Doctor-Consultation-App>3) Mfine Doctor Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#4)-1MG-Doctor-Consultation-App>4) 1MG Doctor Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#5)-Aayu-Doctor-Consultation-App>5) Aayu Doctor Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#6)-PharmEasy-Consultation-App>6) PharmEasy Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#7)-Lybrate-Consultation-App>7) Lybrate Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#8)-Doctor-24/7-Consultation-App>8) Doctor 24/7 Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#9)-Tata-Health-Consultation-App>9) Tata Health Consultation App</p><p>  <a href=#10)-DocOnline-Consultation-App>10) DocOnline Consultation App</p></ul></div>

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