Gone are the days, when news could only be accessed through Televisions. Today, apps and websites make it a lot easier to get access to news, free of charge. Previously, most of these apps only had content in the English language but as their popularity grew, they made Hindi language available to expand their reach. But the question arises which apps or websites are the best for Hindi news? That’s why this article will take you through the best news sites and apps available.

The Best Hindi News Site In India

This list contains the best Hindi news sites and apps available on the internet and app stores for android and iOS.

S No.App/WebsiteAppWebsite
2.Google News
3.Dainik Bhaskar
5.Aaj Tak Live
6.Dainik Jagran
7.NDTV India
8.Navbharat Times
9.BBC News Hindi
12.Bebak Post
13.Headlines Of Today

Top 13 Hindi News Sites & Apps

The list of websites and apps is created with several factors in mind such as the UI, ease of use, frequency of news updates and most importantly the accuracy of the news.

1. Dailyhunt

Based in Bangalore, Dailyhunt is a news content provider in 14 different local languages including Hindi. Their app features news related to local, national, international, politics, entertainment and much more. Their platform sees about 150 million monthly active users, 49% of them being daily active users. And this was made possible because of their unrelenting need to produce fact based, easy to digest news snippets.

Furthermore, what fueled their rapid growth is their strategy to take news hyperlocal, which helped them build a solid user base in every state. Dailyhunt can be accessed through your browser or by downloading their app, which is available for both android and iOS. Getting the app has its clear benefits because you get instant notification and other customisable options. They are undoubtedly one of the best Hindi news apps available in India.

2. Google News

You have to be living under a rock to be unaware of Google. To some people Google is the internet, with such reputation and reach Google has to be the best Hindi news site/app. That’s why Google has launched their news app for people, which comes pre-installed on your android phone.

It has over 1 Billion downloads and 4.2 star rating on play store, which signifies how great the app is. They offer international, national, sports and every other sort of news from across the globe. No story goes un-published with Google, they are the all knowing God of the internet.

3. Dainik Bhaskar

Dainik Bhasker is a Hindi language daily news provider and perhaps they are the oldest company in this list. They have always produced Hindi news content in their newspapers and now they have brought their decades of expertise to the online era. Their army of 3000+ journalists spend day and night digging up the latest and greatest news from across the country. Moreover, chances are if something happens in a remote village in UP, you will read about it on their platform.

They have recently crossed 50 million downloads, apart from their daily newspaper readers. They are the biggest Hindi newspaper in India and 4th biggest in the world. And that says something about the quality and authenticity of the content. And finally, downloading their app will get you city news, video news, ePaper, DB originals, women content, politics, accidents & crimes, business, sports, bollywood, rashifal, realtime fast notifications and more.

4. Inshorts

Be it national or international, if it’s important they will write about it. Their 60 word news articles makes the article less intimidating and people actually like reading through them. That’s why they have garnered over 60 million monthly users and 2.5 million daily users. Also because of their unique way of delivering news, they have been featured in big time international newspapers like techcrunch, Business Insider, Forbes (magazine) and more.

According to Fintrackr’s, in 2021 Inshorts crossed the valuation of $450 million dollars. Furthermore, available in both Hindi and English languages, they present you with facts not opinions. Inshorts offers news from various facets of life, be it business, politics, sports, technology or a massive pandemic. Inshorts keeps you updated on everything from across the globe.

5. Aaj Tak Live

Owned by TV Today Group, Aaj Tak is the most viewed television news channel. Following their massive success in television, Aaj Tak introduced theri Hindi news app to the public. And they have had a great reception as people have welcomed the app into their daily lives for Hindi News, as they cross 50 million downloads.

Furthermore, downloading their app will not only get you unrestricted access to various news articles but will also get you access to all latest news, live TV and much more. Furthermore, their app is available in both iOS and android, so you can get the latest updates from around the globe right to your phone.

6. Dainik Jagran

Rated India’s No.1 Hindi news website in 2018, Dainik Jagran is owned by Jagran Prakashan Limited. After conquering the print media, they are expanding their reach through their app. They cover news from various facets of the world, be it national, politics, cricket news, tech, business, world they will keep you updated about everything.

Dainik Jagran brings you news from 400+ cities in India. Also, they have an active user base of 29.6 million users and the number just keeps on growing because of their excellent journalism and news reporting. Their Hindi news app comes with a host of benefits, be it tech or business, get in-depth knowledge from Dainik Jagran and keep yourself updated.

7. NDTV India

NDTV India is a Hindi TV news channel in India. They are known for their no crap reporting style and that is exactly what they bring to table with their Hindi news app as well. Well known journalists like Ravish Kumar, Abhigyan Prakash, Manoranjan Bharti, Nidhi Kulpati, Sikta Deo come together to bring you the latest news from around the world. NDTV Live gets you exclusive access to news articles, videos and reports, all free of charge.

Furthermore, NDTV covers an array of news related to Politics, Business, Cricket, Sports, Food, Entertainment and Bollywood. NDTV have recently crossed over 5 million downloads and are on their way to the top.

8. Navbharat Times

Navbharat Times is one of the largest newspapers circulated in North India and one of the oldest as well. People say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks but Navbharat Times (also known as NBT) has taken the reader base to new heights through their informative and intuitive app and website. NBT gives you access to news articles, exclusive videos that you won’t find anywhere else.

In addition to news, NBT gives you access to latest movie reviews, cricket news, new mobile launches, gadget reviews, recipes and much more. Furthermore, their app lets you customise the kind of news you want to read about, be it local, national or international.

9. BBC News Hindi

BBC News is an operational business division of the British Broadcasting Company (BBC). They are the world’s biggest news organisation that produces over 120 hours of radio and television content. With so much experience and success in other countries they are out to establish themselves as the most trusted news agency in India as well.

Their website and app gives you access to latest news, national, international, entertainment, sport, science and multimedia. Furthermore, the expertly designed UI helps you navigate through their website seamlessly, while updating on various stories with clear and concise headlines.

10. Khaskhabar

Next up on the list is Khaskhabar, unfortunately they don’t have an app but you can access their website with just a few clicks. Khaskhabar is a Hindi website offering news from around the country, they follow the old newspaper style format but digitally. This is sure to bring back the feeling of nostalgia in a lot of people. Furthermore, their website features news related to national, international, state, entertainment, lifestyle and jeevan mantras.

11. Patrika

Founded in 1956 by Kapoor Chandra Kulish, Patrika is a Hindi daily newspaper. And now it’s also available online to people all across the country. You can get access to their portal via their website or by downloading their mobile app. They publish ePaper on a regular basis, which can be downloaded or read online. You may also find them involved in Digital, Radio, Cable, Billboards, Television, Events, Entertainment, Social Initiatives etc.

Patrika boasts over 0.7 million monthly users and has grown in popularity because of their transparent reporting style. They report on a wide variety of news including political news, entertainment news, sports news, world news, automobile news, gadgets news, business news, recipes, health news, astrology education news.

The bottom line is there are a lot of Hindi news websites and apps out there, but choosing the right one can be the difference between getting authentic news and fake news. The above mentioned Hindi news sites and apps are your best bet for getting your daily dose of news from around the world.

12. Bebak Post

Bebak Post is a Hindi news publisher, you can get access to the latest news through their various platforms. With expertise in investigative journalism, they deliver fact based stories from around the world. They cover stories about national, international, business and cricket news from across the nation.

13. Headlines of Today

A site built by journalists to deliver unfiltered, uncensored news to the people of India. Their website features news from across the nation, be it sports, business, bollywood and everything else that creates a buzz in the world. Even though they don’t have an app, their website makes up for that by being easy to navigate through and by delivering fact based news. Visit their news website today to stay updated on everything from around the world.

What Makes a News Source Reliable?

When it comes to news, today there are various organisations involved in many nefarious activities that indulge in the spread of fake news. So, we as a society have to learn how to differentiate between the good ones and the bad. Here’s what to look out for:

Outlines news from opinions

A good news source publishes news with facts rather than the writers of the reporter’s opinions. Even if news sources provide opinions that should be clearly mentioned, instead of leaving the readers with distrust.


Trustworthy news sources hire expert reports and journalists, who are specialists at their job and can produce authentic and unadulterated stories.


A news organisation’s primary goal should always be to deliver news. Moreover, as a news organisation it’s their responsibility rather than their job. Any organisation that strays from this mission isn’t fit to deliver news. Also, this is the main cause of many news organisations today spreading misinformation.

The bottom line is there are several news apps and websites on the internet but these have the best features and rank highly for providing authentic news, so you can blindly go for these. And if you found this article helpful, also read about  the best english news app in India and best telugu news apps.


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