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What this translates for online India is a greater accessibility thanks to the Internet and advanced technology in place. Cricket is neither restricted to the circular figure of a stadium anymore nor the rectangular boundaries of a television. More and more attempts are made to involve common people into the ongoing frenzy. But how exactly is that done?

For starters, for a cricket fan, watching his favourite sport or cricketers doesn’t cut it anymore. S/he wants to move an inch closer with the intention of leaving an imprint somewhere — even if it’s digital in nature. Just like autographs are out and selfies are in. Which explains how fantasy leagues aren’t only about football anymore. And the same is true for prediction games. Five years ago, it’d have been impossible to associate those terms with cricket. Well, not anymore.

IPL is right around the corner and we cannot wait to wear our favorite team’s jersey and hoot for them. We make sure not to miss a single moment of the Indian Premier League (IPL), from team entry to team victory.But, do you know what can be more exciting than watching our favorite player on the field? Yes! Win amazing prizes! Now you must be wondering how someone can win prizes in the IPL season? Well, here’s GrabOn launching Cricket Fantasy League (CFL) powered by Croma, where one can participate and win prizes! One can play and win prizes every day, but only a true IPL fan gets to win the grand prize!

Wondering why you are winning prizes just by participating?
Simply put, CFL is a campaign that is a manifestation of love for the sport! GrabOn, along with many other merchandise, has come together to make the IPL season more fun by launching the Cricket Fantasy League.

So when can I participate and win games?
You don’t have to wait much longer as GrabOn is launching the Cricket Premier League (CFL) on March 26th, 2022! So grab your chairs and wear your jersey to experience the IPL craze even more this summer!

On a similar vein, everyday is an opportunity for users to dip themselves more into the fantasy world of online cricket against the backdrop of IPL Season 15.

At the rate these cricket-related campaigns are being embraced wholeheartedly by people, it’s worth wondering whether there can ever be an overkill with cricket in India!

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