Note: Jugnoo happens to be our favorite auto-rikshaw aggregator. And their Content Team have interesting bits to share about cricket and the online campaigns associated with it.

It’s amazing how one particular sport holds sway over the majority of a country’s population. Especially when the country in question is as vast and populous as India. Of course, we are talking about cricket here! Nothing comes close to singularly capturing aam janta‘s imagination. No, not even religion or cinema.

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What this translates for online India is a greater accessibility thanks to the Internet and advanced technology in place. Cricket is neither restricted to the circular figure of a stadium anymore nor the rectangular boundaries of a television. More and more attempts are made to involve common people into the ongoing frenzy. But how exactly is that done?

For starters, for a cricket fan, watching his favourite sport or cricketers doesn’t cut it anymore. S/he wants to move an inch closer with the intention of leaving an imprint somewhere — even if it’s digital in nature. Just like autographs are out and selfies are in. Which explains how fantasy leagues aren’t only about football anymore. And the same is true for prediction games. Five years ago, it’d have been impossible to associate those terms with cricket. Well, not anymore.

Maybe that’s why we at Jugnoo could think of introducing back-to-back cricket-related Prediction Games to our users. We started with #T20JugnooSe and followed it up with #IPLJugnooSe while GrabOn could build a Cricket Fantasy worth admiring with its #GrabTheCup contest. In fact, both Jugnoo and GrabOn had a funny banter recently on Twitter to inform their users of the available variety as far as online (cricket) games are concerned. Similar to the ones broadcast on TV, these games are ‘live’ too and the users are lapping it up evening after evening after evening.

However, the finest bit about these campaigns has been the fact that money is not part of the equation. Users are, no doubt, hoping to bag big prizes at the end of the campaign but the game itself is devoid of it. There is no real betting going on. It’s more about participation from cricket lovers who wish to predict the winners of a match beforehand or want to ‘virtually’ manage a team comprising players from different teams. Simply put, these campaigns are a manifestation of love for the sport.

We at Jugnoo started our first campaign with the onset of T20 World Cup. The rules were simple. Users have to log in and predict who is going to win a given match or who is going to be the man-of-the-match and so on and so forth. Pure chance. You win more credits by predicting right. You lose credits if you predict wrong. Plain and simple. All participating parties stand a chance to accumulate credits to win more credits and thus climb up the leaderboard. The top-15 winners at the end of #T20JugnooSe won smartphones while the next 15 more won exciting vouchers. So far, about 6 lac bets have been placed at #IPLJugnooSe and users are winning on a weekly basis. Once again, 15 smartphones are to be won here.

On a similar vein, everyday is an opportunity for users to dip themselves more into the fantasy world of online cricket against the backdrop of IPL Season 9.

At the rate these cricket-related campaigns are being embraced wholeheartedly by people, it’s worth wondering whether there can ever be an overkill with cricket in India!

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