Take 8: Best nail trends to try out now

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Nail paints are perhaps the first cosmetic item that any girl falls heads over heels in love with, besides lipsticks. My childhood romance with these little colorful bottles is continuing still now…oh I am just in love with nail paints!!! And I simply can’t get enough of these. I just keep on collecting them whenever there’s a chance and even then I feel that I need more :P So, coming back to the point, the best nail trends that you should try out today if you are a complete nail paint buff.

Inking those nails

Painting your nails is not a new trend. This style of beautifying the nails dates back to the old days. So, inking your nails is a trend that hasn’t changed for years. However, the way women has been applying the paints has changed a lot with time. Nail trends come in and go with the changing season and occasion. It is all fun to try out these styles and a very easy way to perk up an otherwise dull day or may be a grumpy mood.

So, come along, lets see some of the best new nail trends now:

1.Green has dethroned the black – Color green has become the new black. Previously, for quite a few years, painting the nails black was so much in fashion. Almost everybody had a bottle of black in the collection. Now, it is green. And the fun part is there are so many hues of green that you can easily play around with it.

2.Popping colors are in – All those pop colors such as the neon and electric ones are very popular now. Pinks, oranges, greens, blues, yellows, corals are some of the shades you can try! If you love experimenting, options are unending.

3.Subtle play of colors is what you need – Just like the neon colors are the hot favourites, the subtle shades haven’t become outdated yet. And I believe, these will never go out of fashion as well. A subtle play of the lighter shades is one of the styles you should try sometime.

4.Nail arts are a rage – Nail arts are all a rage, anywhere and at any corner of the world. From the simple and cute ones to the intricately designed works of art, you can try out any that catches your fancy.

5.Gel paints are very much in – Gel paints, be it look wise or quality wise, are much better options. That shine…you just can’t get that in case of any other varieties of nail lacquers. And the staying quality is just out of the world! If you are crazy about nail polishes, the you should have one in your kitty. This is one of the best nail trends ever I think.

That I am done sharing the best nail trends that you can try out on your own, there’s this one very important fact that I needed to add over here. New trends will be introduced almost everyday, but what is more essential to note is that you should try out only those that suits you the best.

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