Doing makeup is an art, but an art that is not tough to master. Given a few days, you will know how to go about doing your make up, at the least the basics. And if you are thinking as to why do you even need to do makeup and that it looks very absurd to go out with your makeup on, then you are wrong. First of all, make up doesn’t make you look absurd. Secondly, it doesn’t damage your skin (provided, you are using quality ones and not the cheap ones). Thirdly, good make up protects your skin from pollution. So, what are makeup basics and how to master that?

Makeup basics – A to Z

People tend to nurse wrong ideas regarding makeup. Most think that it is done to look like someone straight out of the movie sets. But, that is not what makeup is about. And so, today I will be sharing here some makeup basics that can help you look well groomed and presentable. Now, don’t take me wrong. Not all who doesn’t do makeup look bad, but usually you can look sick and ghastly without the basic touch ups.

1. Prepping the skin is necessary – Before you apply makeup, you need to prep your skin so that application becomes easy and shows off the way it is supposed to. Make up on oily skin would look too shiny and will wear off soon. And in case of dry skin, make up can look cakey. So, cleanse your face, apply moisturizer as it suits you, followed by primer and sun screen. Only then, you can go on to apply concealer, foundation and compact.

2. Using a sunscreen is a must – Using a sunscreen is extremely necessary because it helps avoid extra absorption of the makeup and acts as a protective layer against all the dust and pollution as well.

Source: Huffington Post
Source: Huffington Post

3. Lighter is better – The lesser the amount of makeup you apply, the better it is. Looking natural is the trick. After applying the sunscreen, dab the concealer on the darker spots and areas on your face. Pat it to blend. Then scoop up just a little of the foundation and apply in dots all over the face, then blend in using your finger tips or a brush. Remember, only a bit would do. In the last, swipe a bit of the compact with the puff on your face, and you are done. If you find that it looks more whitish, use a soft paper towel to dab off the excess.

Source: Fashionslave
Source: Fashionslave

4. Blending right is important – Blend, blend and blend more. If you fail to blend your makeup well, you can end up looking like a joker.

Sorry for being rude. But, that is what actually happens. White patches all over and then some pinkish patches on the cheeks, electric blue on the eyes! That is so gross. Every colour, whatever you are using, should blend in well.

5. Removing makeup is mandatory – The most important point you need to remember is removing the makeup. It is extremely necessary for you to remove the makeup each and every time you put it on, before you go to bed. Cleanse your face well, wash it, tone it and apply a generous amount of the moisturizer. That is what you should do everyday.

Source: Lifestuffs
Source: Lifestuffs

So that now you know how to go about doing the basics makeup, go on have fun with all those little boxes lying around in your closet. And yes, if you have any ideas on makeup basics, do share.



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