Well, this is too damn true. Our friends are like our family but a family we choose. Be it derping around on facebook with the stupid quizzes and find out how old are you with how-old.net or chatting away on WhatsApp, you do it together. And, it is pretty obvious that our own family is always weird to another level. So well, it also means that our friends will be wiser (actually they are a mix of wise and weird). But like in our family, every member has this very unique quality like the OCD one – the sister with OCD issues, the timer – the mom with particular time to do things at the exact time ‘coz well that’s how it done, the early riser – the dad who will wake you up at 6 come what may and you can understand the weirdness.

Our friends too have these very special qualities that you can only find in them like the weird one who embarrasses you in front of the crowd, the wrong one who gives the wrong advice, the matchmaker who takes us on random blind dates, the spend-thrift who spends all the money on random stuff, the drama queen/king who likes being melodramatic all the time and many more.

No matter what, if you are planning something for your friend on a special day, have a glimpse at the list of popular friendship day gifts from our extensive research without any further ado.

History of Friendship Day

Friendship day is celebrated on 1st August 2022 worldwide. Before the evolution of social media, friends used to greet with cards, flower bouquets, and wristbands. It all started in the USA in 1935 to honor friends by Joyce Hall, an American businessman and spread across the globe. Later it was celebrated as World Friendship Day when Dr. Ramon Artemio Brancho proposed it on 20th July 1958.

Friends: Brothers From Another Mothers

But there is more to this than that. Because of this special quality that every friend has, we tend to go to them for that. It’s like you have a set of go-to people around you for particular stuff. Wanna know more about these friends, well let’s see then:


Know Different Types of Friends in Your Life

Friendship is the most treasurable moment in life. From a stranger on day one to becoming besties, there is so much fun, drama, and adventurous activities involved. If you wish to recollect the days spent together, here are the types of friends you would have encountered. Check it out!

Fickle Friend

Fickle Friends are those who are hot and sweet as well. They get angry at you so quickly and calm down in a couple of seconds. Although it’s tricky to handle fickle friends, they are good to have on your list. They keep you entertained with witty, lame jokes and take good care of their besties.

Flaky Friend

Flaky friends build curiosity among the group, make plans, and cancel at the last minute. If you are a teen or adult, you might come across flaky friends during your college days. Next time when you make a plan, do not let them take a leadership position during the adventurous trips.

Wise Mentor

We all need a buddy to share and discuss the countless questions popping up in our minds. There comes the need for a wise mentor in our life. They inspire, guide you in goal-setting, and help in reaching new heights in your career. You are lucky if you already have a wise mentor in your life.

Work Pal

Do you know you spend 50% of the time with employees in an organization? Finding a working partner who has similar goals is easy. You can share your goals and get to know about the industry-level knowledge from the skillful geeks.

Well, now you know which type of friend you are. So don’t change yourself because your friends like you the way you are. Make sure to spend some time with friends and get Friendship day offers and coupons for the popular stores to gift the beloved ones. Happy Friendship Day, peeps!


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