Ind Beats Pak Again – 100% Hilarious Reactions!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
india beat pakistan reactions beef issue

This blog article on ‘India beats Pakistan reactions’ is solely for humor purposes and in no way means to hurt the sentiments of any person or ridicule and offend any organization. The point of view expressed in the article is the sole intellectual property of the author and doesn’t reflect the views of the organization.

Every time India defeats Pakistan in a cricket match, there’s a sense of inevitability as we all know that’s what was going to happen. This is the one time when the India-Pakistan border is clearly visible- Indians celebrating and Pakistanis sulking in sadness. And because of all the politics that is involved, the post-match reactions by fans on both sides tend to take an aggressive turn. This is how some outright hilarious memes come to the fore.

Here are some very funny reactions to Pakistan’s many defeats at the hands of India that you can read and have a long laugh about.

Among the celebrations that follow, here are some of the best reactions,

and I assure you they’re NOT FAKE, like not at all (maybe, a little bit?)!

1. Pakistan Says, ‘It wasn’t us!’ Pakistan PM Imran Khan says that from here on, he will run the country as well as the team.

ind beats pak reactions

2. Arundhati Roy: The God of Big Controversies?

ind beats pakistan reactions Arundhati

3. Mani, Aiyer kidding me? 

ind beats pak reactions mani

4. “People’s Team. People’s Government – BJP again in 2024!” – Amit Shah.

ind beats pak reactions amit

5. Akhi-lashes out, demands to know the number of players from Gujarat! Didn’t realize that Bhuvi was the Man of the Match.

ind beats pak reactions akhilesh

6. Nidhi falls for Patra’s Samebait, shows him the door!

ind beats pak reactions sambit patra

7. Among past glories, we don’t dwell,
Inshallah, the boys played well!
Yes, they did, Inzy Bhai, but the Indian boys, not yours!

ind beats pak reactions inzi bhai

8. ‘When I said, the nation wants to know I didn’t mean this!’ – Arnab Goswami.

ind beats pak reactions tharoor

9. Rahul Baba lost for words. Quickly takes Bournvita break to discuss with Mom. He believes that even though India won, Chhota Bheem should have been the captain of the team.

ind beats pak reactions raga

10. Arvind Kejriwal accuses the PM of meddling with the outcome, says ‘Ismein Modiji ka haath hai’. 

ind beats pak reactions kejriwal

11. Yogi Adityanath’s beef with Pakistan continues. Has a bone to pick with them…

ind beats pak reactions yogi

12. President Trump (actually, ex-President) congratulates Team India, through a cryptic tweet. ACP Pradyuman and his team try to encrypt the code. 

ind beats pak reactions trump covfefe

Do you have any funny reactions on India beating Pakistan to share with us?

Let us know in the comments below. Share these 12 reactions with your friends and family! What do you think will happen the next time these two teams face each other? I mean, we want to believe that Pakistan may win but the Indians are making this habit of winning against Pakistan, so, no reason to hope otherwise, right? But rest assured, the match will be entertaining and heart-pumping. We know you just can’t wait anymore. You and everyone else need their regular dose of India-Pakistan cricket. Cheers :)

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