The sun is blazing mercilessly trying to rain on your parade and you thought all you could do was sit in the boring indoors and sulk? Nope. Put your best hat and sunglasses on and take charge. Explore uninhibited. Travel stylish. Stay safe.

No one wants to befriend those deadly UV rays. With scores of modish eyewear available why stick to the run of the mill choice. Experiment and try some new eyewear designs while we help you find out what size and shape suits your face type the best.

Whatever be your choice, stay away from those dreadful rays while setting a trend of your own. Be it a long day out, the morning after a late-night party, baggy eyes, or a lazy day out on the beach, sunglasses prove to be your best friend at every instance so why not pick the best? And, how about picking the best-branded sunglasses at affordable prices. Tempting right? We know what you need and you can find the best deals on eyewear only at Grabon.

Top 5 Types Of Eyewear For That Perfect Face

1. Wayfarers


They’re timeless and seamlessly blend with any fashion period. Picture James Dean. Yes, that bad boy of Hollywood who gave wayfarers the attention they demand. Looks best on a long, oval, and round face but actually, this stylish eyewear looks best on any face type and is not at all gender-biased.

2. Cat-eye shaped

Cat-eye Glasses

They’re all rage and uber chic. Best suited for heart-shaped faces, they project a sharp yet elegant look highlighting your cheekbones and forehead. They accentuate your features in just the right places. You can pick one with animal-printed frames or go for a more solid color. Obviously, more suited to girls.

3. Aviators


Top Gun fans? You just can’t miss Tom Cruise’s aviator look *fan girling*. It has a simple clean cut with metal frames giving it an authentic look. Go for it if you have a strong jawline. It softens up your look. These classic pair sunglasses go by the theory of the bigger the better. And this shape is unisex.

4. Butterfly


As fancy as it sounds, it is hugely popular amongst the fairer sex. The generously sized frames do more than just protect your eyes and they cover a better half of your face giving you maximum protection. It’s your rescue from the scorching heat and you couldn’t possibly thank it enough for keeping you safe stylishly.

5. Square


They’re great for long outdoor hours. Usually, fit for people with oblong or narrow faces, square frames create the perfect illusion of a full face. You can either buy them either in moderate sized frames or go for over-sized ones depending on your face structure.


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