Parents’ Day Special: How can you not love them?

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
parents' day

Parents are the first people we come in contact with, from the very moment we set foot on the face of the earth, we are with them. Naturally, we love them unconditionally and forever grateful to them. They are the sole reason for our existence. We find our role models in them and try to be more like them even as we were kids, wearing our dad’s shirt or wrapping ourselves in our mom’s dupattas and wearing their heels was our favorite past time. Our parents have always given us the best of the best and molded us to be a better human. Look around and you will see, read, and meet a lot of parents who are very cool or very weird or very strict. They come in all sizes and shapes, colors, and cultures.

Parents – Children Relationship

But the catch with parents is that we have a love-hate relationship with them. Yes, when it comes to family, it is supposed to be like that but parents are on a different tangent altogether. Want to know what these tangents are? Keep reading:

1. They are weird but adorable

parents' day

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Are our parents weird? Oh, yes, they most certainly are. Sometimes they are weirder than the babies. But, that makes them even more adorable. Sometimes they say something (that they don’t even have any knowledge about) with such awesome confidence and you will like “Mom/dad do you know what it means?” How many times have they misused ‘Lol’ or even the emojis?

2. They can prove their point, alright?

Parents' day

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Well, this one is border lining on being savage but there are so many times our parents make their point and it’s just a happy coincidence that it’s sometimes funny mostly awkward and sometimes downright embarrassing. Their everyday complaints – come home on time, what did you do with all the money, don’t back answer, clean your room, don’t stay out late, and the best of all don’t wear that and the list goes on.

3. They know how to be funny


Parents' day

Source: Confessions

They have a sense of humor that’s a class apart. The next time you crack a joke and are wondering where you got your weird, weird sense of humor, you know exactly where you got it from. The best part about it is you don’t even have to be sorry. Sometimes the jokes on you sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s not.

4. They more friends than parents

Parents' day



Sometimes parents are trying really hard to be friends with their kids in hopes of not being left out of the loop. But they don’t get the fact that they are their parents and nothing trumps that. Be friendly, how much ever you want but at the end don’t forget the thin line between being parents and friends, because you can only be one of them.

5. They are your toughest teachers


Parents' day

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By tough I don’t mean the ones who discipline their kids by giving a good beating or two. I am talking about smart parenting tactics that they adopt to teach their kids valuable lessons about life and how to get through it. One of their best weapons these days is the WiFi password, followed by taking away mobile and laptop privileges. These parents are always pushing their children to be independent and responsible.

6. They can embarrass you

Parents' day

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Embarrassing us is their best past time and especially when we learn a lesson out it, why not? Almost, always there’s a lesson to learn. So these moments happen more often than not.  Have you seen pictures of kids holding boards with what thwey’ve done written on them breaking the internet every now and then? Yes, it’s a nightmare come true when parents take it to social media to talk about their kids even when they are talking abou their kids’ accomplishments.

7. They have absurd logic

Parents' day

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Indian parents’ logic is no news to any of us. They have the most absurd of theories and they somehow manage to make sense out of it. Somehow any of our downfalls, our phones are always to blame. Failing a test, blame the phone. Got caught drunk? blame the phone.

8. They can own the social media


Parents trying to be all social media savvy is hilarious but the most adorable thing on the internet. Sometimes, it’s more adorable than unlikely animal friendship videos too. Have you ever had a post written by either of your parent about any of your accomplishment? If you had, you’d know what I am talking about.

One thing about parents is that they are cooler than you’ll ever know. They take your side no matter what, get you what you want and are pretty cool with all the absurd, stupid and weird things we do. And still, love us. They are the only ones who have unconditionally accepted us for who we are and still voluntarily put up with us.

Parents: You can’t live with them, you don’t have a choice to live without them

What’s your take on the parent-child relationship?

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