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50 Netflix TV Shows You Need To Binge ASAP!

Have plans for the weekend? No? Great! With Netflix now available in India, staying home makes perfect sense.

Yes, Netflix has been in India for a while now. The online streaming giant currently has a limited catalog in India as compared to its US counterpart. Netflix hasn’t altered its price for the Indian viewers, as a result, many of the viewers are switching to Amazon Prime or Hotstar. So is it still worth the money? Absolutely. Use the Netflix offers and deals to save on your purchase.

Netflix Shows

While Netflix works on bringing the rest of the catalog on-board for Indian viewers, there are still plenty of solid shows already available. We have already seen several lists of “Netflix TV shows you shouldn’t miss” crop up online. But, we couldn’t find a list that does justice to the real gems in the hiding.

So for anyone looking for a genuine list of binge-worthy quality shows already available on Netflix streaming, well, here it is:

50. Narcos

SUMMARY: Drug lord challenges international governments and police in ways never heard before.

Based on the life of notorious Columbian drug lord, Pablo Escobar, this surreal depiction of the Drug war in the Americas is gripping and loaded with magical realism. Shot in the beautiful Medellín in Columbia, this series is perfect in every way you can imagine. Just when you think something in the show is too absurd to happen in real life, they attach a real-life video at the end. You owe it to yourself to start watching the show.

49. Archer

SUMMARY: Spoiled spy saves(?) the world over and over again.

No, this is not a mistake. Archer deserves a spot on any list of shows you can spend your weekends’ binge-watching. Watching Sterling Archer screw things up on colossal levels is worth it every time. This show is probably the most cleverly written adult animated series ever and consistently delivers laughs. With over four seasons, you might end up spending quite a few of your weekends watching the show, but you will not regret it.

48. Making a Murderer

SUMMARY: Real life heart-wrenching thriller about an exoneree who spent 18 years in Jail.

Although technically Making a murderer is more of a documentary than a TV series, it just had to be on the list. The series has every bit of scary realism that you’d expect from the best-written dramas. That the series is a real-life documentary shot over a period of 10 years and not a work of fiction might make it very difficult to watch, but the life of Steven Avery is every bit as inspiring.

47. Daredevil

Summary: Extremely realistic Superhero series. 18+ only.

Daredevil is one of those parts of Marvel Comics that didn’t receive the on-screen depiction fans were looking for until Netflix chose to produce it. This Netflix original series is everything Marvel fans were looking for – dark, realistic and true to the comic series.

46. Peaky Blinders

SUMMARY: The Shelby family, a feared gangster group in England expand their empire.

If you’re a fan of Gangster epics and British dramas, you’re in for a treat. Based on the real criminal gang operating in 1920s Birmingham, England, Peaky Blinders will keep you on the edge of your seat. With only 6 episodes a season, this thriller is also the fastest series to binge watch so you might as well start with it.

45. Orange is the new Black

SUMMARY: Life at a U.S. women’s prison. Period.

Orange is the New Black is a dark comedy that keeps you asking for more. The best part of this show is its solid characters portrayed by a terrific cast. The cast is almost entirely women and they all make for complex yet approachable characters. How the makers were able to pull off an extremely dark and sometimes even disturbing comedy like this is beyond me.

44. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

SUMMARY: NYPD detectives solve crimes, albeit with a work-life balance.

Brooklyn 99 is a show to fall back to when you’re not up for serious drama. The show is a plain and unapologetically silly comedy that will keep you laughing throughout but also does have its clever and witty moments.

43. Bojack Horseman

SUMMARY: Life of a popular TV show actor-horse post the popularity. That’s right.

Definitely, my personal favorite on the list for two reasons – Will Arnett and Aaron Paul. Although Bojack deserves to be way up in the list, the reason we put it at 11 is it may not be for everyone. Bojack is not a likable horse and keeps making regrettable life decisions. But, we do recommend trying it out. The best part about Bojack is how it plays around with sadness, nuanced emotions and well, animal jokes.

42. Master of None

SUMMARY: Aziz Ansari has a completely awesome life. Not.

Master of none, loosely based on Aziz Ansari’s life as an actor, is one comedy that feels extremely realistic, much more than others on the list. So much so, that you’ll be confused whether or not you should laugh, which makes it uniquely entertaining. Aziz and the rest of the cast’s spot on acting makes the show worth binge watching.

41. Better Call Saul

SUMMARY: Your last chance to see Mike again.

For any Breaking Bad fan, the hardest scene to watch was when *spoiler alert* Mike died. Although this series has its own style and isn’t really anything like Breaking Bad(which is also available on the service now), the spinoff does serve as a background to the original. This makes the show a must watch for Breaking Bad fans, but again, remember that it is a different series altogether.

40. House of Cards

SUMMARY: A quest to seek revenge, a POLITICAL revenge.

A political thriller of a congressman who stops at nothing reeks of politics, manipulation, and power. The first 5 seasons follow Frank Underwood and his wife Claire Underwood in the power-hungry world of politics. The sixth and the final season will focus on Claire Underwood, following Kevin Spacey sexual assault allegations.

39. Dark

SUMMARY: Sinful past, supernatural element and it’s in German.

This is the first Netflix original that’s entirely in German. This series starts off as two children go missing and a lot of town secrets, sinful pasts, and double lives of the residents are dug up. A lot of comparisons have been made to Stranger Things but hey it got renewed for another season making it one of the series to watch on Netflix.

38. Santa Clarita Diet

SUMMARY: A dramatic transformation revolving death and destruction results in quite a few laughs.

The horror-comedy genre is a little hard to nail but this particular series does it with such panache. Two realtors’ lives are turned upside down when one of them is turned into a bloodthirsty zombie. Needless to say how they navigate through their lives with this new change in life is definitely something to look forward to

37. The Defenders

SUMMARY: Four of Marvel’s biggest superheroes in one miniseries.

This series follows 4 superheroes Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Iron Fist as they work individually but towards one common goal of saving New York City and finally teaming up to form The Defenders.

36. Jessica Jones (Season 2)

SUMMARY: Hello, failed superhero career.

What do you do when you fail as a superhero? Based on the Marvel comics by the same name, Jessica Jones follows the life of Jessica, who after a tragedy puts an end to her superhero dreams and starts her own detective agency that only deals with cases that involve people with special abilities.

35. End of The F**king World

SUMMARY: Two seventeen year olds, a psychopath and a rebellious teenager form an unlikely friendship.

This dark comedy series follows the lives of two seventeen-year-old, one wants to kill and the other just wants an adventure. How they form a relationship despite their differences is why you have to watch this tv series on Netflix.

34. Black Mirror

SUMMARY: An anthology series revolving around how technology can alter behaviour.

Stand-alone episodes, each dealing with a new and a twisted story with an alternative history. Throw in behavior altering technology in the mix and we have got ourselves a binge-worthy series to waatch on Netflix.

33. Altered Carbon

SUMMARY: He can return to his own body if he solves a murder- his murder.

What if you one day – 366 years later- wake up and realize you are not in your own body and that your body is dead- murdered? What is the only way you can get back to your body is by solving your own murder? Watch Takeshi Kovacs set on a race against time to set himself free and solve his own murder.

32. The Crown

SUMMARY: Watch History come to life.

We have all read about Queen Elizabeth, the second, in our history classes. This is another political drama on the list and is one of the best Netflix series to binge watch on weekends. Watch it for the political rivalries, the romance, and all the events in the Queen’s life to date. Interesting? I think so.

31. Dynasty

SUMMARY: A makeover to a classic 80s show.

The Carringtons and Colbys have always had issues juggling wealth and their children. This revival has definitely seen more interesting characters. Watch this show on Netflix to see how Fallon Carrington tries to break her father up with the rival employee, Cristal. Both stopping at nothing to get the other down.

30. 13 Reasons Why

SUMMARY: What do you if you find a series of tapes from a dead girl at your doorstep?

After committing a suicide, Hannah has sent over a series of tapes to everyone who is responsible for it. One of them, who was hopelessly in love with her.  Now Clay is left wondering why is he on those tapes? This show is a 2 person narrative- Hannah’s and Clay’s.

29. Riverdale

SUMMARY: A dark mystery to solve while dealing with their own issues.

A dark twist to our favorite childhood comics. Riverdale follows the lives of Archie, Betty, Veronica, Jughead, Cheryl and others in the town of Riverdale as they navigate through their school lives while they try to solve the murder of a fellow student and the other mysteries that crop. It even has Pop’s. How much have we wanted to go there when we read the comics?

28. The Punisher

SUMMARY: A man with a vendetta sets out to seek revenge.

After the murder of his wife and children, a man, Frank Castle sets out to punish the people responsible for their deaths but everything doesn’t go as planned. He finds himself in middle of a military conspiracy.

27. Stranger Things

SUMMARY: Who doesn’t like Eleven?

Set in the 80s, this Netflix original series follows Mike, Dustin, and Lucas find their missing friend, Will along with their strange, new, supernatural friend, Eleven. Steve, on the other hand, is an absolute sweetheart.

26. F is for Family

SUMMARY: An animation sitcom based on true events.

We have another animation on this list. This one is set in the 70s and what makes this a must watch is that it’s based on the life of the co-creator and the standup comic Bil Blurr. If you want the glimpse of the 70s, this is what you watch and also if you like profanity-filled rants.

25. Marvel’s Luke Cage

SUMMARY: If you like action. you’ll love this.

When things don’t work out with Jessica Jones Luke Cage decides to settle down in New York but life has something else stored for him. An action-packed, superhero show being the 3rd of the Defender series. P.S- He is of super strength and unbreakable skin.

24. My Next Guest

SUMMARY: This man needs no introduction.

This Netflix original is a talk show of David Letterman, who has been a talk show host for over 3 decades. To watch him, you don’t have to stay up late anymore. This show streams monthly episodes. And the guests featured as you know, need no introduction.

23. The Sinner

SUMMARY: What if your day out at the beach turns into a bloodbath and you don’t even know why you did it?

This Netflix original is about a young mother who stabs a complete stranger to death with no recollection of it. Detective Harry tries to figure out why before it’s too late.

22. Bates Motel

SUMMARY: How was Norman Bates before Psycho?

Norman and his mother move to a new town after his father’s death. They buy a hotel to keep busy but things don’t go as planned as they are drawn to the dark underbelly of White Pine Bay and murders start to happen.

21. Ozark

SUMMARY: Relocation isn’t always fun but something good comes out of it.

When a business with a Mexican drug overlord goes wrong, Marty Bryde has to relocate along with his family to a town to survive. however it doesn’t end there, they soon get involved with the locals but somewhere along the way, amidst of Mexican overlords out there to get them they start to reconnect.

20. Marco Polo

SUMMARY: Greed, betrayl, sexual intrigue, and rivarly the show has it all.

FYI- The series was canceled after 2 seasons.

This Netflix Original was based on Marco Polo in his early years in Kublai Khan’s court. If you are into historical dramas, then do give this a watch.

19. Sense 8

SUMMARY: 8 people, 8 cities, 1 connection.

Even this gold of a show was canceled just after 2 seasons.

8 people from all parts of the world are mentally connected. They help each other through their thoughts and actions and with time they come together to not only find out why and how they are connected but also to fight the people who are out to get them. What you should look for in this show? Telepathy.

18. Mindhunter

SUMMARY: Get into the minds of the Criminals.

Two FBI agents try to get inside criminal minds to solve cases. The crime drama with the element of psychology will tickle your brain if you are a sucker for crime mysteries. It has two of my favorite things crime and psychology. This Netflix Original is set in the 1970s.

17. Atypical

SUMMARY: More people are going to google Autism Spectrum.

This comedy is about a teenager on the autism spectrum wanting a girlfriend. Now that would require the not-so-independent Sam to be more independent changing a lot of dynamics for him and his family both alike.

16. Manhunt: Unabomber

SUMMARY: A fictionalized account of a real life case.

We have a new profiler in town and he’s here to help the FBI with their hunt for Unabomber. Will they finally catch the infamous Unabomber? Only time can tell.

15. Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency

SUMMARY: Who says mystery and humor don’t go together?

Don’t we all love to watch a good detective and his adorable sidekick? Sadly, this show was canceled after 2 seasons. Watch this Netflix Original for a combination of supernatural elements, mystery, and laughs. The chemistry between Dirk and Todd is just too adorable.

14. Abstract: The Art of Design

SUMMARY: This one’s a documentary

This documentary series gets on board innovative designers from a variety of disciplinaries and teaches us how design affects us and our lives in more ways than we know.

13. Dear White People

SUMMARY: What do you if you are of color in a predominantly white Ivy league School?

This Netflix Original that’s based on a movie of the same name focuses on the social, cultural, and the racial injustices that people of color face in a while dominated locality. And it does that by bringing humor in the equation.

12. TrollHunters

SUMMARY: Best of both worlds

TrollHunters is another animated series to watch on Netflix. When a teenager accidentally stumbles upon an amulet he opens a pathway to a civilization of trolls that the humans were oblivious to. Now he has to save both the worlds, the one he belongs to and one of the trolls.

11. The Worst Witch


SUMMARY: She wanted to be a heroine she became a witch instead

This show follows a group of young witches at a school for magic and is based on a series of books of the same name. She was aspiring to be a heroine but ended up at the school for magic and just might stay there.

10. Voltron

SUMMARY: Teenagers and intergalactic war

Another animated series on the list. This one focuses on five teenagers that are transported out of Earth and now have to be pilots for robot lions during a war.

9. Star Trek: Discovery

SUMMARY: This one’s 10 years before Star Trek: The original series.

Federation and Klingon Empires are at war again but this time a Starfleet office is involved. It’s renewed for another season.

8. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

SUMMARY: What if you one day wake up and realize ‘The No Tomorrow’ bullshit was actually bullshit?

Kimmy Schmidt is rescued from a doomsday cult and now she has to live all the tomorrows that she didn’t even know existed. Watch this top TV series on Netflix today.

7. Queer Eye

SUMMARY: A new fab five are in town

This series is a reboot of an old show, Queer Eye For The Straight Guy that was canceled. It follows fab five giving expert advice to straight men right from food& wine, fashion, culture to design and grooming.

6. Everything Sucks

SUMMARY: All the outcasts raise your hand

This show is situated in 1996 in a town named Boring. The storyline revolves around a group of misfits and the outcasts from the AV and Drama clubs of Boring High School and how they navigate through the ups and downs of teenage life before the digital era.

5. Fuller House

SUMMARY: The Tanner family adventures continue

A sequel to the 1980s-90s show, Full House focuses on the grown-up lives of Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin, and Andrea Barber. I miss the Olsen twins from the original cast.

4. The OA

SUMMARY: The prdigal daughter returns.

A young woman returns home after disappearing for 7 years. As the show progresses you see the mysteries behind her disappearance unfold. Things take a more mysterious turn when she recruits five individuals for a secret mission. This definitely makes it to the binge-worthy list of Netflix shows to watch over the weekend.

3. Big Mouth

SUMMARY: To friendhips and puberty

This animated series revolves around Puberty and everything that comes with it. It’s an adult animated sitcom so be careful, and when it comes to the topic of puberty, it’s not an easy period not even for an animated character.

2. The Ranch

SUMMARY: When nothing else pans out, there’s family

Being an athlete is what Colt always wanted to be but when that didn’t work out after a 15-year stint, he’s back to help his father and brother with their business. Now all he has to figure out is where and how he fits in with his own family.

1. The Expanse

SUMMARY: You’ll fall in love with beautiful visuals.

Another futuristic experiment has gone well. Two hundred years into future, this sci-fi series deals with finding a missing woman. A detective, a firefighter, and a diplomat come together to solve this case.

These Netflix TV shows should keep you entertained through your free one month trial. Meanwhile, you might as well want to explore the decent list of standup comedy shows that are available too.

The reason for such a random order of the list is for the very reason that you just might stumble upon a hidden gold which you wouldn’t look at otherwise.

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