Reasons To Watch Star Wars Movie

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
star wars movie 

There are lot of debates on watching Star Wars movies among the rabid fans and rabid haters and both the groups have their valid points. Even if you are not a Star Wars fan or but, a movie buff then you must watch this film.

Are you a Star Wars Fan?

Not keeping in mind, if you like Sci-fi, fantasy, action or romance, here we have the reasons to watch the film, Star Wars.

It Is More Than a Classic Series

The Star Wars series falls under the Classic genre, irrespective of it winning any awards such as The Golden Globe Awards. There is no doubt that they are classic movies. This is one of the prime reasons for it to be popular among the viewers. Similar to Indiana Jones and Godfather, this film is a must-watch. The characters and special effects make the movie worth watching. Star wars are often described as a breathtaking space adventure movie.

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Momentous Innovations Made It Worth

There are various innovations noticed in this series. The costumes, the lightsabers, the droids, and more. Who can forget the galaxy fight and good old Darth Vader? Vader is the bad guy whom we all love… Isn’t it? Though a negative character but Darth is important and legendary. There isn’t anyone who is not fascinated by the character. Results of time-consuming innovations are the two robots R2D2 and C3PO. They definitely looked real and were used to set the standards of how non-human characters in a movie should be. The special effects and technology were exceptionally advanced.

The Epic Story

A series of movies like Star Wars cannot be made with a light story. Here, the story itself is an Epic. No one can deny that the Star Wars saga is a beautiful narration. One must watch it in chronological order to get the mystery, fiction and enthusiasm. The movies not only got nominated for Academy Awards but made history at the box office.

The Never Ending Between Good & Bad

The tale of good vs evil is never-ending and Star Wars depicts it in the most interesting way. Darth Vader and Luke are the main characters that symbolizes bad and good, respectively. It shows their part of suffering in a unique way that the audiences can relate to.

Star wars movie has created a buzz for all. You have impressive reasons to watch it. Happy movie watching!

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