Best Movie Ticket Booking Apps

by Rupesh Kumar
Best Movie Ticket Booking Apps

Watching movies is a universal pastime, especially in theaters. The cinema experience is enhanced by the large screen, the thunderous sound system, and of course the opulent atmosphere. However, nobody enjoys waiting in long queues at the ticket booth to get tickets to see your favorite movie. So, there are apps that will enable you to book your preferred movie tickets online while lounging at home, streamlining the complicated booking process into an incredibly smooth and convenient one.

Best Movie Ticket Booking Apps in India

So, for all the movie buffs out there, we have categorized and selected the top best movie ticket booking apps that provide the best price for your binge-watch indulgence. So have a look at the top list before you jump to your conclusion.

1. BookMyShow

BookMyShow is the largest player in the entertainment ticketing platform in India. This app allows you to purchase tickets for movies, internet streaming events and live concerts, like stand-up comedy, music shows, performances, sports, and other events. In addition, you can reserve adventurous activities like visits to theme parks and other popular fun destinations.

There are more than 650 Indian cities where BookMyShow operates. It even has a presence in five nations, including Sri Lanka, the West Indies, Singapore, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates. It has partnered with top-tier movie theater companies like Cinepolis, INOX, PVR Cinemas, and several local theaters to enhance the customer experience. Films on BookMyShow are screened in a variety of languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada.

Aside from offering fully personalized movie and gift cards, BookMyShow also offers discount coupons and promo codes for use when purchasing tickets. To entice clients, BookMyShow has associated with a number of businesses, like Swiggy, Ola, Dominos, and Subway, which provide complimentary movie tickets to their users. Or, you can use BookMyShow coupons for great ‘buy one get one’ deals, concessions, etc.

What we like about BookMyShow

  • An instant booking confirmation message and zero cancellation fee.
  • Excellent customer support that is available 24/7 at your service.

2. PVR Cinemas

PVR Cinemas is one of the largest and most prominent movie theater chain that operates in more than 58 major cities in India. It’s known for its luxury cinema format, which lets you experience the fine luxury cinema experience. PVR Cinemas is the first firm to open multiplex theaters and even to debut PVR Onyx, a theater with LED screens.

A wide variety of cinematic experiences are available at PVR Cinemas for your ultimate pleasure. The movies shown at PVR Cinemas are available in a number of languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada and Japanese.

PVR even has several other categories such as PVR GOLD for a luxurious experience, PVR Playhouse designed for kids, and its director’s cut offers a premium lounge to indulge in our gourmet experience. It even has multiple screening formats like IMAX to deliver an intensive experience. 4DX in 2D and 3D for an absolutely realistic experience. You may reserve a cab for your journey to the movies, thanks to a partnership with OLA. Moreover, you can also use PVR Cinemas promo codes for free tickets, and discounts on memberships.

What we like about PVR Cinemas

  • Zero cancellation fee if canceled 20 mins to 2 hours before the show starts.
  • All-in-one app, like you can book cab and can book food that you can enjoy while watching your favorite movie.
  • Booking through its partnering brands like Paytm, and MobiKwik enables you to avail exclusive discounts and deals.


INOX is another top multiplex chain that provides online movie ticket booking service. Its motive is to provide an unparalleled luxury cinematic experience. It has a significant presence in India, operating in over 73 major cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, and other major cities.

In addition to ordering cinema tickets, you may also order food to eat while viewing your favorite film. INOX is the first cinema chain in the country to operate Laserplex. Laserplex is a multiplex that all the screens enabled with laser projection for a better cinematic experience.

For special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, INOX even offers INOX E-Gift Card alternatives that you can send to your loved ones to make their day memorable. Apart from this, the merchandise section of INOX contains products like cool funky t-shirts, sipper bottles, special coffee mugs, and other items.

What we like about INOX

  • Personalized app for hustle-free booking with an easy and secure payment method.
  • Rewards of three types blue, gold, and black will help you earn every time you book a ticket from INOX. Use discount codes from INOX for more savings.

4. Paytm

Paytm is India’s leading payment platform and the most trusted fintech platform in India. It provides numerous services like bill payments like DTH, electricity, gas bill, water bill, etc. In addition, it provides services such as mobile recharge, online payments, financial services, insurance, movie ticket booking, and flight ticket booking.

When it comes to purchasing movie tickets through Paytm, it has partnerships with numerous well-known multiplex movie companies like PVR, INOX, and other local theaters around. Movies of different languages, including English, Hindi, Gujarati, Malayalam, Telugu, Kannada, and Japanese, are offered on Paytm. It even offers filters so you may select your desired movie genre, format, pricing point, and timing, among other options.

What we like about Paytm

5. Cinepolis

Based out of Mexico, Cinepolis is the 2nd largest movie theater circuit in the world. More than 330 million customers are served annually by it, which operates in more than 14 countries globally. The company offers easy-to-use online cinema ticket booking services via a website and an app.

Cinepolis India is a wholly owned subsidiary of Cinepolis and it is the first international exhibitor in India. It currently operates in more than 37 major Indian cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai, and many other cities.

To enhance its movie screening experience, Cinepolis runs in three different screening formats such as Cinepolis VIP, Cinepolis IMAX, and Cinepolis4DX.

Cinepolis VIP to enjoy the premium luxury experience with comfortable rooms with recliner seats for you best cinematic experience. With Cinepolis IMAX you get the realistic 3D experience with amazing sounds for a more visceral view, and Cinepolis4DX for the ultimate realistic experience.

What we like about Cinepolis

  • The easy booking process and secure payment methods.
  • Subscribe to Club Cinepolis Club for exciting offers and rewards like free tickets.

6. Carnival Cinemas

Carnival Cinemas is one of the most recognizable film exhibition and movie chain firms. It strives to provide superior quality ambiance, technology update systems, and premium luxury standards to ensure customers the best-in-class cinema experience.

Carnival Cinemas operates in more than 115 cities across 20 states in India. It even has an international presence in Singapore. It even has a food court and recreation facilities which enables a wholesome family entertainment zone. It also operates a media segment that develops and handles live events, reality shows, seminars, concerts, etc. Carnival even has its spread in Carnival Realty, Carnival Auto, etc.

What we like about Carnival Cinemas

  • Surprise gift on each transaction, made through the carnival app.
  • An easy and secure payment mechanism is provided by a personalized app for hassle-free booking.

7. TicketNew

Based out of Chennai, TicketNew is a fast-growing online ticket booking firm in the Indian market that operates in several as pan India. Apart from offering an online ticket booking service it even conducts events on its platform.

TicketNew has been tied up with famous film exhibitors like PVR, INOX, Carnival Cinemas, Cinepolis, and other local theaters which gives a wide range of options to choose your favorite movie aggregator as per your preference.

What we like about Ticketnew

  • Secure online payment transactions with various payment modes.
  • Payment via Paytm you can get up to 10% discount and 150 off on each booking.

8. Justickets

Justickets is an online movie ticket buying site and a terrific destination for moviegoers looking for a smart, simple, and modern way to book their favorite movie tickets. It’s more enjoyable to purchase tickets through Justickets because it even provides access to movie reviews, ratings, the newest trailers, and posters.

Justickets is available in practically every major and minor city in India, giving it a pan-India presence. Along with ticket purchase, Justickets now offers an Assisted booking service, which will inform you of your possibilities of obtaining a ticket.

What we like about Justickets

  • Different payment modes are available with simplified and secure payment system.
  • Wide range of theaters are available for you to choose from and the movies at Justickets are available in various languages that allows for an hustle free booking.

9. Ticket4u

Based out of Bangalore, Ticket4u is another online movie ticket booking platform. It operates in a few remote cities of Bangalore and Andhra Pradesh such as Hubli, Kapada, Mydukur, Porumamilla, and Yerraguntla. It has partnered with local theaters, allowing you to choose your preferred theater and reserve your favorite movie ticket with ease.

What we like about Ticket4u

  • Easy and smooth booking process and hustle-free cancellation.
  • The app is available for both Android and IOS users.

10. Jazz Cinemas

Jazz Cinemas is a prominent luxury cinema exhibitor that operates only in Chennai which is known for providing elite and customer focused cinema experience. Jazz Cinemas motive is to give the best cinema experience to their customers be it the ticket concessions, the world class luxury ambiance or the best screening and sound experience Jazz Cinemas got it all.

Movies in several languages are shown at Jazz Cinemas, like English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu, and Kannada. For a better consumer experience, it also provides multiple screenings formats such as 4K ATMOS for best audio and visual enlightenment, Dolby Atmos for best sound systems. 4K for crystal clear visuals.

Jazz Cinemas even has a grand lobby that offers luxury dining and spacious seating lounge. Jazz Cinemas has something called Playback, where you watch your favorite old movie on the silver screen that usually runs through an online polling booth.

What we like about Jazz Cinemas

  • It has something called “Private Blackbox” where you can book at the entire auditorium and watch the movie of your choice with family or friends.
  • You can get yourself pampered at Jazz Cinemas dry spa “Spatik” at affordable prices.

Advantages Of Online Movie Ticket Booking Apps

Without movie ticket booking applications, it would be impossible to secure a coveted seat, go through a hassle-free process to purchase your ticket, or enjoy a number of other perks. With the help of these applications, purchasing tickets is now easier than ever.

So, we have identified the best movie ticket booking apps which enable you to book tickets with just one click from the comfort of your home. Let’s explore some additional benefits of movie ticket booking online.

  • Booking online is less time consuming.
  • Booking can be done at any time, place as per your convenience through the app.
  • Easy and secure encrypted payment options and effortless cancellation process with guarantee refund.
  • Day-to-day update notifications on new deals, offers and upcoming movies.
  • Enables you to book food and beverages in advance.
  • 24/7 customer support is available to resolve your queries.
  • Best attractive offers and exclusive discounts on each booking.
  • The apps are designed and optimized for a better user-friendly experience.
  • Enable you to choose your favorite movie screening like 2D, 3D, or 4D, and with your preferred languages.

Since we have gone through the benefits and advantages of online ticket booking apps. Now let’s look at and compare, what it’s like to book ticket in traditional offline way,


  • More time consuming, one has to stand in queues at the booking counter to get the ticket.
  • For offline booking, designated time to visit the ticket booth at one particular place.
  • Limited payment modes and either no or complicated cancellation procedure with no guarantee of refund.
  • There are no discounts available for offline reservations, and this is the disorganized, monotonous method of booking movie tickets
  • No advance booking, you must physically leave the theater in the middle of the movie to get popcorn and refreshments.


1. Which is the best movie ticket booking app?
All the apps are unique in features and specifications in their own way. But BookMyShow is widely used and one of the best movie ticket booking app.

2. Is it safe to book your movie tickets online?
Yes! Booking movie tickets online is effortless and the technological advancement makes it safer to use for everyone.

3. Is it cheaper to book movie tickets online?
Yes! Booking movie tickets through apps enables you to avail exclusive discounts and coupon codes.

4. Which is the best app for seamless booking process?
All the apps that we listed have an easy and less complicated process of booking. But apps like Paytm, BookMyShow stands out.

5. Which are the best movie ticket apps for maximum discounts?
Since all the apps that we have listed will have some or other offers going on. But in precise BookMyShow, Paytm and PVR Cinemas are best to get maximum offers.


Goodbye to the times when we had to travel there in person to complete our task. However, thanks to technology advancements, everything is now accessible digitally via apps, allowing you to effortlessly complete tasks like grocery shopping and movie ticket booking while lounging at home. So, for the convenience of all moviegoers, we have listed the finest ticket booking applications that you can use to book your movie tickets and get excellent discounts.

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