Take 6: Wardrobe essentials or the absolute must-haves for your closet

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Must-haves are nothing but the essentials, which you simply cannot do without. If you still don’t have those pieces that you can swear by any time, any day and anywhere then you are at high risk of getting into debt. Why? Because, when you don’t have the wardrobe essentials, you always tend to shop more. While shopping for more clothes can still work out for you when you use coupons from Myntra, or other fashion websites, it is still recommended that you stock your wardrobe up with the essentials. Well, if you are still not sure what kind of must-haves you should own, here’s to the trivia.

Must have Clothes in your Wardrobe

1. An everyday kurta – A simple everyday kurta is one of the most important wardrobe staples. Get a style that can double up as a tunic and kurti at the same time.

2. A black jeggings – A black jeggings is one of the most important closet basics. It can be worn any day, any time and teamed up with almost anything, be a t-shirt, shirt, dress or a kurti.

3. Classic blue denim – A classic blue denim has always been associated with timeless fashion. It is has been popular for years and will continue to do so. So, if you don’t have a pair of this beauty already, buy one today.

4.A white shirt – Throw on a white shirt with blue denim or any trouser or a jegging, do I need to say more? Nay, I think…

5. A formal pant – A formal pant, a shirt, and a jacket or blazer, with a classic heel and you are good to go; win over the world. This is all of what you need to create an effortlessly simple corporate look. Get these wardrobe-essentials.

6. A blazer/jacket – A jacket is one of those wardrobe essentials for women that changes the whole game of fashion at the snap of a finger. Be a t-shirt or shirt or even a kurti, a jacket can look good on almost anything.

7. A simple t-shirt – A simple t-shirt is what can come to your rescue on a day when you are in no mood to go out but have to anyway. So, get one today.

8. An LBD – An LBD is simply a must have for every girl or woman.Get one according to your body type. There are several styles available out there.

9. A neutral-colored stud – A neutral-colored stud will go with any kind of outfit. Get a few for yourself.

10. A big handbag – A big handbag is necessary as you can carry your whole world in it, an extra dress, cosmetics, and all other necessary items as and when required. So, invest in one today.

11. A neutral-colored belt – A classic neutral colored belt is a must-have and can come in handy any day, be it for support or for adding an extra edge to your style.

12. A scarf – A scarf is one thing that I simply cannot do without. It is a versatile style statement that helps you create any style. It looks good on anything!

13. A good pair of heels – Heels…well not my cup of tea and maybe not for most of the ladies out there too. But, the heel is one shoe style we women can’t do without. So, get one but hunt for a pair that is comfortable, even if it seems expensive.

14. A versatile flat – A versatile flat, in any style, is a great wardrobe style staple. This essential can go with any kind of apparel.

It is a long list, but trust me this will help you cut down your monthly expenses of buying a new one every month. At the same time, you can cut down your spending further by using Myntra coupons as you will definitely find these styles there. Once you have hoarded all of these essentials, a few extra pieces would seem to be enough. It is not that you should stop shopping after this, but these wardrobe essentials help you cut down a lot on unnecessary shopping.

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