Must Have Business Software And Applications

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
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Handling a business is no child’s play, is a well-established fact. But there are a few tools that can make your job a tad bit easier. Business software can help you organize better, plan and manage content in a more efficient manner, improve security, yield better designs and increase overall business growth.


Must have business software and apps

We have curated a list of must have applications and software that will make your workspace a lot more efficient and help with the steady progress of your business. Starting off the list with the most obvious and widely used

Office Suite

This category of software has made life easier for all office employees as well as the PC users at home. Managing work documents, computing and analyzing relevant, data and figures using sheets, and, presenting the findings; these are the primary uses of an office suit. As such the most commonly used and preferred office suite is Microsoft Office. But there are a few other options which offer you the same features, updates at a lower price or improved productivity: LibreOffice, Apache, OpenOffice, SoftMaker FreeOffice, WPS Office 2016, Google Docs, Zoho Docs.

Database Management
With all the hustle bustle of creation, design, sales, customer satisfaction and constantly improving your product/services, Database Management often gets on the back foot. Managing your generated data is rather essential to the growth and betterment of your business. It helps you understand the consumer behaviour and how your product is doing in the market. There are a few tools that can help you with this. The most commonly used one is Microsoft SQL Server. Others include Applications Manager, Zoho Creator, dbFront, SQL Diagnostic Manager, FileMaker Server and Navicat Premium.

Remote Access Online Meeting Software
Team meetings are very important. Be it a daily huddle or a gathering to discuss weekly progress or a team meet to go through deadlines. There are times, due to unavoidable circumstances certain employees can’t make it to the meet. Instead of going on without them and in turn missing important details, use TeamViewer which will allow the employee to join the meeting remotely from his/her location.
There is another area where this software is extremely useful: remote access to your office files and other work-related items! Some offices limit the access to certain documents only to the office systems. What if there’s an emergency you need to sort out without being in your office space. Voila and there’s TeamViewer to help you out with it by providing remote access to the said documents.

Email/Newsletter Service
Expanding your consumer base might be a hefty task but retaining them is an equally tougher job if not more. Mailchimp helps you keep your audience entertained, engaged and interested by sending emails/newsletters describing latest update in your product and more such topics. MailChimp is easy to operate and use. Anyone without zero design background and experience can create beautiful and engaging email templates. You can keep a track of your long lists of users, arrange them and send them interesting tidbits and updates using an email blast.

Be it long distance client calls, video conferencing or sending documents instantly with relative ease, Skype does it all. Video, voice call and chatting all rolled into one, this is one business software you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Wordpress (Themes & Plugins)
Blogs can be used smartly for promotional as well as an informational one. Every other business uses blogs and despite there being umpteen blogs in your sector alone, there still remains a chance to stand out! That is exactly what WordPress provides you. Tons of themes to choose from, plugins that can be personalized according to your needs, clean and offers easy to use interface.
One such add-on that can make your blog aesthetically beautiful and effective at the same time is MyThemeShop. Now, browse and use the theme which suits you the best, from a wide offering of themes.

Virtualization Software
Growing employee strength is a sign of the company’s overall growth but more employees mean more machines and increased IT support. An easier solution to this would be the use of a virtualization software like VMware vSphere using host and guest machines thus cutting down on the costs and increasing profits!

Analysis and Security
Analyzing the generated data is an integral part of business growth and gradual progress. Google Analytics is one such business software that is favored by tech-savvy employees as well as the tech-weary ones, because of it’s easy to use and understand interface along with elaborate and well-explained graphs.

Overall and especially endpoint security is a concern that has to be taken seriously. Every day, ‘n’ number of laptops and mobile devices connect to your network and it is essential to make sure all of those endpoints are secured properly. A security software is installed on the main server or gateway along with installations on each of these endpoints thus securing the entire network. Kaspersky, Symantec Endpoint Protection, Sophos, Bitdefender, McAfee, ESET, F-Secure, Microsoft System Center and Avast are some of the examples who offer endpoint security for businesses.

Push Notifications for Websites
Customer engagement is vital to the growth of any business. Push notifications from Roost, make your job..nay your life much easier by expanding your customer reach and engagement. Your readers/users will be provided with a pop-up asking if they want to receive updates. Once they accept, they’ll be notified regularly. Clicking on any such notification will send the said user to your landing page. Thus customer is engaged!

Did we miss out on any business software?

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