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What is the first thought that comes when you think about celebrating Holi? Yes, it’s “Break Free” and have unlimited fun. Whilst it’s always amazing to unleash that inner, impish child within you that love to play and frolic with vibrant shades embodying that “break-free” image, it’s also commendable to not break certain rules, maintain harmony and exercise caution so that its celebration that reigns high and not its nasty or unwanted after effects. So how can you make it big, better and safe this Holi?


As you add enthusiasm to that holi colours bucket, add in some useful tips as well, that will make it a totally “worth it” celebration for you.

Get Wise with Colours

Let caution be your best friend when you are selecting holi colours this season! Synthetic colours might look attractive and might also be available in a wide selection of shades, but it’s harmful for the skin. Other than the fact it’s tiresome to get them off your clothes and skin once you’re done with playing, it also has a harsh effect on your skin. Therefore, say yes to quality and get natural colours this season. Just in case both the online and offline stores have run out of natural colours, try to get colours that are of good quality so that there’s no negative side effect on the skin, body, hair and eyes.

Get Easy with Your Clothing

You dress is going to be a fun graphiti of colours on Holi. Hence, there’s no need to buy a new white shirt or clothing to play Holi. Instead use old cotton clothing that you probably were about to dispose off. Alternatively, don’t wear extremely tight clothing because then it might have a chance of clogging colours which isn’t healthy. Get dressed comfortably so that you can play with ease.

Save Water

Though it’s a fun occasion where everyone wants to just go all out with their friends and family and have fun, it’s important to know that water is costly and saving it is essential. So there’s no need to play dry and evaporate all the fun. Use water to celebrate Holi with your loved ones but save it wherever possible. For instance, it advised to not indulge in that typical holi water balloons and throw it on people. Similarly, cut down on mini holi water buckets to throw on people without their knowing. Furthermore, measure up a quantity of water before you set to play and stick to that amount only. In addition to that, go for a bath only when you have finished playing.

The Clean Up Act

Holi is fun when you don’t have to witness the negative impacts of colours on your body! Therefore, cleaning up well post Holi is vital. Use proper soaps and body washes to bath once you are done so that the colours in your body wash off completely. That’s not all. Make sure that your shampoo well and rise off the colours from your hair else your scalp might itch. With regards to nails, soak your hand and feet in water to let out the colour and dirt totally.

Maintain a bit of caution and your Holi can be filled with fun than any trouble.

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