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Have a Holi Blast – Celebrate this Colorful Festival in a Unique Way

Holi, one of those most awaiting festivals of happiness, joy and especially the colors is set to happen in a couple of days, so give a sense of togetherness and celebrate the greatness of love every second in your life in a special way. Bid this festival and make it stand out of all kinds and memorialize it forever with a riot of adorable splashes and delightful colors in a unique way and get ready for the Holi blast!

Holi Blast – Festival Of Colors

Have a look at the way you usually celebrate this festival — of course everyone do celebrate this festival with colors that’s so obvious but my point is — how and with whom do you play this colorful festival? Even if you are a person who hate playing to celebrate this festival because of synthetic colors, don’t worry we have a few creative thoughts that can let you add some color to your life as well give you a chance to take much pleasure delighting your guests.

Let’s get the celebrations started

Have you decided to rejoice this auspicious event with your family and love in your life? Okay, here is a way you can take this occasion to surprise your family and make them feel special. Prepare some conventional sweet recipes to delight your sweeter relation and serve your dessert bountifully with love, after all Holi is a festival associated with all things sweeter and brighter. So it’s a time to heap this opportunity to shape a glorious colorful relation. There are so many Holi offers available online so, do check out before you are planning to buy gifts.

Present a gift in token of this occasion

holi blast

So in this era of social networking where you can send them greetings online irrespective of the event or celebration, giving a personal gift to your friends, family or your love to capture their attention has become quite tricky. However there are some attention gripping ways to celebrate this festival and letting them notice of your affection. Don’t stretch yourself too much for innovative ideas in presenting gifts — just a hard copy or a customized greeting card with a personalized touch can keep the excitement to yourself and your family. Ensure your greeting papers are simple yet bright-full while making you experience the pleasure and joy in your life.

DIY Holi colors

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None of the ideas can make a Holi skin safe and colorful festival than home made vibrant colors. You can also experience the joy of this colorful festival without opting unnecessary trip to the dermatologist. Yes, you heard is right since these organic colors are free from several harmful chemicals and colors while being light on the pocket, you are sure to play a skin-safe Holi. Prepare organic colors for Holi blast by using ingredients that are available in your kitchen such as black grapes, red sandalwood powder, flour, turmeric, henna powder, beet-root and Jambul.

Invite for a party

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Arrange a party in your house and why not take this event to splash your house with a colorful decor, perhaps with colorful flowers and lighting candles. Be innovative in your imagination and the way you arrange this Holi party. And see how the impression you create can make a huge difference.

Happy Holi!

Celebrate the best Holi blast with the DIY colors which are safe for your skin. Play safe and have fun with your family and friends.

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