This year, Holi celebrations might be dampened by the ongoing pandemic (much like last year). But let it not dampen our Holi spirits too. For there are other, innovative ways to celebrate Holi. You don’t need to have a giant party.

Probably the biggest festival of India, Holi is celebrated across the entire Indian subcontinent. It is a celebration of happiness and joy in the form of bright colours.

It’s the day when we all wear our worst clothes and walk bravely out of our houses to make the neighborhood colourful. We drink the best bhaang, eat delicious Holi sweets, and dance to some peppy music. We celebrate it with our friends by leaving no piece of cloth uncolored and extend the truce to our enemies by applying colours on their faces. So, if you want to do something exciting, get ready for a Holi blast with these unique Holi party ideas. Bring in a sense of togetherness and celebrate love at every moment of your life in a special way.

Holi 2021 dates

Holika Dahan – March 28
Holi – March 29

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This Festival Of Colors, Have A Blast With These Holi Party Ideas!


traditional holi food Sort Your Holi Lunch Menu With These Recipes

Let’s get the celebrations started!

Have you decided to rejoice in this auspicious event with your family and friends? If you have, we have some classy suggestions for you. Get cracking and prepare some sweet dishes to help sweeten those already sweet relations. After all, Holi is an inclusive festival! So it’s a time to capitalise on this opportunity to shape a colorful relation (See what we did there?)!


must visit holi destinations Witness The Glorious Mathura Holi Celebrations

There are a certain few places in the country where Holi celebrations hold a special meaning. Mathura is one of those magical places. Here, Holi is not just a celebration where you people put colours on each other but much more. Famously called Braj ki Holi, Holi in Mathura is a spectacle that you’d want to witness at least once in your life. In and around Mathura, there are multiple kinds of Holi that take place, each as good as the other.


1. Go for personalized gifts baskets and hampers!

holi party ideas gifts

In this era of social networking, you can send greetings online irrespective of the event or celebration. Giving a personal gift to your friends, family or your loved one became really easy as well, thanks to gift cards. Celebrate this festival with them and let them notice your affection for them. Don’t stretch yourself too much for innovative ideas in presenting gifts though (unless you can)! Just a hard copy of a greeting card with a personalised touch can keep the excitement flowing. Ensure your greeting papers are simple yet bright!

2. Try out herbal and easy-to-make DIY Holi colors – Holi party ideas 101

holi party ideas gulal

No list of Holi party ideas is complete without DIY Holi Colors. Have a skin-friendly and colorful Holi with homemade vibrant colors. You can experience the joy of this colorful festival without the unnecessary trip to the dermatologist! These organic colors are free of harmful chemicals and also a light on the pocket. Because why bother going out to buy colors when they are right within your kitchen? They come off easily and don’t require intensive scrubbing and scratching. Best of all, though- they don’t cause pollution and keep the environment healthy as well. Prepare organic colors for the perfect Holi by using ingredients available in your kitchen viz. black grapes, red sandalwood powder, flour, turmeric, henna powder, beetroot, and Jambul.

3. Throw a little Holi party – Shower colors on your family!

holi party ideas party scene

Here’s one of the neatest Holi party ideas: Arrange a party in your house (or a nearby open field) and drench your friends in colors. Maybe do a little decoration with colorful flowers and fancy candles. Be mindful of all the Covid-19 regulations and follow all preventive measures. Keep it small (maybe, just close friends and family) and avoid the huge Holi bash that you’d normally have. Be innovative, let your imagination fly, sit back and watch the impression it creates! You’ll be popular in no time! You’re welcome!

So, which Holi party idea are you going with? Let us know in the comments.

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