Are You an IPL Fan?

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Do you audibly yell and sometimes startle people around you while watching a twenty20 tournament game? Well, this is one of the common traits of being an avid enthusiast of IPL. This tournament is one of the most watched entertainment sports where stadiums are crowded with the cricket fans all the time. Here are a few common things that I tried to present cricket fan’s take on IPL that says why they love to watch IPL the most.

Because It’s A Twenty20 Cricket Tournament!


The T20 match is so engrossing, you will love to watch the power-play series, fast-bowling and incredible shots of every player. You cannot help but admit that IPL Twenty 20 series always rock, you will always love to watch if it’s played in your state, no matter the team members.

Diversity Of Cricket Personalities In Teams


One thing most people love about IPL is, it’s the incredible game where you got to see various top players from different countries playing in the Indian Premier League. Many favorites like Chris Gayle, ABD, Dhoni, Brendon McCullum, Starc, Brad Hogg and more are seen. Every player comes with a surprisingly amazing previous record. Though the players are as diverse as they are, yet they make a strong team playing together.

The Spectacle Of The Cheer-Girls


Much like being a cricket fan or IPL aficionado provides instant access to watch favorite players plus cheer girls. Watching a game becomes sheer bliss because of cheer girls’ constant pulse of excitement. The celebration, jollification makes the feeling of the game as an exciting entity.

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The Cricket Itself

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The game is pretty simple. Watching a team that puts strategies for defense or offense the play will leave a spell-bound experience. The last-minute twists, unexpected bowling or batting is quite impressive. People often cheer for cricket, cheer for their state even when their favorite players are seen in the other team.

Team’s IPL Jerseys

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You will love to see how different teams maintain their traditional jerseys while maintaining fresh imagination and a new look. Team logos, jersey colors, brand partners’ marketing seem fascinating. Classy caps, functional helmets, Reebok shoes, socks, gloves are so fantastic looking. To someone, all these details seem uninteresting, but to longtime cricket fans, it might look like minutiae.

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