Take 3: Beauty regimen checklist to follow at home on weekends

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Weekends for me is simply lazing around the whole day, doing almost nothing. And I bet almost all of you would second this, especially those who are working and married. But, I also believe that the weekends should be put to good use, especially for skincare. Working or not, most of days we find little or no time to take care of ourselves and more so out skin. We do visit spas and salons from time to time to pamper ourselves, but isn’t it better to try doing it at home rather than going to a skin care salon and spending a bomb on the services? Even a minimum of 30 minutes devoted towards this can prove to be helpful. And moreover, most of the products required for skin care or beauty regimen at home can be found in your kitchen. Get all the items required when doing your grocery shopping.

Keeping skin care issues at bay

Taking care of your skin is not a complex process. There are only a few things that you need to know and follow in order to have a beautiful skin.

  • A healthy diet – Weekends or not, at home or outside, it is extremely important to have a healthy diet. It is one of the best ways to work towards building up a healthy skin care routine. Having lots of water, green and leafy vegetables and fresh fruits is the key to beautiful skin. Don’t like sipping on water? No worries. Have fruit infused water. It is a great way to increase your water intake and also detox your body and have a glowing skin.
Healthy Diet


  • Know your skin – Knowing your skin is not a hard thing to achieve. If your skin wrinkles easily and stretchy, you have dry skin. If your face is always shiny and sticky, it is nothing but oily. And if you the T-zone (the area covering note, the lower part of the forehead and areas close to the nose) is oily and the remaining part of the face dry, then you have combination skin. And if your face does not get either dry or oily, you are blessed with normal skin. Learning about your skin type helps choose the right beauty regimen because the needs of a skin differ based on the type.

Beauty regimen for weekends

Here are a few at home skin care tips that you can follow on the weekends to have a beautiful and glowing skin.

1. Cleanse thrice a day – Cleansing, toning and moisturizing your skin is very important to maintain the suppleness and health of the skin. I know how difficult it becomes to follow the three times CTM routine during the weekdays. Come weekends, you have ample time to stick to this rule. First, cleanse your skin with a good, chemical free cleanser. Then, use a toner (any would do, but natural ones do wonders) and then moisturize. Lots of good moisturizers are available online. Find out that is compatible with your skin type. In fact, it is not only the face that you need to pay attention to. Take care of your body by cleansing, massaging and moisturizing it. Doing it yourself not only saves you the money, but also works as a feel good factor. Try it to feel it!


2. Make yourself a mask – Formulate a DIY mask on your own in the weekends. Masks help regain the lost glow that pollution sucks away. You can cook up a banana and egg mask, which would take you only a few minutes to prepare. Half of the egg white, quarter part of a banana and few drops of honey mixed well and applied on your skin will hydrate and moisturize it. Chocolate, fullers earth and few drops of essential oil will cleanse your skin of all the pollution, while infusing moisture into it. Think of something on your own and share with us here :)


3. DIY scrubs – Scrubbing your skin, face and body is another great skin care at home tip. Preparing DIY scrubs is equally fun, just like the DIY masks. Take oatmeal, yogurt and a pinch of turmeric, mix well and scrub your skin with it to have squeaky clean, smooth and moisturized skin. Rice powder, milk and orange juice is a great scrub that can boost skin health.

And last but not the least get loads of sleep. It does wonders for your skin. So, now you know how simple it is to take care of your skin at your home. Have some more ideas that would prove to be helpful for weekend beauty regimen? Please do share. I would look forward towards getting more ideas from you.

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