Deepavali is the festival of light which is celebrated in every part of India. However, there are differences in the celebration of North India and South India. Do you know the differences?

Different Diwali Celebration Style

Difference in the name

Most North Indians call the festival, Diwali. On the other hand, South Indians call it Deepavali. Though both are correct and means series or rows of diyas.

Difference in number of days

In North India Diwali is celebrated for 5 days, whereas Diwali in South India it is celebrated only for 4 days.

No Dhanteras

In North India Diwali starts with Dhanteras and people buy gold on that day. While South Indians do not celebrate Dhanteras and the festival commences on Ashwin Krishna Paksha Chaturdasi. The first day of Diwali is known as Naraka Chaturdasi and it is Dhantaras in Northern part of India.

Significance of Diwali

Diwali in North India marks the return of Lord Rama from exile after 14 years. He returned home with his wife and brother from exile and the roads of Ayodhya was lit with lights. Hence, North Indians light lamps on Diwali to signify the return of the son.
On the other hand, South Indians celebrate this occasion to commemorate the victory of Lord Krishna over demon Naraka. Moreover, this day is generally one day before Diwali in North India.

Day after Diwali

The day after Diwali Govardhan Puja is performed in North and in South people celebrate Bali Padyami and it is believed that King Mahabali returns to earth on this day to visit his subjects.

The Similarity

Despite differences there is one similarity in the celebration. That is the brother-sister bonding. The last day of the festival is known as Bhai Dhooj in North India and in South India it is the Yama Dvitiya. The significance is almost same. Sisters invite brothers to their place and pray for their long lives.

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