The image of Diwali is the same in every street- aromatic mithai shops, colorful houses, and bedazzling stores. But behind this picture-perfect image, there is something that misses the untrained eye- an unspoken rangoli competition.

What you see in front of every house may seem like an innocent piece of rangoli, but in reality, it is each family’s attempt to prove themselves better than the others. That is the significance of a rangoli (apart from good luck, strength, hospitality, and other things).

To help you with some easy rangoli designs, we have put together the prettiest rangoli designs on the internet. These designs are both simple and unique, and will definitely start whispers in the neighborhood.

Top 29 Easy Rangoli for Diwali 2020

Before you pick a rangoli design, you might want to decide the significance of your Rangoli. Do you want it to be a welcoming picture for the guests? Or do you want it to be a deity figure? Whatever your preferences, there’s a suitable design idea just for you. Rangoli Designs with Colors

1. Rangoli Designs with Flowers
2. Rangoli Designs with Diyas
3. Floating Rangoli
4. Deity Rangoli
5. Peacock Rangoli
6. Kolam or Dot Rangoli
7. Border Rangoli
8. Free-Hand Rangoli

1. Rangoli Designs with Colors

There are various types of colors that you can use to make a rangoli. There are chalks, there are natural colors like turmeric and vermilion, and there are special rangoli powders that you get easily near your house. Each has its own place.

If you’re using stencils, then rangoli powders are your best option. But even if you’re not, do not shy away from using them. Rangoli powders, especially the grainy ones, really bring out your design, and make it bold and colorful.

unique rangoli designs

On the other hand, if you’re making an intricate design, then chalks will go a long way. You can get chalks for good deals on Amazon during the Diwali Sale.

chalk rangoli

Some people also grind natural ingredients to make colors. You can use turmeric for yellow, vermilion (sindoor) for maroon, herbs and leaves for green, cinnamon for brown, rice for white, and marigold for orange. For a step-by-step guide on how to make them, refer to this article from FirstCry.

natural rangoli
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2. Rangoli Designs with Flowers

While the concept of flower rangolis seems fairly new, it actually stems from an age-old tradition in Kerala. During the festival of Onam, people come together and make ‘Pookalam’. The word comes from combining two words- ‘poov’ meaning flower; and ‘kalam’ meaning art. People carefully arrange flowers on the ground, making it a rangoli that not only pleases the eye, but also the nose.

easy rangoli designs

flower rangoli

flower rangoli

3. Rangoli Designs with Diyas

Who doesn’t like the gleam of diyas on Diwali? Add diyas to your rangoli and let the flame shine bright. Pick these easy to make latest rangoli designs with diyas and tea-lights. You can also organize a diya painting competition or a diya decoration competition for the kids and other family members and add some fun to the activity. A little game can help you make memories for a lifetime.

simple rangoli designs

simple rangoli designs

diwali special rangoli

diya rangoli design

rangoli design for diwali

4. Floating Rangoli

Getting nightmares already? Here’s a quick fix for you! How about making a floating rangoli this festival season? Floating rangoli is a mix of flowers, floating candles, and other decorative items. You can make patterns with flowers and candles and let them float. Floating rangoli can be sustained for multiple days. It’s really easy to make and can add charm to any part of your home. Whether it’s your verandah or the drawing-room, or any other place for that matter, a simple floating rangoli can work wonders. Here are some of the best floating rangoli ideas that you can check and replicate.

easy rangoli for diwali

easy rangoli designs

easy rangoli designs

easy rangoli designs

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5. Deity Rangoli

A deity rangoli is one of the most preferred kinds of rangolis during Diwali. People love to design their rangolis keeping their ishtadev (favorite God) in mind. Some regularly appearing deities include Lord Ganesha, and Goddess Lakshmi.

Ganesh rangoli designs

Deity rangoli

6. Peacock Rangoli

This season is all about Peacock Rangolis. Traditionally, peacock rangolis use a burst of cool-toned colors like blue, green, and purple. But you can also go against the norm and use yellows and oranges to give it a new twist.

peacock rangoli

peacock rangoli

7. Kolam or Dot Rangoli

Dot Rangoli or Kolam has special significance in the southern parts of India. Also known as Muggulu, these rangolis are drawn during the festival of Sankranthi or Pongal. The dots are meant to instill a sense of harmony and connectivity. It is a tradition to draw a new Kolam on each of the 7 days of Pongal.




8. Border Rangoli

Got your rangoli figured, but not sure about room borders? We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the prettiest and easiest rangolis to draw on borders.

Border Rangoli

Border Rangoli

Border Rangoli

9. Free-Hand Rangoli

Free-hand rangoli is not just satisfying to watch, but also super satisfying to make. Here are some ideas that you can use while trying free-hand on your rangoli.

Free Hand Rangoli

Free Hand Rangoli

Where to buy Rangoli Colors?

If you’re looking for rangoli colors, Amazon is a great option. Starting from 12-color packs for Rs.269, you can get one color for as less as Rs.25. If you listen to me, that’s a pretty good deal. Additionally, you can also shop for Rangoli colors in tubes & other diwali goodies during diwali sales to grab the awesomest deals. These will make the whole process a lot less messy and a lot more fun.

With these pictures in place, you just need to wait for the Diwali day to bring out the artist in you and make the best rangoli ever. Whether it’s your college corridor or the entrance of your house, or maybe a temple. Draw these beautiful designs of rangoli for Diwali and impress people with your skills. Send us your rangoli selfies on Instagram and we’d love to repost them! Happy Diwali, in advance!

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