The Festival of Lights: Story Of Diwali Diyas


Diwali the festival of lights is here! The Amavasya night when the darkness is engulfed by hundred of brightly lit diyas and electrical lighting. Every house is decorated with lights and glitters with happy celebration all around.

Diya or the earthen lamps form the basis of the celebration. They have been used from the time immemorial for festivals and formal religious events. From the simple style, it has evolved into a more artistic form. From the simple small diyas to the big fancy ones, each of them is viable for a place at our homes. For any Hindu celebration, the earthen lamp is a symbol of tradition and beauty. The older simple diyas still have the old world charm to it. Many people still buy them to decorate their temples and houses.

Diyas that you can get this Diwali

Let’s get to know more about diyas. There are different types of diyas available in the market, some of them are listed down below:-

1) Earthen Diyas


The simple diyas are made from clay and baked in the sun. These diyas are of great importance for celebration and religious prayers.

2) Porcelain Diyas


This Diwali decor diyas are made of china clay and often have the goddess Lakshmi and Ganesha carved on them.

3) Brass Diyas


The diyas are made out of brass and available at affordable prices.

4) Iron diyas


It is said that iron diyas are used for please ‘Shani’ god or Saturn. The diya is usually lit with gingelly oil and offered to the lord.

5) Silver Diyas


The silver diyas are believed to ward off poverty and financial problems from home and offered to the Moon.

6) Gold Diyas


The gold diya is offered to Goddess Lakshmi and is believed to bring in good luck and wealth.

7) Electrical diyas


The electrical diyas are commonly used now and are a cheaper option when compared to the earthen diyas.

8) Terracotta Diyas


The terracotta diyas are the ‘fancy diyas’, they are usually designed in a very intricate way and a DIY can also be tried out with them. These diyas are commonly used for decorations.

These are the few of the many varieties of diyas which are available in the market. Each diya has its own significance and uses. Order these styles from your favourite online stores and if you wanna save a few extra bucks, grab diwali offers and coupons. You can use each of these diyas in accordance with the requirements of the celebration. Always remember diyas and gods have a strong relationship. So, this Diwali when you are using a particular kind of diya always remember the gods or the ritual it is used for. If you know more about the different kinds of diyas, please comment below, we would love to hear from you.

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