No Diwali! No crackers! No celebration! Did you read it right? Is there any place in India where Deepavali is not celebrated? Yes, there is one such state. God’s Own Country, Kerala does not celebrate Diwali. Wondering why doesn’t Kerela celebrate Diwali?

Reasons why Diwali is not important in Kerela

Shhhhh…..Do not disturb nature

Kerala is regarded as God’s Own Country. The tranquility of the state attracts people from all over the world. With Diwali comes bursting of crackers and that spoils the peace of Kerala for which it is famous. Moreover, Kerelites are peace lovers and they hesitate noise and air pollution. They say the celebration of Diwali pollutes the environment and they strongly do not want it.

No Money No Fun…

Since thousands of years back, during Deepavali workers use to get bonus with which they bought clothes and gifts for family members. It is said that there are no major industries in Kerala thus the people did not get yearly bonus. The celebration did not get the right reason. So, this is also one reason why Diwali is not celebrated in Kerala.

Where religion speaks…

Most Kerelites follow Christianity. Lack of Hindus in the area is another reason for Diwali not being celebrated. We all know that Diwali is a Hindu Festival. Onam is celebrated as the main festival in this state which marks the welcoming of King Mahabali.

It is said that new customs, traditions and practices are not common with people of Kerala. They prefer to remain in a shell of their own and preserve its cultural and ethnic identity. However, there’s no harm in indulging yourself in some shopping, be it Diwali or Christmas, right? Check out the Diwali offers that will reduce the expenses and help you save as you shop.



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