A friend asked me the other day about my plans on Mother’s Day. I started to answer with everything that I was expected to say.. Things like I am going to buy her flowers and chocolates.. And then I stopped. I knew I would be lying. I had actually planned nothing for Mother’s Day this year. Between changing jobs and catching up with friends, books and movies, I almost forgot all about it. And the truth also is that I am not someone that believes in the customary exchange of gifts on occasions. I think special days like my mother’s birthday or Mother’s Day are too important to make a light-hearted event of it. So, here are a few DIY Mothers Day Gifts to express your love for your mom on her special day.

A mother plays an important role in one’s life. She is our ray of light, our best friend, our mentor, and whatnot! To mark all the contributions and sacrifices made by her till now, one day cannot be enough. However, you can surely make her feel a little extra-special by putting in some extra effort and giving her something very beautiful.

Mothers Day Gifts – Ideas

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, most of you must be busying yourselves, trying to pick the perfect gift for her, knowing fully that mothers would love and appreciate just about anything you give them. And that is exactly why I decided that this year, I am going to give her something handmade, something really special for her to hold on to, and not like it for just the thought of it.

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If it seems like you have run out of ideas to surprise your mother this year, you could read on and find few simple craft ideas that are super creative. Get your art supplies at the best price and get on with it!

1. Marbled Mug

This is the simplest DIY available for the lazy bums like myself. Find the tutorial below:

2. Photo Mason Jar

Mason jars DIYs are my absolute favorite. Just watch how easy it is to make a cute photo jar below:

3. Puzzle Frames

If your mum enjoys little brainteasers once in a while, this DIY would just be perfect! Find the tutorial here:

4. Tote Bags

An absolute necessity for every mother, specially because it almost seems like she finds anything we need in her bag, at all times. Why not jazz it up a little for her! Watch how:

5. Confetti Glasses

This one is so simple that it is almost unbelievable! Check out the tutorial below:

6. Designer Pouch DIY

If your mom is a big fan of small pouches and wallets, watch this video and design a wonderful hand pouch for her.

7. Pressed Flower Monograms

This one is most helpful if you stay away from your parents and would only be seeing your mother in the next week or so. You’ll understand why when you see this:

8. Canvas Wall Art

If flowers are what you intend to give your mother, try making it a little more interesting. Follow the steps in the video below and see it for yourself:

9. Jewelry Organizer

One thing that every woman has in excess is jewelry, my mother and I included. How about we make our mums something cute that she can actually use. Find the tutorial below:

10. Ring Holder Display

Some more DIY ideas for organizing jewelry. We pick the rings this time. And this is how:

11. Ethnic Scarf

Every woman has a unique place in her heart for scarfs. If your mom too loves scarfs, why not make a gorgeous one for her?

12. Message in a Bottle

You could say that I had been saving the best for the last. I know I am going to give my mum one of these. Are you? Find out how:

Remember, being a mother is hard. Take a moment to hug your mom this Sunday and appreciate everything that she does for you because she is doing her very best. Every damn day.

13. 3D hand casting

If you are planning to give some unique mother’s day gift to your moms on this Mother’s Day that can last for years to come then the idea of gifting 3D hand casting should be a great option. You can now preserve your mom’s hand imprint in a frame along with her sketch/photo. Cast this moment in time and remember it forever and tell everyone the story that inspired it.
So, what DIY Mothers Day Gifts are you planning for your Mom?
This brings us to the end of the blog. We really hope you liked the above DIY ideas and used one of them. If you have any more creative ideas in mind, share them in the comment below. And, do let us know which idea you have picked from the above list for your beloved mom this Mother’s Day! :)



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