Playing cards or gambling is considered as a virtuous practice. You must have noticed family members playing cards on Deepavali nights and it is considered to be auspicious. There is a famous saying that if you do not play cards on Deepavali you will be reborn as a donkey. Have you wondered why is playing cards auspicious and a tradition in the festival of lights? Well, we have the answer for you here.

The story behind playing cards on Deepavali

The practice of playing cards on Diwali is ancient and it began with the game of dice. With time the game transformed to card and what is popularly known as “Teen patti” or Rummy. As per the mythological story, Parvati engages herself in the game of dice with Shiva her partner, where she wins and loses at times. The game signifies the cosmic cycle of creation and destruction, of fragmentation and reunification. This in a way represents the grand illusion of Maya.

It is believed that whoever plays cards of this festival would prosper throughout the year. Gambling during Deepavali is considered auspicious, as it emulates the cosmic play of dice between Parvati and Shiva. Playing games during Diwali is not about winning or losing but how you play the game. We all know this festival is associated with wealth in different ways, so gambling on Diwali makes it more significant. So, order your pack of cards today so that you can have a nice time with your family and friends. And do not forget to use the Diwali offers while ordering these as it can help you save money.

Domestic and casino gambling

People say that it is lucky to gamble on Deepavali. This social sanction to the vice gives casinos and local gambling houses the chance to bring business during the Diwali week. It is seen that people in their household play cards too. Not only this they invite relatives and friends in this game. The rationale behind this game is to bring good luck, get prosperity and inculcate the balance in material success.


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