World Environment Day: 10 Ways To Save The World!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
world environment day

More often than not, we take the environment for granted without even realizing how important a part it plays in our life. Acres after acres of forest areas are cleared paving way for residential buildings and office spaces every year. The trees cut down and the animals displaced affect the local and in turn the global environment. This World Environment Day, you don’t need to do something heroic to save the environment. Your small but reasonable acts can make a huge difference.

We as an organization believe in ‘saving on everything’ and the environment is our top priority. In order to achieve our goals of protecting the environment and wildlife, we have partnered with World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF-India) for World Environment Day 2018. Now, you can do your part for the environment and save the biodiversity by buying WWF-India merchandise that provides reusable alternatives to single-use plastics. The proceeds will go towards WWF-India’s wildlife and nature conservation work across the country.

Be the change, #BeatPlasticPollution and look fabulous while doing so with these amazing alternatives! Pledge to ‘give up’ on wasteful day-to-day practices and become a champion for nature and the environment.

10 simple steps to become a hero, this World Environment Day:

1. Avoid wastage of waterworld environment day slogans

  • Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.
  • A leaky toilet can waste over 750 liters of water per day
  • Wash your clothes in cold water
  • Drink filtered tap water instead of packaged water

2. Recycle whenever you can

  • Pick products with least packaging
  • Take reusable bags from home while you’re out shopping
  • Segregate your waste according to degradable and non-degradable.

3. Composting saves environment and makes great fertilizer

  • Do your own composting to reduce amount of solid waste generated.
  • Composting provides great fertilizers for your garden or vegetable farm (if you don’t have a garden, invest in one because growing your own vegetables reduces transport cost and helps the environment)
  • Support your local farmers market. Buy fresh fruits and vegetables grown without artificial fertilizers and growth serum.

4. Save electricity
● Install Compact fluorescent light bulbs which have a longer lifespan than ordinary bulbs: 10 times the life time to be precise and they use only 2/3rd the energy.
● Now, this is something you’ve already heard but that’s because it’s true: Switch off lights and unplug devices when not using them.

5. Bike to work or Carpoolcarpool world environment day● Not driving a vehicle for two days a week can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 700+ Kgs per year.
● Ride a bicycle to work and reduce emissions while burning calories!
● Take a carpool if you have to.

6. Build energy efficient homes

With ongoing deforestation and the overwhelming rate of construction projects, there is a literal land crisis. According to a Philippines Statistics Authority report, around 2,438 construction projects were carried out in 2017’s 3rd quarter alone. Needless to say, all this calls for sustainable living. Below are some of the ways our homes can be more energy efficient:

● Clean air filters and refrigerator coils regularly to reduce load on your system and in turn pollution.
● Keep potted plants like aspidistra, aloe vera, fern, ficus, golden pothos to cool your home and reduce pollution as well.
● Switch off the air conditioners/heaters when you can to save money. Instead enjoy the natural air!

7. Maintain your vehicle to reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency
● Don’t over inflate or under inflate your tires.
● Reports suggest under-inflated tires reduce fuel efficiency by upto 3% thus increasing pollution.
● Maintain adequate speed on the highway as it improves fuel efficiency.
● Sudden acceleration and braking also reduces fuel economy.
● When buying a car, select one with a 3-way catalytic converter installed. It reduces nitrogen oxides and hydrocarbons emissions by up to 90%.

8. Build your own beehivediy beehive● Bees are essential to the planet.
● Without the bees there’d be minimal or no pollination and the planet wouldn’t last for more than 60 years.
● Build your own beehive; help rejuvenate the bee population and get honey for free!

9. Use porcelain mugs and Tupperware
● Mugs reduce the wastage through paper and polystyrene cups
● Use metal utensils and tupperware at parties rather than disposable products to minimise wastage.

10. Harvest rainwater
● The stored rainwater can be used to water lawns, gardens or washing your car.
● Rainwater storage bins and drainage pipes to build your harvest shed can be found at local home improvement stores or can be ordered online.

What will you do this World Environment Day?

Let us know in the comments below :)

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