Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India to Buy and Sell Cryptos

by Aamer
Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges in India

A word that was unknown to many, and a topic of obscurity for the others, has now become a trading option for 15 million Indians. This overly booming investment segment of cryptocurrency (Rs 15000 crore) is accessible to everyone and the process to get started needs you to just create a free account. And if you are wondering which crypto trading platform to sign up with, this article has a list of the 7 crypto exchanges we think are perfect for crypto trading.

In this article, along with getting to know about the trading platforms themselves, you will also be introduced to details like the deposit rates, whether you can trade in INR or not and which platform has the cheapest transaction fees. So you can decide on which is the best crypto exchange for you. Many exchanges also allow you to transfer your held cryptos from one app to another. Thus you might also find yourself having accounts in more than one of the below-mentioned crypto exchange platforms.

1. CoinSwitch

coinswitch logo

CoinSwitch Kuber connects traders to multiple exchanges to provide the best rates. Users can buy the virtual currency either in exchange of another virtual currency (VC), or for real money (INR). You can easily transfer money into CoinSwitch wallet from your linked bank account. Payments can be made in IMPS, NEFT and UI. Similarly, users can also withdraw INR from their CoinSwitch wallet by raising a request. KYC is mandatory to make any withdrawals from CoinSwitch.

The platform has 100+ coins that can be traded between its trading partners. It’s free to create an account in CoinSwitch.

You can earn Rs. 50 worth of Bitcoin by referring CoinSwitch to friends and family.


  • The app works on a 0 brokerage policy
  • Tightly secure verification, thanks to AML


  • It doesn’t support credit and debit cards

You can use CoinSwitch on the web, or download its Andriod/ iOS apps.

2. WazirX

wazirx logo

You can deposit money via IMPS/ NEFT/ RTGS or UPI to buy cryptos or transfer cryptos from other exchanges. Similarly, you can withdraw cryptos from our WazirX account to other exchanges too. The withdrawal fees are different for different cryptos. For example, for withdrawing WRX, the fee is equal to 1 WRX. Withdrawal for some cryptos is free. Refer to this chart for a list of withdrawal fees with respect to each crypto.


  • Attractive signup and referral bonus (25 WRX coins).


  • It’s not possible to withdraw cryptos within WazirX accounts.

The signup bonus is unblocked when you do a transaction worth 100 USDT (Tether). The same reward applies to the referral bonus.

You can use WazirX on the Web, Android or iOS.

3. CoinDCXcoindcx logo

The Singaporean based company serves 4M+ users with its fleet of 500+ cryptos. Deposits can be made via bank transfers and Mobikwik. CoinDCX’s referral bonus lets you enjoy the bonus of 25 USDT when your friend performs a transaction worth 5 BTC or more.


  • No KYC needed to start trading
  • Extra benefits when used Mobikwik for deposits


  • Limited trading values without KYC

You can use CoinDCX on the web, Android or iOS.

4. Unocoin

unocoin logoUnocoin makes trading easy for you across assets with one of the most competitive fees in the market. All Unocoin account users are verified and are provided with one address for trading. Unocoin calculates crypto values based on their USD rates. This makes the values a little different from the rates at other platforms. Also, users can easily calculate their total amount for buying or selling via the Buy/Sell Calculator.


  • API integration
  • Sellers can earn interest by lending


  • Trading limits during the first 60 days
  • UPI payments can’t be done

You can use Unocoin on the web, Android, or iOS.

5. Coinbase

Coinbase LogoCoinbase is another popular and excellent platform to trade in cryptos. But the downside is that you cannot make INR transactions in the app. However, you can convert currencies easily into the portal and even withdraw them to an INR supporting exchanges to withdraw your earnings to your bank account.


  • Leading and trustworthy platform
  • Extremely simple user interface


  • Isn’t available in INR
  • High fees without Coinbase Pro
  • Limited options for altcoins

You can use Coinbase on the web, Android and iOS.

6. ZebPay

zebpay logoZebPay provides very few trading fees as compared to other platforms. Trading fees for intraday is 0.01%. Traders can trade between cryptos and FIAT with nominal charges. Users can trade between 38 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ripple and more.


  • Free deposits
  • Mobile-friendly software
  • No trading fee for trading between crypto-crypto
  • Promises high security


  • You are charged a membership for a month in which you do not trade
  • Daily limits on crypto trading and FIAT

You can use Zebpay on the web, Android or iOS.

7. Binance (India)

Binance LogoOne of the leading crypto exchanges of the world has its Indian crypto Exchange portal where users can follow different methods to invest in crypto. You can trade between more than 740 cryptocurrencies with ease. The portal is capable of handling millions of requests each day.


  • 0 trading fees for cryptos with INR
  • Can transfer cryptos from WazirX


  • Hiccups in account verification

You can use Binance online, on Android or iOS devices.

Transfer limits and transaction fees (FIAT)

Exchange Min deposit Deposit fees Min withdrawal Withdrawal fees
WazirX 100 0.2% 1000 5
CoinDCX 100 1-1.5% 500 0.2%/ Rs 10
CoinSwitch 100 Free Nil Free
ZebPay Up to Rs 25
Depending on the payment method
Rs 25 Rs 10
Unocoin 1000 1.9% 1000 None
Coinbase $25 Free <$0.10 1.49%<3.99%

Depending on the withdrawal method

Final Thought

Cryptos have opened many more doors for investments. Not just for salaried employees, but students, retired professionals and housewives all can take the advantage of crypto trading and increase their assets.

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