40 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
tired of hearing

Are you on a diet? Did you get a new haircut? When are you getting married? Oops! Women are tired of hearing these. Well, the list does not end here. From the food they eat to the course they take up, people seem to have an opinion about it. But why? They are independent, intelligent, matured and capable of standing by their decision. So, next time, before saying something, think.

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Here are 40 Things That Women are Tired of Hearing:

1. Beti toh Paraya Dhan Hai


First of all, Beti/Woman is no dhan (money), she is a human, just like anyone else. Secondly, Beti doesn’t belong to anyone. She is her own person.

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2. Girls don’t play Basketball


Maybe, they don’t want to, but they definitely can.

3. Can you cook?


Let her cook if she likes to. Try to cook for her if she wants you to. But definitely, I repeat, definitely, don’t expect her to know how to cook when you yourself don’t. She could be a working class human, just like you, with none or little time to take cooking lessons.

4. Oh, you are 23 years old? Time to get married!


How about, instead of setting an age limit to by when a girl should be married, you let her find the perfect match who will keep her happy for the rest of her life?

5. Why Salad? Are you on a diet?


Why are you eating all that junk? Are you on a weight-gain regime?

6. Don’t chop your hair so short, you look like a tomboy.

short hair

Trust me, short hair looks cute on some women. Women should be able to have whatever hairstyle they want.

7. Do you think you will look good on it?


Women can have their individual fashion tastes. In fact, if there exists a no-no kind of clothing, then, no one can pull it off other than a woman.

8. Walk like a girl!

walk like a girl

Different women walk differently. There is no girly/feminine walk. All that is in your head.

9. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

diamonds are a girls best friend

Some women like Gold too. Or Topaz. Or Sapphires. Or Rubies. Just Kidding. Actually, diamonds might be a favourite gift amongst women but not all women like it. Some women just look for something simple and sweet.

10. Are you a Feminist?


Take a page out of their book, and follow the journey of these brave women who marched against the system. Check out the most iconic women’s march, across the globe.

11. Calm down, don’t show your anger.


If you don’t want women to be angry, then, don’t give them a reason to be angry.

12. Girls can’t drive.

working women

And men can’t be sensible?

13. How can you remember this?


Because they care, my friend. Because they care.

14. Pink is for you.


Pink is for everyone. Pink is a wonderful, lively colour which everyone should wear, not just women.

15. Are you taking a SELFIE?


Not with you, so, none of your business.

16. Do you have your Husband’s permission?


No. Just no.

17. Oh, you are used to technology?


Source: aanblog.com

So, shouldn’t technology prevent you from saying things like this?

18. Be home by 8?


How about, you make the world just as safe for her as her home, so that, she doesn’t have to be back by 8?

19. So many clothes in your wardrobe and you still want to shop?


If you want your lady to look good, you have to let her wear what she wants.

20. Every day is Women’s Day.


  1. Don’t be so open and outbound. Be more nurturing.
  2. That’s too much body hair, you have to wax.
  3. Don’t wear clothes that show so much skin.
  4. Swearing is for men, speaking like a lady.
  5. Your bra strap is showing.
  6. Do whatever you want after getting married and if your husband allows.
  7. Wait! Do you watch/play cricket? Only a few girls understand the game of cricket.
  8. Why do you need a job? Your dad has money and your husband will have money once you get married.
  9. Are you a bank loan? Because you have my interest.
  10. Don’t you have a boyfriend? Why? Do you hate men?
  11. You have changed completely after marriage. I miss those good old memories!
  12. Are you sure about doing this task alone?
  13. Babe, I’m just kidding!
  14. Why are you so dull? Are you on periods?
  15. You look like a hot chick!
  16. Forget about making the first move. It’s a man thing!
  17. Change your shift timings if you are working late night.
  18. Household chores and taking care of children are just women’s things!
  19. You are so lucky to have such a nice husband.
  20. You are a girl from a well-known family. Don’t act dumb!

Let me rephrase that. Every day should be Women’s Day.

Aren’t they true? Next time when you listen to something that you are tired of hearing, just smile and give a nice, sweet comeback. This Women’s Day, be Woman, be you, celebrate yourself!

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