Are you on a diet? Did you get a new hair cut? When are you getting married? Oops! Women are tired of hearing these. Well, the list does not end here. From the food they eat to the course, they take up people seem to have an opinion about it. But why? They are independent, intelligent, matured and capable to stand by their decision. So, next time before saying something, think.

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Here are 20 Things That Women are Tired of Hearing:

1. Beti to Padaya Dhaan Hai


Check out some of the most inspiring and amazing quotes on this occasion of Women’s Day!

2. Girls don’t play Basketball

basketball3. Can you cook?


4. Oh, you are 23 years old? Time to get married!

wedding5. Why Salad? Are you on a diet?


6. Don’t chop your hair so short!

short hair

7. Do you think you will look good on it?


8. Walk like a girl!

walk like a girl

9. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend!

diamonds are a girls best friend

10. Are you a Feminist?


Take a page out of their book, and follow the journey of these brave women who marched against the system. Check out the most iconic women’s march, across the globe.

11. Calm down, don’t show your anger.


12. Girls can’t drive.

working women

13. How can you remember this?


14. Pink is for you.


15. Are you taking a SELFIE?


16. Do you have your Husband’s permission?

permission17. Oh, you are used to technology?


18. Be home by 8?


19. So many clothes in your wardrobe and you still want to shop?

wardrobe20. Every day is Women’s Day.


Aren’t they true? Next time when you listen to something that you are tired of hearing just smile and give a nice answer. Be Woman, be you, celebrate yourself!


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