by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Whether you are an Indian living within India, or abroad, one thing we all share in common is our love for bargaining. Whether it is haggling with the street vendors or waiting for the sale season to revamp our wardrobes, the knack of bagging the best deal that there is, while shopping is ingrained in us.

Top 5 Chrome Extensions

With the steady shift from traditional retailing to e-commerce, Google’s Chrome browser comes packed with an incredible amount of extensions that aid us at ensuring we save when shopping. To save time for those who would love to save some money, too, we have put together this collection of the best Chrome extensions that one could use while shopping online.

With over 1500 merchants spread across 2000 more categories, GrabOn is India’s favorite website to find the latest discount coupons and offers for all the online shopping websites. GrabOn will ensure that you find the right promo codes and coupon codes to help you save on everything you shop for. True to its motto, GrabOn’s extension gives you an array of coupons and deals and is super convenient to use, too.

When you are shopping online, you could always find a few discount codes for a small percentage off a sale or an unbelievable deal on your purchase. The problem is that you usually have to hunt for them and paste them in at checkout. Honey removes that requirement, and automatically applies discount codes for you!

With over 1000 stores to choose from, finding the best deal online is no easy task. To simplify this process, InvisibleHand, combs through a ton of online stores when you are shopping to find the best deal that would be most suitable for you. It is a simple and automatic way to save money while you are shopping.

Hover Hound
Computer hardware is expensive, whether you are living in India or not. You must ensure you are buying them at the best price. The Hover Hound extension compares hardware prices with just a hover of your mouse cursor. You can also view price history and see when prices were at their highest or lowest with each seller.

Personal Shopping Assistant
Personal Shopping Assistant comes straight out of Microsoft’s garage. The beta version of this extension seems to be gaining much popularity among its users. It does dynamic price comparison across sellers and gets you the best prices on books, mobiles, cell phones, cameras, computers, and many more. If you shop online often, Personal Shopping Assistant can give you an amazing enhancement to your shopping experience.

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