The battle between Android and iPhone users is not something new. It’s a battle that started years back and continues to be as a never-ending thing. But whatever it is, there are some things that will just make you laugh of loud. You can’t make an effort to skip reading this piece.

Android Users Vs Apple Users

Their rivalry will be at its zenith, especially when there’s a new release or when there’s a push notification on any OS update by any of these most dominant platforms. I am not really going to put those big numbers, forecast predictions or endorse any of these phones, but I will talk about those stereotypical things both users say about each other in this article.

What Apple users say:
Your reaction when your fellow-iPhone user endorses some iPhone feature and says that “An iPhone is always an iPhone!”

Apple vs Android


You praise about the amazing productivity of an iOS. But in reality, you knew how you only use it to play Candy Crush! Meanwhile, Android fans are all ‘Yeah Clash of Clans, yeah!’. Supercell is so proud of y’all.  

Iphone vs Android Game
When Android users say “All iPhones just look alike”, you are like…

Iphone vs Android Look

Liking fellow iPhone users will be of course a no-surprise-factor

iphone vs android users


What Android users say…

If an Android user happen to ask an Apple user that “Hey! Can I borrow your charger, my phone is running out of battery?” they respond derisively “Oh-hello, I’ve an iPhone you know!

apple vs android meme



Btw, finding a charger for an Android phone is never a difficult task

apple vs android charger



Everything’s free with Android. “D’you really pay for apps and games? Seriously! We download them for FREE.”

iphone vs android free apps


#Selfies. All-new phone of yours has 8 MP camera? That’s it! I have 24 MP rear camera…

apple vs android camera


I can run multiple applications at once

apple vs android multitasking


Big screen matters! I would never enjoy watching the same video on a small screen as much as I do with a big screen

apple vs android screen


So, ROFL! iPhone 6 bends.

iphone6 bends



You ask them to tell one feature that says iPhone is better than Android and they react like this…

apple vs android app


Android names are interesting!

Android Names

While on the other side, Android users think poor iOS, they have got quite a sad name.

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