8 Cancer Symptoms That You Should Not Ignore

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

The notion of cancer being a life-threatening disease is changing. There are several ways of treating cancer now (or at least, delaying it). However, the earlier one starts the treatment, the better it is. How do you know if it has entered your body? Well, there are several cancer symptoms that you must be aware of. As it says, “A stitch in time saves nine.”

As they say, it’s possible that a cough might just be a simple cough. But it doesn’t hurt to get yourself checked by a qualified doctor, especially, if the condition begins worsening. Because cancer is not something that anyone should take lightly, be it any kind. Hence, if you have any of the below-mentioned symptoms and if they withstand for a long period of time, see a doctor at the earliest. It is literally a matter of life and death!

Here are early cancer symptoms

1. Change in Urination


It is very common to get urinary changes as you age. However, they can be early cancer signals as well. So, be careful with it. Leaks and incontinence may be one such sign to be worried about. Despite urges, if you face problems to urinate, do not neglect it. Delayed urination is also a sign of cancer. Blood in urine may not always be a sign of UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) and be of cancer.

2. Continuous Back Pain


If your job requires 8-10 hours of sitting then it is obvious that you will develop back pain. But if that’s not the case and you still experience constant discomfort in the back, persistent back pain may be a sign of prostate cancer. Occasional muscle pain causes discomfort to the bones which may lead to cancer in the future.

3. Endless Coughing


We think that smokers only cough a lot. It is not confirmed that people allergic to something or smokers will only cough. If you are coughing continuously without having a cold then you must pay a visit to the doctor soon. Continuous coughing is a signal of lung cancer.

4. Tiredness that Does Not End


A 9-5 job will surely make you tired. And it’s only natural considering all the work you put in. But keep a note that this fatigue should not be never ending. Excessive tiredness may be a sign of colorectal cancer in men. Do not ignore these symptoms and visit a doctor soon.

5. Sudden Weight Loss


If you lose weight suddenly without putting any effort, then you must worry about it. Do not be happy that you are losing weight but instead, go for a medical check-up. The right weight loss requires a lot of hard work, like going to the gym, controlling diet and others. So, if you are losing weight without any effort and the change is eye catching then you must worry. This may be an early cancer threat.

6. Non Healing Sores


All sores in our body heal with time and medication. However, if it is taking long for the sore to heal or it’s getting worse, then do not neglect it. At times this may turn fatal.

7. Don’t Ignore Lumps


Any kind of lump in the body is a sign of cancer. Don’t ignore them. So if you notice a lump in your body, it is better to get treated as soon as possible.

8. Heartburn


Don’t treat your heartburn as simple and insignificant. If you feel that you get heartburn after every meal or it is getting difficult to digest the food that you eat everyday then it might be a sign of cancer. Get treated.

Cancer can be cured if treatment is made at the early stage as you can stop the spread. This often means a better way for a cure, if the cancer can be removed with surgery.

We, at times, ignore symptoms like these and don’t take them seriously. We don’t know these symptoms could take away our lives. This is mainly because we are frightened what the symptoms could mean and don’t want to get medical help. After all, no one likes being hospitalized and later having to pay heavy medical bills, right? But with a disease like cancer, you can ill-afford to take a chance.

Some symptoms, such as tiredness or coughing, are more likely caused by something other than cancer. Cancer symptoms can seem unimportant, especially if there’s a clear cause or the problem only lasts a short time. But these symptoms become glaringly severe as time passes and before you know it, it’s too late to do anything, the cancer has reached an incurable stage. So, let us pledge for a Cancer free environment and support those unfortunate people who all are suffering from this disease.


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