Amazing Emirates Baggage Allowance: 5 Top Reasons To Fly  Emirates!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
emirates baggage allowance

Travelling is always fun. The thrill of going to new places and discovering unexplored things is what makes it special. But traveling by itself can be an amazing experience or a huge disappointment, depending on what means of travel or transport you choose. Most people choose to fly to different destinations simply because it’s the most convenient and fastest mode of transport. When it comes to domestic and especially international flights, Emirates Airlines, based out of the United Arab Emirates, is the go-to choice for most travelers. Ok, as you might’ve guessed it already, amazing Emirates Baggage Allowance is one of the reasons, let’s find out the others.

Are you wondering what makes Emirates Airlines the best of all options when it comes to flying? Well, for starters, Emirates gives you something you will never ever find somewhere else: the feeling of being special. You will be in awe of their hospitality and service. And so much so that you’ll never look back at another airline ever again. Once you have the best, you cannot be satisfied with something else, isn’t it? Whether it is your first flight or the latest, they will always do their best to anticipate your every need and make your experience worthwhile.

Reasons to fly with Emirates:

1. Huge Network: Fly Anywhere!

emirates baggage allowance flying

Travel to the lone house on Elidaey, Iceland

Emirates have an extensive network, such that you’re most likely to find a flight from your nearest airport to your favorite destination! The airline’s flight network is vast and you do not have to worry about whether your dream travel would be possible with it. Emirates fly to all major cities like New York, London, New Delhi and Paris amongst others. The airline also has a number of international affiliates so even the most far-flung exotic destinations are covered. You could go to hundreds of destinations from a single place! Isn’t that wonderful? All you travelers out there, this airline totally gets you, doesn’t it? If you’re a frequent flyer, you should avail the Emirates Skywards program, which is a rewards portal that helps you earn and collect miles which you can spend later along with tons of other benefits. Just use your Emirates login id and register for the Skywards program. Now check your Emirates flight status and perform Emirates flight tracking without any issues whatsoever.

2. The Whole Experience


An onboard experience like no other!

From the Emirates online check-in to boarding the flight, Emirates air hostesses and the Emirates cabin crew make sure you have the best possible experience. It doesn’t really matter where you find your seat in the Emirates A380, whether it is Emirates economy class or business, you can access up to 3,000 channels of entertainment, from news to movies to interactive games on their entertainment system. Emirates A380 aircrafts and a few select Boeing 777 aircrafts even have free Wi-Fi! Talk about being connected to the world while still in the air. Something not offered by a majority of airlines. In Emirates first class, you can even freshen up with a mid-flight shower or close the door and enjoy your solitude, watching the world from above in your own Private Suite. In Emirates business class, stretch your legs in their Onboard Lounge or really stretch out in their lie-flat seats. You can also devour their five-star delicacies, or savor a fine wine carefully chosen by their sommeliers. Emirates Airlines online booking makes it easier for you to find cheap flights to Dubai from USA and other destinations around the globe. Combined with those services, the helpful customer care support of Emirates makes them even better.

3. The Entertainment Factor

emirates baggage allowance onboard entertainment

Why miss match day while flying?

No other airlines come even a bit close to Emirates entertainment system which goes by the name ICE which is an integrated entertainment service. It is more like an acronym for its key components – Information, Communication & Entertainment. It has been voted the best in-flight entertainment system in the whole world for almost a decade now! Frequent travelers on Emirates can also join Skywards which is the airline’s Frequent Flyer club, and earn air-miles with each Emirates flight they take. There are three types of membership tiers that passengers can join – Blue, Silver, and Gold. Blue is the first tier and as you continue to rack up miles you’ll have the chance to reach the Silver or Gold Skywards tier, where you’ll enjoy the additional privileges and benefits that are reserved for the most frequent travelers. Too much for airlines? We guess not.

4. Stopovers at Dubai!

emirates baggage allowance dubai layover

Destination (Layover) Dubai!

Emirates offers a stopover option for their passengers flying overseas. Escape the blur of life with a complimentary 48-hour visa which can also be extended to 96 hours for longer stays. Passengers can book a stopover package from as small an amount as 48USD. The package includes return airport transfers, a night’s stay at one of the 80 hotels available, buffet breakfast amongst other goodies. If you’re planning to travel from East to West or the other way around, you must consider this option; it is truly amazing! It will give you time to rest and also, see the magnificent city of Dubai.

And last but not the least

5. Amazing Baggage Allowance

emirates baggage allowance luggage

Ride with baggage the right way!

The first thing that comes to our mind while traveling is the total luggage we are going to be carrying. The reason is the maximum limit set on air travel luggage. All the planning about shopping and getting souvenirs would be lost just because of the limited baggage allowance. You wouldn’t want that, would you? And hey, nobody wants to pay more for excess luggage, alright. Worry no more, plentiful Emirates Baggage Allowance has got you covered: 30Kgs for Economy Class Passengers and 40 Kgs for Business Class Passengers! These services come with Emirates cargo tracking and Emirates container tracking services so that your cargo or luggage doesn’t go missing.

Bonus Feature:
To add to all these amazing features, don’t you want to save on your Emirates flight as well? Here are the best offers and deals with Emirates flight booking that you will not find in other flight service providers. Get amazing Emirates promo code, discounts and other travel related deals right here with GrabOn.

So, what feature apart from Emirates Baggage Allowance interest you?

Do let us know in the comments below and tell us why you want to fly Emirates :)

Be it in economy or first class, travelling with Emirates is always a satisfying experience. So much so that the journey doesn’t tire you and you can set off sightseeing as soon as you arrive at your destination. In fact, the in-flight services are so good that you’d wish the journey was longer. No matter if it’s for travelling or for official purposes, flying with Emirates is the best kind of flying!

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