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10 Best Hair Growth Oils- Stop Hair Fall And Loss Easily!

When you come across a hair fall problem, it is a delicate situation that you need to handle. However, it can be assured that hair fall rescue is no rocket science. Your hair needs immense pampering, the right solutions, and some patience. While you are looking out for the right solution, there is no harm in knowing the role of hair growth oil in the better nourishment of your hair.

So, if you’re wondering which oil is best for hair, read on..

Before you get into the list of natural and essential oils for hair growth, here’s a list of products you could pick up off the isle 

  1. Aroma Magic Stimulate Hair Oil
  2. Satthwa Hair Oil
  3. Khadi Tulsi Hair Oil
  4. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Hair Oil
  5. Bajaj Almond Drops Hair Oil
  6. Parachute Advanced Scalp Therapie Hair Oil
  7. Khadi Ayurvedic Hair Oil- Rosemary & Henna
  8. Shriji’s Mahabhringraj Oil
  9. Himalaya Herbals Anti-Hair Fall Hair Oil
  10. Trichup Oil

 If you want to go au naturel though, and wondering which oil is best for hair, read on..

10. Castor Oil For Hair 

hair growth oilCastor Oil Uses

Also called ‘Arandi’ in Hindi, castor oil is the first option that comes to mind when one asks which oil is good for growing hair faster. It is also considered to be the best hair oil for hair growth and thickness in India. A spoonful of castor oil consumed keeps the body warm during the cold. In other words, it regulates heat, hence, it is much more powerful when massaged on the scalp. With the heat, the blood circulation is smoothened making your roots stronger. Which results in an improved hair quality, increased thickness and volume. It also enables faster hair growth. The oil contains fatty acids that are among the essential nutrients your hair needs. For a dry scalp, this is the best oil for hair growth. It not only moisturizes your scalp, but it also contains antibacterial qualities that keep your hair away from any infections or dandruff. This oil is the best when it comes to conditioning your hair. It makes them lustrous and bouncy with a rich color. Castor oil can be applied before shampoo. But if you find it to be too much of work, you can add a portion of it to your leave in conditioner. Also, castor oil can be mixed with other hair growth oils for a better effect. It is available in India, there are quite a lot of options to choose from as well. When it comes to selecting the best brand for it, you must select one depending on its rawness. The least refined oil would have the best effect on your hair. Brands like Aloe Veda and Soulflower have proven to have a significant effect on hair growth.

9. Coconut Oil For Hair

hair growth oil coconut oil
There is no end to the list of benefits you get from a coconut. Coconut oil is a blessing for your hair and skin. Frequent use of the hair growth oil has a lot of benefits other than just hair growth. Irrespective of your hair type or problems, coconut oil is always recommended. Also, coconut oil is easier to avail. Coconut oil might not be the best hair regrowth oil for baldness, but the advantage that it has over any other oil is that it is pretty versatile. It is a safe bet for the trial and error method as it suits most of the hair types and causes least damages of them all. A hot coconut oil massage is a heavenly experience. We have used this oil at some point in our life, and we all know just how sticky and  ‘oily’ it can get. But very few are aware of the fact that the pure form of coconut oil is actually not that annoying. In fact, you can even style your hair with it when you are going out. But if you are still looking for a hassle-free option, all you have to do is mix a part of coconut oil with any of the hair packs or home remedies for hair and the wonders of it, first hand. Parachute is almost synonymous with coconut oil. Although all the Parachute products are great, the best ayurvedic hair oil for hair growth, Parachute Ayurveda Hot oil, in particular, is recommended over the regular one. Coconut oil is easily available in the markets, so put in some more efforts and find a more pure form of it.

Before you start treating your hair with any remedy, it is important that you understand what your hair needs. Consider your hair an equivalent of a sapling or plant, that needs a lot of care and pampering. Just like each plant has different requirements for their growth, each individual has different answers to how to use essential oils for hair. The first step is to understand your hair type depending on its porosity, oiliness, density, etc. Based on which you can choose what hair growth oil would best suit your hair. Once you understand your hair, and the nourshment it needs, the process of beggining hair repair becomes a lot easier. 

8. Argan Oil For Hair:

hair growth oil argan oil

This oil originates from a tree found in Morocco. Argan oil is rich in tocopherols (Vitamin E), Vitamin A, and several fatty acids that are beneficial for your hair. The main ingredient in argan oil is the caffeic acid which plays an essential role in conditioning your hair. In fact, because of this property, the oil is capable of taming frizziness of your hair and when used right, can be the best hair oil for men, women, and children. Hence, using argan oil instead of any other styling agent as a chemical-free substitute also helps. Nowadays, many cosmetic companies have started to include this ingredient in many of their high-end products due to its effective qualities on the hair and skin. Argan oil is also being used for many hair regrowth treatments as it supports and enables faster cellular growth. Argan oil as compared to other hair growth oils is very light and is a lot easier to be used as a leave-in conditioner. Due to its flexibility, you can use argan oil in multiple ways right from a before shampoo treatment to conditioning and hair mask treatments. Even though argan oil is originally from Morocco, it is available in India, however, it is slightly expensive. The best argan oil in India is Olie Biologique which assures 100% purity. High-end cosmetic brands like Colorbar have included Argan oil in their hair serums and have turned out to be effective.     

7. Jojoba Oil For Hair:
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