Hotel and Catering – Snapdeals Next Big Move!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Whoa, this was long  overdue. We saw Groupon swipe the hotel and catering category over the years, and we thought there could be no other competitor who could come as close as Groupon in giving away the best discounts in the industry. However, like any other industry, there are interesting twists in the plot, and we all know how Snapdeal can change their thought process and think out of the box. They are here, guys and their intentions are pretty strong. Snapdeal has just released the hotel and catering category on their site and is in full swing to target small enterprise customers.

Snapdeal into Hotel

Most of the IT folks are nonlocality, and most of them eat junk food over the weekend. Online coupons and discounts for regular eating stuff like desserts, burgers, pizza’s bars, and other kitchen accessories. Imagine two e-commerce giants like Snapdeal and Groupon competing neck to neck on selling the best discounts and coupons in the food category. It’s going to be like a clash of the titans fighting for that no.1 spot.

Snapdeal is also planning on exploring the Hotel linen category in the future. We’ll see a wide range of discounts on mattresses, pillows, bed linen & bath linen.

This is a big move by the founders Kunal Bahl and Rohit Bansal, as they have launched niche categories like online learning courses before. The e –commerce industry India has all of a sudden seeing a different trend in their marketing approach. With Flipkart announcing a $1 billion funding in July and Amazon with a $ 2 billion investment round, these e-commerce giants are going to change the face of India market.

Interestingly it gives me goo’s bums sometimes when I think that companies like Snapdeal are hardly 4 years old, and today they are in a position to raise millions of dollars to expand their business. India sees companies that have the potential to grow in the next big Google’s and Facebook. It’s no more an era of family-run businesses. No one thought that e-commerce would ever survive in India. The whole new concept of online buying has become a rage. People are starting to move out of their comfort zone of touch and feel and are swiping cards online. There is a big change happening in India’s online interest, and it clearly shows that If you have a dream and are passionate about making a difference, then India is a place to grow big.

Happy days ahead for all Indian buyers. The more these e-commerce companies compete, the better for the day to day online buyer!

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