Online Shopping For Designer Clothes In India Is Easy!

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Online Shopping Made Easy

Until recently, e-commerce analysts were convinced that women would never prefer online shopping for designer clothes in India and that such customer did not exist. However, with the growing e-commerce trends and an array of facilities such as discount coupons, home delivery etc. being accessible at such ease, women have now proved these experts’ predictions wrong.

These days, you’ll easily come across hoards of self-confessed fashion junkies, who are now heavily relying upon e-boutiques and retail web stores to purchase their desired designer wear. Just like Ms Vimmi Deepak, a Chennai-based entrepreneur, who prefers to purchase haute couture collections by Anamkia Khanna, Gauri and Nainika and many more high-end labels online.

The behavior of such fashionista flies in the form of the traditional foresight among the fashion connoisseur, who was doubtful whether women would put down couture-sized cash for items they couldn’t try on first sight physically.

Put the blame on the expansive convenience online stores offer such as time and fuel saving, home delivery, access to high-end brands from any part of the country and updates on all the latest trends or you can even blame the fast-growing trend of online couponing; people are now more likely drawn towards online stores to purchase anything from grocery and cosmetics to designer wears and travel tickets.

However, there are still some fashion pundits, who are still not convinced and they strongly reason that the couture clients want to check the item physically, see the fabric and try the number on themselves before they are convinced to spend money on it.

Even though you mount evidence of survey reports on them, they will be adamant on their belief that customers doing their purchasing entirely online do not exist. So, there is no point in making a viable customer base with these ‘non-existing’ online couture shoppers.

On the other hand, online retailers are now realizing the fact that these days women in India are more than willing to purchase high-end clothes online – provided the service is up to the mark and the item they choose is forefront.

Most of these customers include women, who know their exact size from different labels, including Chanel, Nina Ricci, Gucci, Steve Marden etc. These ladies are among the existing customers of such brands, so they always enjoy the convenience of getting exclusive items delivered to their doorstep.

The first time customers of haute couture clothes, who are skeptical about not being able o try on the dress, should not be worried as such boutiques always allow them to try their orders at the time of delivery and if the piece doesn’t fit they can always sent it back to get their accurate size.

What has made online couture shopping possible are web stores, who showcase the latest in couture from more than 80 designers and ship not only to states across India but 50 different countries across the globe.

Apart from clothes, these days the high-end retailers are making their businesses mostly from shoes and accessories. While everyone had a notion that seasoned fashion customers would purchase anything other than shoes, people are now clinging towards online stores to get the latest designs in shoes and stilettos.

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