Looking for the perfect gift for mom to celebrate her special day? Well, Mother’s day, mom’s birthday or her anniversary are just some of the few occasions that call for a unique gift for mom. While material gifts cannot really make up for the sacrifices a mom puts in every day, there are little things which could cheer her up instantly. Pampering her with cool gifts is just a simple way of saying “mom, I care”.

Specially thought gifts are a great way of showing your love, which we often miss out saying in words.

Amazing birthday gift for Mom

1. A Versatile Fabric

You may have seen her admiring the pretty stole on the shelf, yet never picking it up for herself. Well, it is time to acknowledge her little choices and gift her that gorgeous piece of fabric. Accessories like scarves, shawls or dupattas are pretty and can be paired very well with everyday outfits creating a whole new style. It is one of the best gift for mother as she would love to wrap your love and warmth around her in style.

gift for mom special fabric

2. A personalized bowl

‘Custom-made’ is in these days, and hence there are no better gifts for mom than a personalized crockery that is only meant for her. Salad bowls, coffee mugs or even a cutlery set is not only a creative gift but is also highly thoughtful. Every time your mother uses it, there is surely a smile that will appear right across her face.

gift for mom personalized bowl

3. A relaxing spa voucher

‘Me time’ and relaxation are two words that most moms are often deprived off. It is time to recognize this need and pick up a relaxing spa voucher as a gift for mom’s birthday. It is not just a massage, but some time off her busy schedule that is only meant for herself. Book her a spa session as a birthday gift and she will only be thankful to you for the gesture.

gift for mom spa day

4. Digital Home Assistant

Imagine how cool your mom’s life would be if she could control a number of things around with just a voice command. If you are a tech person, it shouldn’t be very difficult for you to find a good digital home assistant that could be voice controlled by your mom to turn off the home lights, find her recipe online or just to play her favorite music.

gift for mom digital assistant

5. Garden Adornments

If gardening is something that interests your mom, then you are lucky as it may be easy to find some creative gifts for her. From watering cans to pretty statues, a little birdcage to a bird water pan, there are a plenty of options to choose from. Garden accessories are undoubtedly precious gifts for mom since they will stay put in her favorite place reminding her of you and your love and give her a reason to spend time outdoors too.

gift for mom garden accessory

6. Health Tracking Device

You know moms do a lot for us and the least for themselves. Most moms keep their health as the lowest priority. It is time to tell her to take care of herself by gifting her a health tracking device that will motivate her to stay healthy and fit. There are a variety of health bands and tracking devices available in the market today for you to pick from. A step towards good health is perhaps one of the best gifts for mom, whatever be the occasion.

gift for mom fitness tracker

7. A hobby class

Running a family is no joke and moms take this job very seriously. So much so that in the process they even forget their hobbies, interests and the wish list that may have someday existed. It takes a little gesture from your side to recognize these forgotten wish lists and to convert them into a thoughtful gift for mom. It could be anything from a yoga class to baking to music or even Zumba. Gift her a subscription to a class of her interest and watch that smile come back on her face.

gift for mom hobby class

8. A small piece of Jewellery

I know, a little on the expensive side, but as your mom would aptly point out, you can’t put a price tag on mother’s love. She’s spent way too much of her effort for way too long on you, and if your mother likes jewelry, this elegant Cyntia Butterfly pendant will definitely have her showing this off to every guest that will ever walk through the door.

Gift For Mom pendant

9. A Stylish Tote bag

Moms normally leave behind their stylish side and take on a more functional appearance to carry on with their day. On her birthday, won’t it be really nice to bring back some style and glamour to her wardrobe? While you may have gifted clothes umpteen times accessories like bags can be easily experimented with. Hence, a stylish tote bag is certainly one of the coolest gift ideas for mom.

gift for mom tote bag

10. A lunch date with her besties

When was the last time you mom stepped out for lunch with her besties? Can’t remember? Then it is about time you gift her that fun time with her girl gang to freak out and relive her awesome time with them. Don’t forget to book a table at her favorite restaurant and invite all her besties there as a pleasant surprise gift for mom.

gift for mom lunch with friends

11. Exciting Fragrances

Since the idea is to treat her, consider an indulgent and chic fragrance that has won some pretty rave reviews. A mom that loves going to dinner parties, movies, science fares or malls, there really is no wrong place to smell great at. And she’ll think of you every time she smells great.

Gift For Mom frangrance

12. A jewelry holder

Your mom already has a lot of jewelry she adores, so what do you buy her instead?  Jewelry holders! A great gift for any woman. There are creative and unique jewelry holders available these days that not only help in keeping the little accessories organized but also make for a great display.

gift for mom jewelry holder

13. A personalized chopping board

Every mom loves her kitchen and takes pride in maintaining every item here as her own possession. A personalized chopping board with a sweet little message on it would be a unique gift idea for mom. A chopping board paired with an apron set is a complete gift that is not only different but also appreciates the efforts she puts in each day.

gift for mom personalized cutting board

14. Gift an experience

Is your mom an adventure lover? Has the idea of a flying balloon or jumping off an airplane fascinated her? For the adventure loving moms, there are plenty of experiences that can be gifted today. From a sand dune bashing experience to a helicopter ride, from air balloon experience to a paragliding one, there is a whole load of experiences that you could choose from and we are sure it would be one of the best gifts for mom.

gift for mom travel experience

15. Stylish Sunglasses

What’s the easiest way to summon some style on the go? I’m hoping you were thinking of sunglasses cause that’s what I was getting to. Ranging from the dramatic cat eye to the understated ray bans, there is a right pair sunglasses for every mother, and you can find it this mothers day.

Gift For Mom sunglasses

16. A cool phone case

. From attractive designs to cute wordings on the case there are a number of options to explore as far as phone cases are concerned. Phone cases not only protect your phones but also add up to a style quotient. It is a perfect gift to help your mom accessorize her phone with a trendy appeal.

gift for mom cool phone cases

17. A book of letters

In the world of texts and emails, the handwritten letters have almost become extinct. However, there is no better joy than receiving a handwritten letter from a loved one pouring their heart out into a piece of paper. A book full of letters for mom expressing your feelings and love for her would just make her want to hug you with joy.

gift for mom letters

18. A handmade bath and body goodies hamper

Modern moms today love to stay groomed but rarely find the time. Hence gift her a hamper of bath and body goodies with her favorite products or fragrances to let her pamper herself. Every time she uses these products she will smile soaking herself in all the love you showered on her for her big day.

gift for mom handmade bath accessory

19.Classy Handbags

Ever so often, the right answers are the most obvious ones. Functional and fashionable, necessity and a luxury, handbags are the safest gift to give to anybody. Just remember to pick the right style that fits your mom’s personality and her carrying needs.

Gift For Mom handbag

20.The funky tea glasses

Teacups and glasses are not boring if you’ve seen all the variety of shapes, sizes and funky designs it comes in; something every woman would love to have as a part of her kitchen décor. It makes for a perfect gift for a mom who loves to have guests over and will love to flaunt the gorgeous tea sets that her children get for her.

gift for mom teacups

21. Coffee or tea hamper

Does you mom relish her morning tea or coffee more than any other meal all through the day? Then this hamper is perfect for her. Some premium coffee and tea along with some cookies and tea cakes and of course a fancy mug is all that you need to put in this gift hamper and to watch her face glow with happiness.

gift for mom tea hamper

22. A lemon plant

Moms bring in life into absolutely anything. There is no better to signify this than by gifting her a plant like a lemon plant. While the lemon will take time to come, it is worthwhile to see your mom put in all her love and dedication to make the lemon plant bloom.

gift for mom lemon tree

23. Handprint canvas art

For a mother, there is nothing more precious than her family. Get the handprints of the entire family including mom’s on to a canvas and get it framed to be hung up in favorite corner of the house. This would not just be a beautiful birthday gift for mom, but will also be a cherished memory for your entire family.

gift for mom handprint family canvas art

24. Glass beads bracelet

Glass beads with their attractive colors and shine win a woman’s heart almost instantly. If you are contemplating what gift to give mom for her birthday, you may want to definitely consider a glass beads bracelet that your mom can easily pair with her everyday dressing. These bracelets are lightweight and versatile and hence can go with almost everything.

gift for mom glass beads bracelet

While pleasing mom is perhaps the easiest thing to do, choosing the right birthday gift can often be a task. We hope our gift ideas for mom have only made the task slightly easier for you. If you want to explore more ideas though, do check out other exciting mother’s day offers for more exciting ideas.


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