Colors, lights, food, and fun are the basis of Diwali festivities. Who is excited for the Deepavali? Diwali festival falls on 4th November 2023. But, decking up your home for the festival of lights is not easy. Right from cleaning to getting everything fixed, buying all those decorative items, or maybe DIYing them to spruce up the rooms, you need to burn lots of energy to achieve that perfect look. And then there’s food too that you will have to prepare. Sounds taxing? Well, worry not! We are here to make your job easier.

Top 7 Diwali Decoration Ideas For Your Home

Sprucing up the rooms – Cleaning up rooms, painting the walls, changing the curtains, and doing all those basic makeovers takes care of half of the decorations. After that, a few tweaks here and there is all that is required. Flowers, beautiful diyas, paperwork, and home decor items are some of the must-haves to pep up your home. So, here are some of the best Diwali decoration ideas you can try:

1. The subtle play of light and glitter

Lights, mainly diyas, are a must for Diwali. LED lights are in fad right now, but we love the traditional diyas more. Be it the colored or the classic ones, it adds a lot and you can see the difference. The rooms look brighter and cheerful if you add a lot of pretty lights! Create beautiful patterns with diyas or simply put them in the corners. You can also create your own DIY Diwali diyas either by coloring the classic terracotta ones or using flours, glitters, and sequins. Various stores sell diyas online at a discounted price as well.


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2. The Flower Power

Flowers have the power to spruce up any look. Adding flowers to any kind of decoration is an easy way to finish off the task at hand and spend more fun moments with your family and friends. Get all those bright colored marigold chains and roses to add a charm to your rooms. Marigold torans look beautiful and can be used to decorate the entrance area. It can also be used to create pretty designs on shelves, tables, and the corners of the rooms. Adding rose petals in between the decorations would not only make things look good but also smell good. Serving a tray of some traditional delicacies to the guests? Add a few rose petals to the serving tray. Your guests would be floored!


Source: Mothers Zone

3. Playing around with colors

Rangoli is a must for Diwali decorations at home and you should not give it a miss. Use stencils, if you want to design a rangoli. It’s easier and less time-taking. You can create any design you want or else you can check out the videos easily available on the web, for some inspiration.


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4. All the little things

Little things such as changing the cushions, curtains, bed covers, and adding a few decorative items here and there gussies up the look within minutes. Using old sarees as cushion covers is a great way to change the whole game. You need not even stitch these. Cut out half a meter of saree and wrap it around the pillow and then tie it up; that’s it. Your now sewn pillow cover is now ready and done.


Source: Fuffabulous

5. The resplendent metal

Add brass and copper wares to make the rooms all the more resplendent. For example, a big brass pot full of water, flowers, and floating candles in the middle of the sitting room would make it look classy. Bring out those old copper figurines and mementos and adorn the shelves and other display units with them. The proverb “Old is gold” still holds true when it comes to the unique Diwali decoration ideas.


Source: Buster And Punch

You can order everything that will be required for the decorations in the online stores. Order some today but do not forget to grab these Diwali offers before you place an order.
Also, do you have more pretty Diwali decoration ideas? Why not share with us over here! So, have a Happy and Prosperous Diwali and a wonderful year ahead of you, and don’t forget to let us know your ideas for Diwali decorations!

6. LED Strip Lights for Outdoors

Give your home an elegant look on this auspicious Diwali with the LED strip lights. The antique style design looks compelling and produces vibrant colors on walls and outdoors. They are available of size 30-60ft and can be cut to install them at different places like garden areas, hangings, balconies, etc. What’s so unique is that they can be controlled with a remote and smartphone within a specific range.

LED Strip Lights for Outdoors

Source: Amazon

7. Handcrafted Paper Lampshades

Immerse yourself in handcrafting the lampshades to decor for the Diwali festival days. You can simply create the design patterns of your choice like flowers, diyas, goddesses, etc. To make it happen, you need thick color paper and a puncher (or a compass). Now fold the color paper into a cylindrical shape and stick the ends with glue. Place it over the lamp to give you a pleasing look.

Handcrafted Paper Lampshades

Source: Deals Shutter

Final Thoughts

On the whole, we have covered some of the best Diwali decoration ideas to try in your home. We hope you all liked the crazy ideas. Do you wish to try any of the above-mentioned ideas? Are you facing any difficulty while crafting the home decoration? Please do share your doubts with us in the comment section given below. We are happy to clarify them.

Have a safe and prosperous Diwali!


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