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11 Pick Up Lines You Shouldn’t Use This V-Day

Everyone (especially guys) needs to wake up now and smell the coffee. ‘Coz hello, no one wants to be asked out on a date through a pick-up line. Today being the auspicious “Propose day” we want to bring it to everyone’s notice that cheesy pick up lines are a big NO-NO. We mean who wants to hear anyone asking, “Excuse me! Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Two words – GROW UP!

People need to move past easy ways of asking out, and just “man up” to it. Again it doesn’t need to be all romantic and flowers and hearts and other cliched things. But it definitely needs to be drama-free and be more witty. There are so many ways that you can use to ask someone on a date. And sometimes, a straight-forward “Do you think we can go out together?” suffices as well.

Anyways, we are not going to talk about how to ask out someone on a date. But how not use tacky pick up lines to ask out this V-day.

11 most cliched pick up lines

1) After this, I’m sure you are never going to believe in love at first sight!

love at first sight

2) Okay, picture this! First date with the guy and he is already dreaming a future with you with a house and children in it.

girl of my dreams

3) Well, this can be creepy to another level. Also, Perv Alert!


4) Childhood nursery rhyme gone crazy. And this is the perfect example.


5) Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s how you put chemistry in use.


6) Nothing can sound more cheesier than this. Trust us on this one.

rock my world
7) And this is how you sell yourself. By self-advertising and self-marketing.


8) When something as boring as lifesaving technique is put to use, you get a “dead” date!

breathe away
9) After reading this, even Oxford and Cambridge would re-think few definitions.

you & 1

10) Whoever says this, should be crucified for sure.


11) Hands down.. the winner of cheesiest pick up lines ever!

on my mind
This is just a glimpse of many many cheesy and outrightly cringe-worthy lines many people use to ask someone out. We are not saying that one shouldn’t use pickup lines but then use the ones that make sense. Or the ones that actually makes the opposite sex smile and say “yes” in an instant. Something a lil more creative and a lil more witty! Something like:

“Don’t tell me if you want me to take you out to dinner. Just ‘smile’ for YES, or do a ‘backflip’ for NO.”

pick up lines

You know what, if nothing else works out then you always have this classic pick up line to fall on:

how you doin


This article is a part of our series on Valentines Day.

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