3 Things To Keep In Mind Before Buying A Television

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Tv Buying guide

If you’re looking for the most important factors that should educate you on how to buy the best television, here is the television buying guide for you. It explains the three most important things that will eventually help you know the right things while buying a TV.

Shopping for a brand-new television, be it an LED or LCD can be a daunting task. Overtime considerations and taking too many suggestions sometimes might confuse the most persnickety shoppers as well. Hope this guide with unbiased information about things that need to know before buying a TV helps cut through many a uncertainties. However, this guide might not answer every question you have with buying a TV and might not tell you what’s the perfect TV for your requirement, but surely this guide lets you know the basic considerations and tools that you need to know to be pretty confident while buying that all-new branded TV set.

LED Is Perfect For Picture-Perfect Screen, But What’s Your Choice?

While there are many screen types such as LCD, Plasma and the recent one OLED apart from popular LED screen types, what do you prefer? Do not determine TV picture quality based on the printed specifications. They are presented by manufacturers or retailers just to create a hype and to let a customer buy the most expensive model. So it’s good to look into the features and specifications of TV versions to compare performance of one over the other. Know the display specifications to find whether it’s a smart TV or a fancy remote control embedded version. Find the difference between LED, LCD, Plasma and OLED TVs. This could make your TV shopping errand a much simpler job.


LED TVsThese TVs use an array of Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) to bring better picture quality and enhance the screen. These screen types offer an enhanced picture quality while consuming less energy. LED TVs come in much slimmer and sleeker than compared to LCDs and Plasmas. Due to their classy and sleek look, LEDs have become the most preferable TV model by shoppers. Based on the lightning approach, LEDs can be either back lit LED or Edge lit LED. In the back lit LEDs, light is projected from its back, whereas in Edge lit LED the light is projected from the right and left edges.


LCD TvsThese TVs use CCFL technology. When talking about picture quality, LCDs might not promise better picture quality than its successors – LEDs. However, if you are looking for a budget-friendly TV with not the best but good picture quality screen, then LCDs are good options. They are less expensive than LEDs.

Plasmas TVs

Plasmas TVsTraditionally, these TVs are hailed as best in class model that offers the best picture quality. But these models are taken over by LCDs and LEDs with highly advanced technology and better performance.


OLED TVsSo if you are not sure of what’s the next big thing in LEDs then probably you are not heard of OLED technology. These TVs come in thinner and lighter panel than LCD displays and offer the best picture quality irrespective of surroundings. They are often very expensive.

Screen Size — Going Bigger Is Always Better!

How big a TV screen you’re buying should be? This is the most common question every shopper come across. Getting a big TV is really a wonderful thing, but make sure you make better use of money stepping up into the big screen. There are staple sizes most people usually prefer when they buy TV for different rooms. For example, some prefer a 32-inch TV in bedroom, 50-inch for living room and opt even bigger sized screen if they wish to make a room outstand. And keep it as a thumb rule, larger screens always deliver best results. Screen size should also be determined by your taste, interior space and budget. The bigger the screen size, the maximum resolution it offers. Usually, TVs that come with 40K and above resolutions are preferred by most shoppers and offer the best picture quality.

Know If The TV Fits In Your Cabinet Or Not

No matter you buy a 50-inch LED TV, it would not give value to your money if your cabinet supports TVs up to 40-inch only. So before buying a television, make sure you check if it fits your sidewall or cabinet. Keep the checklist of all the constraints that determines your ideal TV screen size and screen type. Go for the maximum size that fits in your cabinet/sidewall and comes within your budget. Find most budget-friendly LED TVs and their specifications at GrabOn — ideal way to shop the best TV at the best price on the web.

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