5 Best Digital Mobile Wallet Apps

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
mobile wallet top5

The changing times have pushed our XYZ generation so much that now everything they want is just a button away. All our shopping and expenses just needs the click of a button, and TADA, there you have it – everything right in front of you. Everything is digitizing so much so that now you not only buy things online but pay through digital money as well.

While we are still getting used to the idea and usage of digital mobile wallet, the growth and popularity of the same is just booming to another level. It is the same phase we went through when online shopping was introduced. However, our level of adapting to changes have increased more than ever. In fact, now we are always looking for something simpler. And nothing is more simple than having mobile applications that let you pay easy. But which are the most trusted and smooth mobile wallet to use today:


This company renowned for its product and category listing is one of the top mobile wallets in India today. You can use Paytm wallet to pay for any thing now.

Why Paytm Wallet:

The answer is very simple – because of its excellent deals, discounts, and cashback offers. This wallet will help you save in abundance.


Simple to use and has one of the best options that is cash collection from your doorstep. MobiKwik indeed knows how to keep its customers happy.

Why MobiKwik Wallet:

Yes, even this gives you amazing discounts but the best deal of MobiKwik is that 99% of payment gateways have MobiKwik wallet option.


This the typical digital cash payment gateway and does not have any other services or products for its customers. You will find PayUMoney on your screen when you making final payment.

Why PayUMoney:

PayUMoney payment offers one of the best services and offers to all the first-time users.


Known not only for its online bill payments but also for money transfer. Yes, you can transfer money to other Oxigen wallet or bank account in one click.

Why Oxigen Wallet:

This smart wallet lets you withdraw money as well, unlike the other wallet systems.


Split bill payments or transfer as low as Rs.1 to an account, Citrus pay allows you to do this any time any where without any hidden taxes.

Why Citrus Wallet:

Because now you can get regular reminders on your bill payments only through Citrus wallet mobile applications.

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oynkapp December 28, 2015 - 3:03 pm

Digital wallet is booming and has so many advantages of making payment at ease.
Good blog .. There is a app named

Oynk – India’s First Digital Piggy Bank app.
Where you can collect CHANGE instantly on your mobile.

onykapp January 19, 2016 - 1:20 pm

These are the best mobile wallets which you can’t deny.


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