Hola gentlemen! Guess what today is? If you don’t know probably you will get into some trouble – but since most of you know, today is “Teddy Day”, which is already driving love birds crazy in selecting that perfect Valentine’s Day gift for every specific day. I am sure most of you must be wondering why do girls like those sweet and cuddly gifts. Okay, if not all the girls, the majority of the girls say teddy bears or soft toys have been their best friends.

Different Types Of Teddy

This article will give you a rundown on why teddy bears are special to them.

1. Express love and affection


Because they exude affection and warmth. And no wonder if someone says that once a teddy has been loved by a human being, its expression is marked forever.

2. Far better than other gifts

cute teddy bear

I agree, when in doubt roses and chocolates can never go wrong, but think on the other side – they are the same boring and old routine of giving and receiving love gifts. Skincare luxury and glowing complexion cosmetics suit those who admire some of the best resident beauty addicts. But soft and cozy toys like teddy bears are the perfect gifts for V-week, especially on a Teddy Day.

3. Heart-felt spoke message

stuffed bears

Yes, I am talking about a “talking teddy bear” which could be the best gift for those who occasionally miss their partner’s voice.

4. Reminds your GF about you


They are the best replica of you. Teddies keep her thinking of you and bring a smile to her face every time she hugs.

5. Say it with bears


Take advantage of this day to send fun and love message to your sweetheart. A pair of a teddy and a perfectly articulated message will surely win you their heart.

6. Every girl’s best friend

teddy bears

So true that teddy bears are not only cute and soft, but also a girl’s best friend. Many girls have grown up hugging their favorite teddy, sharing their secrets and sleeping by its side all through the night.

7. Huggable teddy bear

hug teddy

They are so cozy to curl up when you go to bed. They constantly remind your loved one about you. And the best thing about it is, next time when she needs a hug from you – she just has to give a giant hug to her bear.

8. Fairytale dreams come true

Agree with me or not, but ever since childhood, girls have been filled with love for those bedtime stories and fairytales – where they actually picturize their tales with brown fur, cuddly body, cute round eyes and pleasing expression of teddies.

9. Customized teddy bear

cute teddy bear

You can pick your personalized teddy to gift your sweetheart. Visit online store like Send My Gift, Archies, Ferns N Petals and more which provide you this option. All you got to send is – your name, picture or personal message to the store, and they will personalize teddy bear that you would love to gift.

Kissing teddy

ted bear
You can relate this teddy to yourself to express your “hearty” feelings to your dear.

Dancing teddy

kiss bear

You know those cute little dance steps can win your girl’s heart.

Sleepy teddy

ted bear

Well, not suggesting you to get some zizz. Just don’t spoil your V-Day or week like a lazy bear.

Lovelorn teddy

love bear

Heartbreak strikes even deeper and even to a teddy it’s hard to bear.

Alcoholic teddy

ted bear

Not just humans, but teddies also love drinking.

Scary teddy


So you think your girlfriend haunts you crazily with her love, this is the best teddy that conveys your message

Happy teddy

love teddy

I wish you a very happy Valentine’s week and it goes as entertaining and cherished as these teddies are.

This article is a part of our series on Valentines Day.


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