A Quick Saving Guide to Backpacking

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi
Saving Guide to Backpacking

Having enough money that caters all your travel needs may be one of the hardest things about traveling, isn’t it? You plan exuberant places and hotels to visit and you keep lookout to get the very ultimate deal on your travel trip, but eventually fail to grab one. But this time not anymore. Check out deals of MakemyTrip, nothing can beat their exclusive offers and huge discounted travel packages at GrabOn.

Saving Guide to Backpacking

Backpacking Saving Guide

Backpackers, here are a few practical ways that may help you save money while you’re on the go.

#1 Stick to your budget. Keep enough money that caters your food, hotel stay, shopping, travel activity and extra expenses for the day. It’s always a great idea to keep a journal handy. Here, you can record your budget, divided into ‘necessary expenses’ and ‘ad-hoc expenses’. Then, as you travel, you can keep a track of all your expenses in the journal, and save yourself from going over-budget.

#2 If couch-surfing or sleeping in domes is not your option, there’s always a way to find affordable and budget-friendly accommodation. Check out exclusive hotel packages that suit your travel needs. Other than that, if you’re going to a popular holiday location, then it’ll help to enquire about backpacking hostels around. These are common especially near trekking regions which solo-backpackers tend to frequent a lot. A backpacking hostel will accommodate you for very little money, and you might also find company of other backpackers who are there for the same purpose as you.

#3 If you’re traveling by bus or taxi, here’s a way to save money on your bus or taxi — booking through online sites that offer travel packages. Go to GrabOn travel page and check out for exclusive travel coupons – this way you can save even more cash, because with GrabOn, grabbing hot travel deals is not that difficult. Another great way to do cheap local commute is by booking bike taxi. Bike taxis like Rapido and Ola Bikes are now available in most cities. These will be quicker, lighter on your pockets, and you’ll find a local to chat with!

#4 Get deals on groceries and food, or cook where you’re staying. This is a wonderful way to save maximum on food. You can carry a light-weight pan with you, so that you can get cooking wherever you find some fire. You can also invest some time in doing research beforehand on places that offer a reasonable package on food and accommodation.

#5 Avoid any guided tours unless the place you’re visiting needs a tourist guide, where receiving info on its history, attractions, gaining knowledge about the place is quite appreciated.

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