How Rocket Internet Helps Online Couponing in India

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Although the coupon clipping has become time honored practice by now, it has still managed to hold its significance even after India’s marketing style has gone digital. You’ll today come across countless e-commerce stores, followed by coupon sites alike.

Affect Of  Internet on Online Coupon Industry

While the online shopping mania has already grabbed the entire nation, the online discount vouchers are also increasingly becoming popular.

This kind of venture is arguably the greatest threat to all the traditional commercial strategies, which have been used in marketing so far. Discounts have always been a strong tool to allure customers and with the advent of online discount vouchers and promo codes, it’s like icing on the cake.

However the question of the hour is how many such websites are truly focusing on real India? Real India in the sense, the under-served sectors with undeveloped world markets.

Atleast we can now confidently say that Indian small towns and laid back whistle stops may not have a high end shopping arcade, bustling with all sorts of international brands and variety, but thanks to the Internet they are now able to come across all the latest arrivals and trends.

The only concern is how many stores actually reach out to the people living in those remote areas. If also they’ve access to the Internet, are they able to place any order from their region? If yes then do they receive their orders within the assured deadline?

The start-ups should seriously start considering this group of audience, discarding the myth that they won’t make any business from here. All this region needs is to get proper access to make use of such superb facilities available widely online.

There is no denying the fact that the online retailers and coupon site owners will grow rapidly in no time in India. Those discount strategies can only sustain provided they make use of the large population India has.

No matter if the online retailers wage their own price wars just like China or venture into social media platforms instead of affiliating with third party for discounts, but they can only gain in bigger numbers when almost every Indian sector has access to these online facilities.

Even when the saturation point for [Indian] e-commerce sites arrives, coupon websites will only continue to grow. We can observe that from the already developed markets such as Germany or the US. Although the e-commerce sphere is very much matured in these countries, coupon websites such as Meingutscheincode, Gutscheinpony or RetailMeNot have only grown and still continue to expand at a growing rate. Thus, e-commerce maturity would only point to a growing trend and a larger market share for coupon websites.

Apart from considering the core regions, the start-up e-commerce stores should also do their homework. As a recent survey has shown that atleast 70% of the total online Indian consumers, shop online at least three times a month aging between 20 and 35.

Considering such factors and numbers, the deals and offers should be offered accordingly so as to hit the bull’s eye.

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