Online Coupons Changing The Concept Of Saving Money

by Vinodkumar Sankranthi

Not a decade, but few years back when coupon concept hit the Indian market, numerous opinions and doubts were tagged after such as, ‘coupons are a waste of time; they’re too much of hassle; do they really help save money; they’re just another underhand marketing strategy’ and so on..

Save On Shopping

Even I used to think in same way until I started using coupons few years ago and now I know better!

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Picture this: I was standing in the queue at the cash counter getting ready for my turn. I pulled out my wallet full of coupons. The elderly person standing behind me sighed aloud. She looked quite annoyed as I had handed the cashier an entire booklet of coupons, which slowed down the billing process. I smiled at the old lady and said, “Lots of coupons I know, but I’m saving money!”

After a few minutes when the coupons were scanned, to the amazement of the lady I had saved an unbelievable amount from the actual bill. Thanks to my coupons!!

Well, today with the onset of online coupons, one can not only save money but save one’s wallet from clutter. Plus, online coupons are always time consuming.

How the concept of coupons changed
As the concept of discount tickets have upgraded from something you used to cut from the newspaper to downloading printable online deals and easy-to-flash smartphone downloads, people in India are slowly clinging towards this avant garde perk.

Mass printed coupons were already a rage in western countries during the 80s and the 90s. In Asian countries, especially in India people became familiar with them only in late 90’s. People used to cut the coupon from the newspaper and by the time they remembered using them, the tickets had already expired.

Your takeaways

  • Online coupons are often advertised as being free, but it’s not true always as they are projected
  • There are numerous ways to be benefited from the use of online coupons
  • Listing out what all products you’re planning to shop can be the best possible way to benefit from coupons

How people get benefited by using online coupons

Discounted Rates
When it comes to using such vouchers, the ultimate purpose of using them is to save money. With online shopping expanding tremendously, such vouchers are also making their mark gradually.

You don’t have to believe only by reading this post. Just make use of the coupons you come across and take advantage of all the savings you can actually do!

Discounted shipping
Not every webstore offers you a free shipping. Another basic advantage of using such token is discounted or even free shipping. Such vouchers really help in reducing the shipping cost.

Always remember free shipping is usually offered on buying a certain amount of merchandise. This kind of facility is one of the ways online retailers offer you only to make your shopping experience worthwhile. This is just another symbiotic business modus operandi.

This is perhaps the foremost word should be used while talking on discount tickets. With superb technical advancement and rapid urbanization, we all are now addicted to this word. We search for comfort and convenience in whatever we do. And it’s not at all a sin to expect such amenities in 21st century.

Convenience in the sense, you can now use those codes to shop online at 3 o’clock; be it a.m. or p.m. it hardly matters.

With the recent upgradation in coupon system, codes are really helpful in enhancing the shopping experience and it’s only going to make it more easier and interesting.

The time-tested BOGO offer
The BOGO or buy one get one offer, which has always stood the test of time, works no matter what. And with the amazing versatile online coupons, the shoppers get benefited with such incentives apart from getting free shipping delights.

Gone are the days when online stores used to think that half of the battle is won by dragging in traffic. The scenario has quite changed today with people becoming highly conscious and aware of the different online shopping gimmicks. This is where the vouchers come to their rescue. When people find an offer of BOGO, say on toothpaste or any cosmetic product, they will surely consider to use that particular discount code to make use of the offer.

Flaunt your shopping savvy
There is no denying that women love shopping. Sharing your online shopping experience with your friends or mom is not a great deal these days; what matters is how smartly you did your shopping. By making use of any kind of discount slips, you can boast off your smart shopping guile in front of your friends.

Once you start saving money by couponing, you’ll be hooked and let me tell you – you’ll be that much richer, too!

The couponing environment in India is changing drastically with major players the likes of GrabOn, CouponzGuru, CouponDunia and Couponraja stepping up their game.

Hope this post was useful!

Stay tuned!!

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