A wedding is a big affair and so is everything related to it. It is an occasion that is dear to everybody’s heart, especially the bride and the groom. Planning everything to a tee is what is necessary for a wedding that would be remembered for years. Each and every item that is bought needs careful selection, be it the saree, jewellery, makeup or any other accessories. Finding the right saree or lehenga takes lots of time. What makes the process even tougher is choosing the right kind of Indian bridal jewellery. Worried? Worry not because we have you covered.

Follow the latest trends in jewellery

When I say trends, it does not mean that you should follow trends blindly. Rather, work on setting a trend of your own. You need to adapt to the latest Indian wedding jewellery traditions such that it suits your personality and adds a charm to your loveliness.

  • Use your necklace as maang tikka – Yes you heard me right. You can create a completely new look with a necklace, which can easily double up as a maang tikka. A heavy broad one or a simple sleek design; as long as it suits your face and attire, go for it. A completely traditional design, a fusion style, a sleek chain with pendant, the options are simply unending!


I have put together traditional maang tikkas and a neckpiece used as a maan tikka here

  • Choose a heavy and chunky neckpiece – Multi-layer and chunky necklaces have come to be considered as the norm of the day. A multi-layered piece of jewellery does away with the need for the extras. This is turn reduces the discomfort of putting on innumerable numbers of jewellery, which restricts your movement.


  • A chand baali does wonders – Invest in a beautiful pair of chand baali and let it create wonders for your wedding look! This piece of jewellery has become so popular that almost every woman owns one. It is a must buy for your wedding. An innumerable number of designs are available in the market. Choose one as per your outfit.


  • Diamonds are still a girl’s best friends – Diamond never goes out of fashion and there must be only a few who aren’t in love with diamonds, right? You can choose a set encrusted with uncut diamonds for your wedding, which has been in fashion for long and looks really classy.


  • Go the polki way – I am simply in love with polki designs. They look so beautiful and elegant. These go well with any kind of attire, be it your wedding or pre and post-wedding celebrations.


These are the latest Indian bridal jewellery trends I could think of. If any look or trend catches your eye, do share with us.

Pic courtesy: Shutter Inc Photography (SoutrikSengupta)


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